32 thoughts on “Yoshi Flower – empty (Official Music Video)

  1. I was first introduced to you when you opened up for Dua Lipa and I never went to a concert before nor knew who she was. I just went cause my friend got us free tickets. You were technically my first concert and I was annoyed the whole Dua Lipa show cause I wanted you back on stage. Keep up the good work man.

  2. I m glad … YouTube recommended this … And this is my first time I came across u…but I like the music

  3. Hi! I'm your fan and I'm Korean, so I'm not good at English. But I want your strength, I mean, cheer up.

    Anyway I really like your song. You are one of the best singer to me. When I was studying in a cafe, I heard your song which is "FOR WHICH I DANCE". I was surprised, because I've never heard POP song which is my type. Actually, I didn't like listening to music but I was finding you after that, I listen your music everyday! I love your music and video! Cheer up!

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