Yeonwoo and Hayoung as a page boy and a flower girl! [The Return of Superman/2020.02.02]

It’s early morning at the Do family’s house. Mom. Mom. I miss Mom too. When is Mom coming home? She is coming home very late. Mom. Where is Mom? Missing Mom woke everyone up. My children wake up because they miss their mom. (Cock-a-doodle-doo) (A sick rooster) What? (I want to stay on my back.) My face is bloated from sleep. (The two children are excited from early morning.) (Kyungwan charges his battery with Hayoung.) (Happy) (Yeonwoo smiles.) Today, we need to go somewhere. Where are you going? (Where are we going?) We’re going to a wedding today. It’s a good day. My cousin is getting married today. It’s not easy to take children to a wedding. – We need to wash up first. / – It’s the hardest. – Seriously. / – It’s the hardest. (Shall we brush our teeth?) She is so cute. (Yeonwoo brushes his teeth by himself.) Yeonwoo brushes his teeth without being told to. He can do it by himself now. It’s less work for me. (Staring) (Yeonwoo, let me brush my teeth!) – Hayoung, here is yours. / – She wants to do it too. Watch your brother. Show me your teeth. Show me your teeth. (She opens her mouth.) – How cute! / – Open your mouth. She is so good-natured. – What? Goodness. / – Stick out your tongue. If you make it a habit at an early age, – they do it naturally when they grow up. / – All done. Let’s wash up in earnest now. – Hello. / – Hello. Hello. Are you getting ready? When do I need to be there? You need to be here by 8:30 a.m. What? That means you only have 50 minutes. We will wait outside on the first floor. But it’s cold outside. (She hung up.) People who talk to me on the phone hang up after saying what they want to say. She wanted to keep the conversation short. We are running late. I was so surprised when I heard about the time. It’s not easy to get two children ready. You can put a towel around her. I didn’t know about it. I always got my child’s clothes wet. (Licking) (She quenches her thirst as her face gets washed.) Hayoung is excited. (This is nice.) How refreshing! You have wonderful skin! She isn’t wearing any makeup. (Kyungwan washes Yeonwoo’s hair and face at once.) Are you washing his face or his hair? Both. Both. I didn’t have enough time. We need to get dressed. Let’s get dressed. Even when I think about it now, – it was a war. / – All right. Stand here. Stand here. Stand here. What is going on? (I don’t want to get dressed.) Look at your brother. (I don’t want to get dressed.) (Hayoung, look at your brother.) Yeonwoo drew her attention and distracted her. It’s an important task. It makes it much easier for me to dress her. (Yeonwoo calms Hayoung down.) – All done! / – Gosh, Yeonwoo. Thank you for your hard work. Thank you. Thanks to you, Hayoung got dressed. You cleared the task thanks to Yeonwoo. All right. Yeonwoo, hurry up. Why are you sweating so much? – What? / – Why are you sweating so much? Right now… I was pressed for time. I was physically exhausted. I hadn’t even washed up. (Time doesn’t wait for them.) – You can’t be late to a wedding. / – Of course not. (He washes his face haphazardly as well.) I had to arrive at my parents’ place at a certain time. (He gets dressed quickly.) You need to get baby food too. You are doing her hair. (He gets Hayoung’s food and ties her hair.) (She is ready to go out.) You tied her hair very nicely. Announcers are most worried about – broadcasting accidents. / – I am done. – So we are very punctual. / – Let’s go. It’s nice outside. Hold on. Yeonwoo, your shoes. – You can’t wear those shoes. Not those. / – Why not? It’s a wedding after all. – He needed to change into cooler shoes. / – Yes. Peek-a-boo! Let’s go. (Are we going now?) Today, we are going to a wedding. Yeonwoo, hold on. I forgot to bring money. – Go and bring money. / – If the baby poops at that moment, – you have to start over. / – Hayoung, press the code. – Are you taking money out of the safe? / – Yes. My wife put money for family occasions in there. ♪ I am taking money out of Yunjung’s safe ♪ ♪ We are a married couple ♪ I don’t use the money for anything else. – Please don’t misunderstand. / – Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go to the wedding. Let’s go! – Let’s go! / – Yeonwoo. He gave a good opening performance. – Let’s go. / – Okay. (They leave after many twists and turns!) Where are we going right now? We are going to your grandma’s place Why are we going to Grandma’s place? We will go with Grandma and Grandpa. Yes! Yeonwoo. Is getting married a good thing or a bad thing? Of course, – we should celebrate the couple. / – That’s right. So, we will do something very special. (Something special?) They are still young, but they will be the flower children at the wedding. Will the two of them be the flower children? – Yes. / – Grandma is calling. Hold on. What’s taking you so long? We will turn into frozen pollocks on the street! – Hurry up. / – My goodness. Your dad is complaining. – “Extra Large Do”. / – My dad, Extra Large Do, – hates waiting. / – Okay. Yeonwoo, when you see Grandma and Grandpa, say, “Don’t be angry.” Act cute. – Okay? / – I need your help. We are here. – He is upset. / – Your dad seems really angry. (The current time is 8:40 a.m.) We are here. Gosh, you should have come sooner. – We were so cold / – Say, “Don’t be angry.” – on the street. / – Act cute. – Will he do what his dad asked? / – Gosh, it’s cold. I got here as fast as I could. You should have hurried up. Hayoung is acting cute. – Grandma. / – My goodness. I bet their bodies are melting. Hayoung! How cute! Doesn’t the wedding start at 11 a.m.? That’s right. This is bad. We will get there too early. We will get there before the bride does. Let’s go. My goodness. (Grandma, I am happy.) She is so happy that she is shaking her arms. (Looking around) What is it? You brought Hayoung’s diaper bag, right? Surely… No way! I left her diaper bag. What are you doing? – Oh, my goodness. / – How could you forget that? – Thank goodness she noticed. / – We need to go back. Hurry up. Let’s drop by for a second. It’s not about the diapers. – Her water and formula are in it. / – That’s right. You can buy the diapers outside, but the bag contained food and such. – I had to go back. / – Wait here. Thinking about that moment gives me chills. I didn’t even lock the door. I had left the door open. (He gets the diaper bag.) The diaper bag was the least of the problem. I had left their clothes. – What? / – My gosh. – It was a mess. / – The diaper bag wasn’t the biggest problem. I had left their clothes. (He shares the stories.) You didn’t forget the kids. The front door was open too. Get a hold of yourself. (Will they be able to get there on time?) (There is heavy traffic.) Oh, no. There is heavy traffic. – When do we get there? / – He is exhausted. There are too many cars. The traffic is heavy. (Upset) He is the scariest. (Silence fills the van.) (Glancing over) Dad, let’s sing. That’s right. He is my savior. – Five, six, seven, eight. / – Trot is the best. (You’re my partner for life) (Grandma sings too.) (He shows off his charms.) (Grandpa smiles.) (You are my partner forever) Yeonwoo, you are a good singer. You will get married later, right? – Yes. / – Who will you marry? – Reyna. / – Reyna? – Reyna? / – Yes. Is she American? She is Korean. – She is his closest friend. / – She is Korean. (Is her last name Re?) – Is she nice? / – Yes, she is. I want to marry her because she is nice. Are you copying me? – Yes. / – How nice! (Thinking about his mom makes him smile.) There is heavy traffic until the end. We are here, Yeonwoo. – We are at the wedding hall. / – Thankfully, you arrived 15 minutes early. – It’s not over until it is. / – Let’s hurry. Why isn’t it coming? The elevator took forever to come. (We aren’t late, are we?) – It’s here. / – It’s here. (They get into the elevator.) – What? / – My goodness. The elevator door wouldn’t close. No. (The current time is 10:47 a.m.) (Incredibly slow) The elevator was going so slowly. We weren’t even regular guests. We had a mission. It’s not like the children can change in there. Every second felt like an eternity. My back was sweating profusely. You are pressed for time. (They finally reach the 11th floor.) (The current time is 10:50 a.m.) (We are in a hurry!) Congratulations. My goodness. – Congratulations. / – Congratulations. I congratulated the groom. He is my cousin. He is my cousin. Come here. Come here. The wedding will begin soon, – so please enter the hall. / – Hurry up. – When will you be done? / – This is bad. – My goodness. / – I want to help. (Hayoung refuses to change.) Hayoung. (Yeonwoo is changing by himself.) – The mothers will enter first. / – The mothers. I used all of my superpowers. – Please give him a big hand. / – Even the groom! This is bad. Oh, goodness. I couldn’t button her dress. – My goodness. This is bad. / – The bride. (Why aren’t you here yet?) The bride, Song Younghee will enter. Please congratulate the bride who shines bright today. – I keep a promise. / – Before the bride enters, announcer Do Kyungwan’s children, Yeonwoo and Hayoung will enter as the flower children. When the bride enters, please welcome her with a round of applause. (The wedding finally started.) – Here comes the bride. / – Let’s go. You held Hayoung’s hand and helped her walk down the aisle. (Walking lightly) How cute! (They walk down the aisle with their dad.) I am sure the bride’s father felt strange. I felt strange too. I hate these subtitles. “Someday, Hayoung will walk the same path”? I won’t allow it. (He practices walking down the aisle with her.) All done. I love you. – Let’s go. / – They did a great job. I know. – The flower of the day, the bride. / – That’s right. She is beautiful. Congratulations. Yeonwoo, you did so well. (Yeonwoo and Hayoung completed the task successfully.) Good job. Good job. Good job, Hayoung. (I did a good job, right?) I guess being the flower boy made Yeonwoo focus on the wedding. (The wedding continues smoothly.) How does it feel to watch the wedding? – I like it. / – You like it? – Yes. / – What do you like about it? I like that another baby will be born. – Another will be born? / – Yes. Yeonwoo, will you get married later? – Will he get married? / – Will you? With who? Reyna. She is Korean. Reyna is Korean. – Reyna? / – Yes. Did you ask Reyna? – No. / – You didn’t ask her yet. – I guess he hasn’t proposed. / – When will you? – It’s a secret. / – Is it a secret? Yeonwoo, you will need to live away from your mom once you get married. – Why? / – How cute! Once you get married, you should live with Reyna. Why would you live with your mom? Will Reyna be separated from her mom too? Of course. He is torn. Then I won’t get married. – Really? / – Yes. – Really? / – Yes. I won’t get married. Will you live with your mom? (I will live with Mom until I am 100 years old.) I am touched by my son. Do you want your Doyoung to be like him in the future? Will he become a sweet son like Yeonwoo? (My brother is cool.)

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  1. He did a great job.Why didnt anyone help him?Their grandma and grandpa could help bringing their bags or changing clothes,I believe

  2. "Then I won't get married." AWEEE He can't imagine living without his mom. 🧡🧡 (we all know he will, someday. But its so sweet that he thinks that way) 😍😍

  3. This kid never fail to melt my heart❤️… What should we do about Yeonwoo?😭😭. He is just too beautiful to be real. Just hope he'll grow as the way he is now. 🥰

    ❤️ from Malaysia.

  4. does yeonwoo and hayoung is part of the return of superman? i thought they aren't? well i origanally only sees jamjam,naeun,rawon,william,gunhoo,bentley and raim at my recommendations though? okay this confuse me alot.

  5. YEONWOO IS SO SWEET. He is my favorite now t.t He'll be a gentleman in the future… And damn that clip of Hayoung walk on the aisle… I bet when Hayoung get married in the future, they would use this clip:( I really jealous of this family

  6. Hahahaa…It's so hectic if we travel with kids, esp with kids at hayoung's age. I understand why announcer Do forget so many things.

  7. Sorry to say…
    But the kids are more stunning than the bride..
    I thought that it was their runway…totally forget that it was a marriage cmny..

  8. I hv to say that yeonwoo and hayoung are super well behaved, to make sure kids coordinate with you as flower boys and girls is always a challenge but they did so well

  9. This episode gives me anxiety lmao so glad hayoung n yeonwoo could make it as flower boy n girl they’re so adorableee

  10. 연우는 언제나 봐도 속이깊고 너무 예뻐요
    하영이는 너무 귀엽구요
    도경환씨 장윤정씨 예쁜 두 보물들 보기만해도 힘이나지요?
    너무예뻐요 한번 만져보고싶네요

  11. Did you know that REYNA is a tagalog word that means QUEEN?


  12. Hi. What's the title of the english song played while the kids are walking the isles? Thank you for the reply 😊

  13. 11:55 I'm not crying, no I'm not! 😭

    It must be feel strange that you realize one day you gonna be at the same position as bride's dad

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  15. i think this family got so much time to be aired on tv compared to other family. this is unfair. they are boring too

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