Wrapunzel ~ Square Scarf Bow/Flower

Hi ladies, Shalom! I am here today to show you yet another way to tie your Israeli tichels. I know. There are so many
tutorials. Andrea has made for Wrapunzel alone a countless number. I can’t even imagine
how many. But, I have yet to see one for this style, though I have seen the
technique before, worn in other places. I don’t know who first coined it, or pinned it,
but it’s a really great way to wear your Israeli tichels, or any large square.
I even tried this recently, actually, with just a really long, oblong, thin viscose
scarf, and it worked just as fine for that as well. It’s a really fun, kind of chic little look that only needs one scarf. Perfect
for the summer in the hot weather, which is actually how I wore mine recently. I
was meeting a friend of mine at the park, and I just knew it was gonna be really
hot, like scorching out. Sorry I’m just folding my Israeli tichel. The first step, bring two corners together into a triangle. But anyway, so I was meeting her
at the park and I knew that I’d be out in the heat, needed something light, and this
worked perfectly. You’re gonna love it. So I start, like I said, folding it into a triangle, and what I want to do is have
the point behind my head. What you want to do. And I just kind of tie it on
loosely initially. And what I’m going to do is tie the these two long tails over
the point in the back. But before I do that, I want to have a quick discussion
with you all. With these fabulous Israeli tichels are, one of the things that
plagues them, is this gap in the front. When you go to tie them in the back, they
just never seem to lie flat. There’s a solution to this, though. If you take the
front edge and fold it either under, or you can even do it over if you want, that
little bit of texture there, for some reason, that makes it lay flat. I don’t
really know what the difference is, but it works. So you know, another alternative is to tuck that front edge under your
volumizer or velvet headband. That one works very well. So I’m tying it over the
triangle point, I’ll turn around to show you, and I’m doing it very, very lightly
in the beginning. This is really just to keep it in place until we move on to the
next step, which we’re doing right now. So because we’re creating this, like, bow or
flower shape, you want to decide which side of your head you want it on, where
you want it located. You could do this in the back of your head, but it’d be a
little hard to see, you know, youd need to do one of those ‘mirror behind you’
types of jobs to see what you’re doing. I’m going to do mine on my left side,
which is your right as you’re watching the video. So I want to bring my knot to
that side. And this is why I tied my scarf loosely, so that I can just slowly
inch it over, until the knot is more on that side. And the reason I do this
slowly is because I found that if I do it all in one fell swoop, my shape, my
shaper underneath also kind of starts shifting, and then my volume looks a
little weird, and I don’t really want that happening. So now that I have my
knot on this side, I have the point hanging down, and my two tails which I’m
now going to tighten. Okay. It’s three. There we go. Okay. I then take
my the point hanging out the bottom and just pull it taut, and when I do that I
hold the knot so it doesn’t slip and slide anywhere. Pull all the section. So
that leaves just a nice kind of, you know, clean shape all around, kind of smooth.
Any sort of pleats or gathers here kind of look nice, I don’t try and get rid of
those. So the next step is to make your bow, and it’s just like tying your
shoelaces, which I’m not prepared to teach you how to do, but you know, I’m
sure you know at this point. Either you make bunny ears, or you do a loop de doop kinda, it’s kind of up to you. But you want to make a bow. You don’t have to worry
too hard about how, or too much, but how big or small it is quite yet. Okay. So,
here we go. You’ve got a simple knot which, honestly, is just kind of fun if you like
that, kind of like, you know, I don’t know, bohemian type of look perhaps. But I like
making a bow. And the way to do this is to take your loops and to fan them out.
It’s really just that simple. You can, again, if you do this with a long and oblong scarf, you’ll have thicker ends hanging down here, but I’m going to show
you what to do with those in a minute. So you pick one first, and you simply just
fan it out like so. You reach inside the loop, see I can stick my finger through,
and then you pull it out for a nice little bow, right? But these
aren’t even, one looks bigger than the other. So how do you fix that? Well, if I
want to make the bigger loop the size of the smaller one, I simply find the tail
that controls that one, not my point, it’s got to be the shorter one I assume, and
you start pulling it tauter. Slowly, slowly, le’at, le’at, so that you can
match them to be a similar size. Conversely, if you want them larger, you
can then pull these loops out to make them bigger. Okay? Leaving all these tails
hanging down is fine and dandy, but if you choose not to do that, here’s a way
to hide them. You simply take your tails, and I give them a twist, and then I take
them around and tuck them, just under the back, at the nape of my neck, underneath
my scarf. Okay. I hope you could see what I was
doing there. All right? So now I’m left with just a cute
little bow. If I want to make it like, more like a flower, what I do is this. I
open up my loops as wide as they can go. One, and then the other, and I simply tuck
one end into the other, on the top and the bottom. So I’ll start with the bottom.
I’m going to tuck, I guess, I don’t know, the back side, the back one, into the
front. I simply just put it inside. There’s, you know, the hole inside my loop, and I’m just placing it inside. If you find that doesn’t stay securely for you,
you can very easily, get a small like hijab pin or sewing pin and just maybe in
the back, so it’s hidden, kind of keep them together. Even a safety pin actually
might work. Now you do the same at the top. So now you’ve got a really adorable
little flower. I love it. It’s so cute, you know? I did this actually when I wore it
the other day, I had it really big and floppy which also looked nice. So I’ll
pull my tails out so I can make the loop bigger and show you what that looks like.
So again, to make them bigger, I stick my finger through one loop, and then the
other, and then we’re just going to gently pull until they’re the size that
you want. So, just a little bit. They’re really big and floppy now (laughing). I’m going to hide my tails. Simple twist. And then tuck them behind. Okay. And I’m going to open up my loops. All right. Like that. Echad, shtayim, one, two. All right, wow, this one’s really big. I might actually need a pin to pin it down. Although I
didn’t bring any with me. I wasn’t prepared for this tutorial to need pins.
Oh no. Look at how big that will open up. Oh, my
gosh. Leave it like so. I’m going to make the flower. You tuck them in again.
Oh gosh, will it stay? (gasp) Wow. Wow, whoa, whee, wa. This is like. Would you look at that? I can’t even. It won’t even stay it’s so big. Ah. But imagine if you
put one of these, like, up here, it’d be like, you know, a flapper or something really
cool way. I’m going to be traveling this summer, and when I go to the beach I know this is going to be, like, my number one beach look, because it’s simple and it’s
light when you’re out in the hot sun. But it’s cute too, and not just such a basic
scarf, you know, if you don’t want to wear braids or you don’t want just a simple
bandanna-type style, this is a really easy way to get a super cute look. So I
hope you all enjoy it, and let me know if you have any questions. Post them below
and I will do my best to follow along and give you any answers to the best
of my ability. Have a good one ladies. Bye, bye!

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