Wireless Docs: Two Flowers

The more beautiful
they are, the more thorns, they seem to have. And sometimes it’s not
the big ones that hurt. It’s the really tiny little ones. Yeah they bite like that. But they’re beautiful. We have probably 40
different rose varieties. Every week we grow up to 50,000 stems, and Valentine’s maybe 70,000 stems per week. The most satisfying thing for me is ripping out old plants
and planting new ones. There’s nothing better than a new plant. I wish people knew that
it is such a big process, and it is a lot of hard work. You know it takes up to 20 weeks before you even harvest the flower. It’s not just a plant that grows easily and then you just pick
it and have a good time. If people knew the effort that it took, then I think they’d
appreciate it a lot more to have New Zealand-grown product. Nothing I like better than to wander through like
on a Saturday afternoon when all the staff have gone, and just look at the elegance of the flowers. Yeah, therapeutic. Vase life of an iris is
probably three to five days. But some people love irises. The minute you cut a flower,
it then starts to die. How quickly determines it’s treatment. Our irises sell, along with our other flowers on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, we would deliver anywhere between 500 to 1,000 bunches. Into the Auckland auction. Our record for the bunching machine is about 3.5 thousand stems per hour. It’s not your grandma’s backyard, just picking flowers willy-nilly. It’s pretty full-on. We’ve send approximately 20 to 30 thousand stems to auction a week. We’ll wrap them in a plastic sleeve, put them on a trolley, which we then send to our florists or directly to auction. Well, when you
start making a bouquet, it’s really hard to stop. Roses could be considered a staple of a bouquet. You know how everyone’s
always got oil at home? A florist has always
got roses at their shop. One of the important things is not only to have specific flowers
but to have colours. So like with these pink roses, they’ve got the little pink tips. Everything kind of just ties in. I didn’t read into what
flowers are used too much, but when you really think about it, they all work together
in a way that I would say would make you feel calm
and make you feel happy and want to be around the bouquet, wherever that may be. For some people, the meaning
is in the arrangement, whereas for other people, the meaning and the symbolism of one
flower can be powerful enough. Can I just buy one? You know? Because it doesn’t have to be a big bunch for it to have a meaning. My grandmother shares her name with iris, and she died before I was born, so I never met her. She took her life. I know for myself I see her more as like a gesture towards
hope and moving forward and reestablishing things. You don’t have to just cut it off there. You can like keep going. I used to order my brothers around and one day, I ordered them to pick up all of the potatoes that had been growing in the ground below. We filled our bucket
right up to the very top, and went in to show my mother, who was horrified to find
that they were in fact her tulip bulbs that she had planted. To this day, every now and then, I still buy her a bunch of tulips to say thank you for forgiving me for ruining her tulip patch. Yeah, I’d probably say the worst part of my summer was when my mum would extend her garden into our backyard cricket pitch, so that was definitely a challenge growing up. I guess I got a love-hate
relationship with flowers. For me, the ways that flowers impact my life is when I give them to myself. Yeah it’s a really
important part of my week is finding a bunch of
flowers and having them sit next to my bed. Having a little bit of nature, a little bit of something that’s living next to you, some of
that energy gets into you and it just lights you up. And I think that’s very special. The flowering
part is only one part. There’s beauty in something dying, in a sense it’s just changing and regrowing and regrouping. Petals fall, and you’re left with the pod, but actually it’s the
beginning of new life already. It doesn’t sadden
me to see dead flowers. It’s just a time to renew
them and replace them. But just even watching
them die is somewhat of a beautiful end to a
beautiful flower life. I think what a lot of people don’t know is that there are two worlds
when it comes to flowers. You have your growers
and your distributors, and then you have the general public. As a florist, I think that my role sits right in the middle
of both of those worlds. When you nail it and you
know you’ve done it well, you can take real pride
in knowing that that bouquet is going to make somebody’s day or help fix something, or put a smile on somebody’s face who
hasn’t smiled in a while. The concept of the bouquet or the flower or who gave you the bouquet, or why you were given the bouquet is the most important part of the flower. As a nation we’re not very
good at communicating, and so I think flowers are a really lovely way of either saying
I’m sorry or I love you or I’m here for you without
having to say those words because we find those
words really hard to say.

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  1. Returning to this video after 1 month, its just beautiful.. and i love the cinematography, how it's shot, how it's put together and the mood it passes

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