Why Are People Allergic to Pollen? — From the makers of ZYRTEC®

A beautiful, sunny day can be a reason to
stay indoors – if you’re allergic to pollen. Pollen is a leading cause of allergies. The
reason people are allergic to it comes down to a simple case of mistaken identity. The
immune system mistakes pollen for invading germs so it attacks the pollen, causing the
release of histamine and other substances that give rise to allergy symptoms. One cause
of this immune system confusion is genetics. People often inherit the tendency to misidentify
environmental substances, just like they inherit poor vision. But sometimes the immune system
can make the mistake, even without that inherited component. So, chalk up allergies to a random
roll of the genetic dice, with a little help from your environment. You must be exposed
to a specific pollen allergen to develop an allergy to it. For example, if you are sensitive
to sagebrush pollen and live where sagebrush is plentiful, you are more likely to develop
that allergy. But, if you are never exposed to sagebrush, then the allergy may never actually
develop. As you can see, a variety of factors can cause you to be allergic to pollen. And
when pollen allergies symptoms hit, you can head to your local Rite Aid Pharmacy for all
your Zyrtec needs. And now, when you purchase Zyrtec, you can get a little something back
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