White Roses Wedding Bouquet DIY Demo

Hold some foliage together. I used butcher’s brooms mixed with some pittosporum stems. Add white roses into the bunch in 4 directions. Hold the bunch and gradually add more roses in. 16 roses are uses in this bouquet. Add filler flowers around the bouquet. Baby’s breath stems are used here. Insert a little bit of baby’s breaths in between the roses as well. Add more baby’s breaths around the bouquet. Add some more pittosporum stems and salal leaves all around Hold the bouquet and fix the flowers and foliage position if needed. Tie the bouquet with floral string to secure the arrangement bundle. Use the antique gold color florist poly ribbon to wrap up the stem. After wrap up the stems with poly ribbon, push some metal pins into the ribbon to secure it. You can use U pin or head pins depends on availability. Add some bear grasses into the bouquet arrangement. You can attach floral pick on each end of grass and insert / loop them around the arrangement. Here’s the bouquet with bear grass loops all around. Cut a strip of gold mesh fabric ribbon and wrap it over the gold poly ribbon. Secure the gold mesh fabric ribbon with silver corsage pins as shown. Here we go~ A white roses hand tied bouquet

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