What is Pine Pollen?

Have you heard of Pine Pollen? Now, I’m
not talking about the stuff that causes allergies but as a health supplement. The
Pine Pollen is not well known but it should be at the top of every man
supplements list. That’s because it contains testosterone, DHEA and trace
amounts of other human hormones. It also contains novel Phyto Androgens,
like Gibberellins in Briceno steroids. Packed with plenty of vitamins, minerals,
Polyphenols and more. Altogether, these are powerful growth factors that support
human health. Like combating the various Xenoestrogens
that are found in our food, water skincare and even the air. Things that
are robbing you of energy, focus and even slowly killing you with chronic diseases.
These supplements are important for every man and woman. As we’re all
suffering from a population level decline of testosterone in hormone
disruption in this modern industrial age. And even more so as you age where
there’s a normal hormonal decline. Want to learn more? Click the link for
everything you could possibly wanna know about Pine Pollen, the super food of
the 21st century.

One thought on “What is Pine Pollen?

  1. If a man consumes pine pollen for several years everyday and suddenly stops, will that affect their natural testosterone production like using hormone replacement therapy? If not, why do not more men and bodybuilders, take herbs to boost their testosterone levels?

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