We Too Had “Firsts” Once | Flower Ever After | Season 1 – EP.04 (Click CC for ENG sub)

Your first encounter seemed
like a destined moment? You must be joking. (Flower Ever After
Ep 4. We Too Had “Firsts” Once) I think I’m addicted
to fortune cookies. I can’t go a day
without eating one. Do you think the fortunes are
actually matching well? So far,
I want to believe they are. By the way, do you do delivery? I think it would be nice
for our company’s events. I love the bread here. Of course, we would be thankful. Where is it? It’s called Leban Company. Leban? I know where it is. I’ve been there
for catering before. A year ago. (One year ago) Hello? Yes, I’m on my way.
It was the eighth floor, right? Can I help you? Do you know
where the HR team is? I’m from that team.
What can I help you with? I came for the event’s
bread catering. Right. That was today. Give it to me. Could you hold this? I’ll hold the other one. -Come this way.
-Yes. You can leave it here. You need to set the table,
right? If the event is at 2 o’clock,
you only have 10 minutes left. I can help you. Oh. The time went by so quickly. Thank you. Wow. This bread is amazing. What is it called? Is it really good? It’s called the “Baguette Hell.”
I created it recently. You bake these yourself? This is the best bread
I’ve ever had. Really? I put in a lot,
so have one more. Hyun Su.
What are you doing here? Is something happening today? The Leadership Conference is
today. What are you talking about?
That is tomorrow. What? Then… This… What do we do? That’s what I want
to say right now. Where were you meant
to go with this? Was it Leban Company,
eighth floor? Leban Company? This is Leban Company? Not the Westudy Building? A lot of people get it confused,
since it’s right next to us. No… When are you coming?
We only have five minutes left. I’m so sorry. I’ll be right there. We have a meeting soon.
Can you clear this up quickly? How could you get the dates
mixed up? You are in the HR. Because you were looking
for the HR team in such a rush. But you’re the one
that got the building confused. What are you going to do about
the two pieces of bread you ate? You liked it when I told you
it was good. You said I could have
another one. This is making me crazy. Come on, put them back in. Welcome to our… Hello. Hello. I didn’t even ask
your name last time. I see you are the manager. Oh, that’s just the title
of the job. My boss is back there. Oh. I see. Well… It’s pretty cool that
the manager bakes the bread. Right. I kept thinking of the bread
that I ate last time. It’s okay. I wasn’t feeling too well
about last time, either. -I’m sorry.
-Here’s my business card. Paying you back in cash doesn’t
seem like a good idea. I want to take you out
for dinner. What? I’m not asking for your number. I’m just giving you mine.
Similar, I guess. Oh… Here. Call me when you feel like to. I’ll wait. Our encounter seemed
like a destined moment? You must be joking. Maybe you remember it
in a wrong way. Or you got it mixed up
with someone else. I’ve only dated you.
How could I get it mixed up? Come on, Min Chae.
Even I remember it. You could say
that was like a destiny. (7 years ago)
I failed the class registration. This was the only class
that matched my schedule. But if it’s “Sports and Social
Life,” it should be easy, right? 80 percent of the grades will
be based on group presentations. Please check your groups,
and prepare well together. -What?
-No. Wow. -We’re together.
-Oh. -What is that?
-Yes! Let’s do this! We can do it. I don’t think
my partner is here. His name is Woong Choi. Woong Choi? The swimmer? You don’t know him? He is quite popular. He won a lot of big competitions
and was on television, too. He doesn’t come to class. What? He doesn’t come to any classes
because he has to practice. I’ll give you his number,
so meet him and talk about it. Yes. I’m here. Where are you right now? Are you going to have
a group meeting like that? What? You’re hardly dressed.
Can’t you put something on? Oh. Sorry. The topic of our presentation is
about the skeletal muscles. I think you would know a lot
about this. You’re a swimmer. If we’re the same age, we can
talk comfortably, right? Well… Sure. But I can’t go to class. What? I’m preparing for a competition,
so I don’t have to go. Hey. Then what about me? Without you, my group
presentation grades are zero. Then ask the professor
to change your group. He said we can’t. Why? Do you not have friends? It’s not that.
These were random groups. Then do it yourself. I have to go
to practice right now. Sorry. Hey. You must be showing off
since you were on television. I don’t know you. And I don’t
want to get to know you, either. I just want my grades
to be good. If I don’t, I can’t get
the scholarship. So stop making trouble. and join me late at night
for the presentation. That’s going to make you tired. Sure. Whatever you want. Gosh. (Woong Choi) (Silver Medalist Woong Choi) Wow. He was this good? Why are you so late? That’s mine. Hey. Wake up. (Structure of
the Skeletal Muscles) Today is the presentation. Both of us need to be there,
so you better come. You just need to click and turn
the Powerpoint slides. Okay, fine. Secondly, it creates strength
to maintain a good posture. Thirdly, it creates heat
to maintain body temperature. This is the end of Group 11’s
presentation. Thank you. Why aren’t you here yet? Where are you? Are you on your way? You are, right? Next up, Group 12. What is that? Look at that. (The Structure and Functions
of the Skeletal Muscles) No! What is this? What do I do? The wrong version was saved. I’m going to go crazy. Professor. Sorry, I’m late. Hey. Hey. I’ll present my own body parts. You do the talk. Skeletal muscles determine
the shape of our body. People who exercise a lot would
probably know, but we will explain the names of
the muscles for those who don’t. Next up is what many refer
to as abs. -Wow.
-Gosh! -Oh my.
-Look at that. As shown, muscles affect the
body’s strength and appearance. So to create a beautiful body,
we have to exercise the muscles. This is the end of Group 12’s
presentation. Thank you. (Thank you.
Any questions?) -Wow!
-Wow! What are you doing here? I… Well… Our presentation is over.
Why are you here? Are you here
to learn how to swim? Be careful. Your feet won’t touch
the ground. Well… I just came to thank you. You must have had a tough time
because of me. I did, yes. Sorry. But I did it because I liked it. What? I’m sorry, too. For what? I kissed you when you were
asleep, during our meetings. What? You didn’t know, right? I only studied with you
because you were pretty. And took my precious time out
to see you. I’m quite a busy guy. Are you surprised? But it’s true. Stop lying. You never did that to me. You’re blushing right now. This is all Woong’s versions of
beautified memories. I’m pretty sensitive. I know when someone touches me
while I’m asleep. He made it all up
to make himself look cool. By the way,
why am I still sitting here and listening to someone
else’s relationship stories? How’s it going
with that manager? I don’t know. Sometimes, I get confused
because of his actions, but sometimes,
it doesn’t seem like anything. I feel like I’m on a roller
coaster twelve times a day. Right. One-sided love is always
like that. Keep doing it even if it gets
tough, or just give up. You need to choose. Right. One of our regulars works
at your company. -Really? What’s the name?
-Well… Oh. I don’t know the name.
I should have asked. There are so many people
in our company. I wouldn’t know,
even if you told me. But isn’t it cool? I went to the eighth floor
of your company by accident, and met you there, and then you turned out
to be in the HR team. That’s why it was destiny. -Wow.
-Wow. I want some, too. Most couples think their first
encounter was destined to be. Because that seems
more like a movie. But all relationships start
with courage and effort, one step ahead
from destiny itself. Woong. I also… gave it some thought,
and I think you’re okay, too. The courage and effort that
they don’t end up remembering. Sensitive? That may be more like a movie. (Courage and effort seem
more like a movie.) (OST: Yoon Ddan Ddan,
Jin Ah Kwon, Ailee) (Place Sponsorship: CommComm
Bakery, Green Factory, Snow) (Clothing Sponsorship)

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