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Just kidding you’re actually at Ken
Tamplin Vocal Academy welcome where the proof is in the singing or screaming at
this point. I wanted to go and do a local coach reacts to Axl Rose of Guns
n’ Roses. I’ve done one before I’m actually but I wanted to go ahead and do “Sweet
Child Of Mine”. Now I did do a few different versions of Guns N’ Roses tunes.
I’ve done “November Rain”, I’ve done “Paradise City”, I’ve done “Welcome To The
Jungle” with my student Gabriela Guncikova. I did do a version of “Sweet Child
Of Mine” with my student Gaston Sanchez. So check those out I’ll put all those in
the description but we’ll go ahead and check this one out. This is live in Japan
and it’s “Sweet Child Of Mine” and let’s just dive right in, here we go. Ok that must of been the end of something and the
beginning of something. “Sweet Child Of Mine” You’re welcome. Look at that outfit. What happened to
those red pants he was running around in. Doesn’t he still wear those. The shorts. The Richard Simmons you know workout shorts, you guys know what I’m talking about right. Come on let’s get this song going here. Is he gonna sing an Irish jig with the skirt on. What’s going on here. Shmeh. It says “Sweet Child Of Mine” so I’m expecting this to kick in any second here. Is this where Mel Gibson in Brave Heart
makes a guest appearance. I should have fast forward to this and
looked to see when the song started sorry guys but it’s still kind of interesting it’s entertainment. Looks like he’s chewing it on something. Okay, okay, okay already. Ok I know there’s massive man love for Axl but this doesn’t do it for me but and there’s no real melody to what it is he’s doing. He’s got his his Axl
tone going on but I’m not really understanding what the thing is here. Here we go. Finally. I knew it was coming. I was…Here we go. Now come on everyone has wondered if that cigarette hanging out of his Slash’s mouth has ever burnt his hair. You guys
ever thought about that. I have. Here we go. Oh by the way I forgot to mention this too its 7:23 in
the morning over here and I don’t even I do no drugs, I don’t even drink anymore. I
quit drinking a while back and I just want to stay healthy but it’s 7:23 in the
morning and I couldn’t sleep last night so I thought what the heck let’s go react
to Guns n’ Roses why not. So this is like my third or fourth reaction this
morning I’ve done. Just kind of letting the tape roll and having a good time. I did
have some green tea and I don’t normally drink any caffeine either because I’m
already kind of a wiry kind of guy. So but anyway here we are 7:23 in the morning
in my new studio by the way here in Flagstaff Arizona and it’s a killer
place. It’s specifically designed for vocal production and I’m doing reactions from
here at 7:23 a.m. on what is this a Tuesday here we go. Long intro. I never did learn that dance man I gotta..and then that I gotta get that microphone thing down you know. Now if you notice after all the
screaming and stuff that he did, he’s almost got no voice, no actual tonal
quality. His voice is like pure dysphonia in his voice and (sings) I can’ even do that, I’d have to like
really work at it to do that especially not at 7:23 a.m. but anyway so I’d like
to hear more tone come out of his voice you know actual phonation but anyway so
it is Axl let’s continue. Got on on sky a little bit. You know when I see and I’m guilty of
this too. You see some guy running across the stage it’s like who’s he running
from or what’s he running to he gets over there is like wow there’s nothing
here I better go around that side of the stage oh yeah it’s nothing over here
either ah let’s go to the center. It’s just some stage humor there behind the
scenes stuff for you guys that have been on a lot of stages you know what I’m
talking about here we go. See he looks just he’s running into a camera. Check me out baby. It’s hard to sing alone with no background vocals like that. I gotta confess. He must give that spotlight camera guy
or a spotlight guy a run for his money because he’s all over the place. He’s got
to kind of always find where where’s Axl. There he is oh. Where’s he going now. Ah he’s going here he’s going back over here right. Ok wait. I just realized something. Okay you got all
the band members that have all their shirts open and Slash isn’t even wearing
one he’s got his open bass player over that so let’s just go ahead and okay now
I feel better let’s do this. You hear those buttons flying. Yeah I feel better more at home here. No I didn’t have any coffee. I told you I don’t even drink caffeine in the morning. A little green tea that was it. Again still no actual vocal tone, you
notice that. There’s no actual real phonation going on there. It’s kind of, kind of
weird, kinda interesting. It’ll come back though I mean you know his voice will rejuvenate and he’ll get it back. He must have just had a lot of shows or you know
kind of blew it out on this performance I don’t know what song this is in the
set maybe the last song I don’t know. Stop looking at me. Oh you’re looking at my scar. Is that what you’re looking at. Alright wait I’ll explain that okay hold on. See my scar. See that big belly scar. I have to deliberately pick it out like that. Alright you’re wondering what that is okay I’ll
explain it. So when I was 12 years old I was infatuated with like flying rockets
I kid you not and so I made this rocket. I don’t know if you guys ever seen what a co2 shell is. So it was an empty co2 shell and you could fill them with match
heads. Kids don’t try this at home or this will happen but anyway you fill them with
matches and they’d shoot across the sky you know like just a big huge kind of
and it would kind of get molten red and it would go (sounds) like crazy. So as a 12 year old
I wasn’t really thinking too much too clearly those days. I thought that if
you took an Allen wrench and you took match heads and match powder and you
pounded it in it would go farther and faster right so whatever that’s supposed
to mean. I didn’t realize I was making a pipe
bomb and so it blew up and the tip shot me in the stomach and they had to remove
my spleen and by the way I’m gonna say this for you singers out there. Is this
is why I say there’s no excuse about the abdominal support oh my stomach hurts I can’t do it or you know because I actually have some tears that happen in here and so
when they removed my spleen I caught something called staph infection and
peritonitis that set in and the doctors only gave me about 24 to 48
hours to live but I had a praying mom and she was super super awesome called a
lot of prayer chains across the country and prayed for me and I’m actually a
medical miracle. So in the doctor reports if you read it this guy named Dr.
Ampudia. Yes that was his real name Ampudia as in amputation but anyway Dr.
Ampudia says hey. He didn’t use the word hey he just says a young boy the age of 12
came in with severe abdominal wounds due to a explosion of metal into his stomach.
We give him about 24 hours to live then the next day comes by and he goes
he hasn’t died yet and the only explanation that we have right now is
that we put these saline solution… sponges in his stomach but that wouldn’t
actually make the peritonitis and staph infection disappear and go below the
blood count level that had already consumed my body. So in other words the
the the blood count level of the staph infection had taken over my body to the
point where there was a point of no return. I wasn’t supposed to return. So
the doctor report says mother attributes it to the prayers of her God and I
thought that was really cool. That’s probably why you guys are going Ken
you know you always talk about this spiritual stuff. I’m a Christian and I’m
proud to say it and I thank God every day for my life but getting back to the
the muscle structure here. So they, when they, way back when a lot like when
they did c-sections for women having babies, they would cut through the
muscles, the muscles are sinew and they come across the stomach this way and
they would cut clean through it. So it literally cuts open the entire muscle
structure when they removed my spleen and they removed part of my colon and
then they took out the shrapnel. Well they did that to women with c-sections.
Now they’re smarter and they pull the muscles apart and they cut the length of
the muscles so they can go and take the baby out. They didn’t have that
technology back then so so I had to rehabilitate my entire stomach and I
also have two very large hernias that run through here as a direct result of
this that I’ve overcome too over time and there is a way to do that. Guys I know
you with you hernias out there you can certainly send me messages and I’ll give
you some info on that that can help you but I wanted to explain that and no I’m
not trying to show off my awesome bod but I’m just being funny here with the video
for Guns’n’Roses. Alright let’s continue way too much information. Long solos. I don’t know. Where do we go. Go to that side of the stage. See I told you I wasn’t kidding. See he’s gonna run on that side of the stage, he just
doesn’t know where to go. Should I go stage left should I go stage right. I’m just saying right. Go over to that side of the stage. Ok I’d always wondered about that cause you know
you gotta count that out right you know how many times he says where did we go,
where do we go and I don’t even remember was that that eight bars, sixteen bars probably sixteen
bars right but at what point do you actually remember as you’re running around a stage
that oh yeah it’s bar bar fifteen on bar sixteen you know (sings) right. I guess you play
the song so many times it’s like in your sleep you don’t really think about it.
You ever wonder about stuff like that. I do. I stay awake oh there’s a funny joke
what does a dyslexic you guys know dyslexic is look it up if you don’t,
agnostic, don’t know what agnostic is look it up atheist do right. What is a dyslexic, agnostic, atheist do. He stays awake all night wondering if
there really is a dog. What did that have to do with this I don’t know it was gonna
lead to something but I forgot. Here we go. Ken you’re in raw form this morning. Yeah I
told you man it’s now 7:40. Oh yeah I know what it was. It was running back and forth on the stage trying to remember how many beats it was for a certain thing that happened. Didn’t really relate but it’s all good. Good performance you know I’ve made a lot of
fun of this. I know I made a lot of fun here going
through this but it actually rocks. Guys it’s Guns n’ Roses. It was a flawless
performance, the band kicked butt, no missed notes, a lot of great energy,
typical Guns n’ Roses fashion. They did an awesome job. Hey guys if you like what
you heard please like and subscribe to my channel I’ll try to be a little bit
more modest next time and I have a singing course it’s called How To Sing
Better Than Anyone Else and we negotiate all this stuff. So check out again in the
description some of our versions of some Guns n’ Roses stuff and until next
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