Vlog – 逛繽紛花店 Brighten Floriculture

Let’s go to upstair first, so many people here I don’t know you’ve bought it or not, the dolls, one pair What dolls? one pair… … put it in front of the car… even you don’t rent a car, you can buy it for take a picture You mean for the New Year? No! for your wedding I thought the dolls for the New Year, put a pair of God of Wealth at home I’ve bought this one Only one left Take it first, only one left It’s not real I want to diy There are some material you can buy too For diy? Yes, inside there It’s complete Looks so real Oh, the texture so real The quality is good It’s so real, even you touch it It’s made from cloth The red rose is so real I’m afraid the flower will drop But it looks so real Because your cat will wreck it Yes I’ve bought some blue tone flowers I want to buy some yellow tone to supplement Yes, if it’s only blue tone, looks so boring Have you put some flowers at home Fresh flowers You put fresh flowers? My mom plant flowers O… you put it near the window Yes, there are some at the corridor, too I’ve saw this before, at the other shop There are some powder on the flowers Oh, is it? Is it fake flower seeds? I think is fake snow But this one is different I don’t know, the shop I saw before, maybe is cheaper This one I touch it is so clean But that one when I touch it, my fingers is full of powder It’s bad quality Yes, but looks nothing different Is it dust? Maybe it’s dust This one can use it now Yes, it’s ready Just need to wrap the bottom only I need to learn how to wrap it You can learn it from youtube Is it? I can search it from youtube Yes This one is so trendy Looks so fury, I thought it’s mold After I come here, I know it’s normal You thought there will be dust and spider on it I thought they will put powder on it This combination is beautiful too But it’s not good for wedding, the color is too boring The people will think they are going to Bride of Chucky wedding party Tomb sweeping day If the elder heard what we said, they will said…”touch wood!” Which color of flowers do you like? Hm… just not too strong color tone Simple colors, dried flowers is okay too The simple one Even hydrangea is okay too Just don’t too strong tone, like red rose It’s so old school Yes, I don’t like it For diy, do you need this for your birthday party? So funny It’s… weird… Why it’s looks like tumor Sh…..sh… The Minnie need to do some treatment Very serious Oh god… That one… What’s that? For the flowers, the holder Is it? is it this one? The holder But my flowers is so much of course, this one not small Is it? Even you put it together, it’s only like this You can just put it here, more easy to diy Oh, this brand I bought it before The goat milk and coconut soap, I’ve using it They said it’s natural The smell is good and natural For example the coconut one, it’s really smell like coconut, not plastic When you taking shower, it’s smell coconut? Yes I feel very clean after use it, good for summer It’s so fresh won’t feel oily Yes When I working freelance at home, I’m using it for face wash too Can use it for face too? Yes, washing my face during I showering Don’t you feel dry? No, it won’t I’ll doing this when I’m not going out

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