Visiting Tokyo’s Ota Flower Market

it’s just before 5:00 a.m. in the
morning and we are at one of my absolute favorite places in the world
Tokyo flower market follow me and I’ll show you. So the first run I have is
always finding like what catches my eye so that could really be anything what’s
so incredible about this market is that change of seasons so fast so really even
if you come several times a week you can always find new stuff so my first walk
is always going through pick up what first comes to mind and then a second a
third run I go a little bit more into details and check my list and if I need
anything specific or not so as you should have the routine that I go
through when I come to the market this one particular I want to show you
which is very very unique to Japan this is a poinsettia which is normally world
wild known as the Christmas flower this is like a wild poinsettia which is often
found in the southern part of Japan that’s a lot of love and hate for this
flower this is the carnation and this is absolutely one of my favorite and the
reason for that is that it’s such a perfect shape always endless variety of
colors Each shop has a little bit of their own
sort of what do you say theme this story here particular gets a lot of things
from Okinawa which is the most southern part of Japan for instance this adan (pandanus tectorius) is often from Okinawa V: Are you busy?
N: Yes, of course. I’ve always got something going on. they always ask nicely into what I’m doing and where I’m
doing what not so yeah there’s a lot of people that I know here so it’s
kind of like a homey feeling to walk around here. I think Nicolai has some Japanese traits to him. Sometimes I forget I’m actually talking to a foreigner. He is very caring, thoughtful… I’d say he is just very nice. In my early days coming here, language was very difficult because I didn’t speak any Japanese but
you know as years you’re gone by of course I’ve learned my fair share of
Japanese and then it’s getting easier to get around communicating with the
different vendors they know also that I purchased a lot of flowers they get the
right things from me the new things interesting things and come out in the
back and have a look you know I have with this new thing I want you to see
and so it’s grown over the years and I really created a great
relationship with many of the different vendors here at the market it’s really
fun Here at Ota flower market apart from
all the wholesalers there is two big auctions
there is flower auctions in Japan at Ota flower market and that’s the actual live
auction which starts in about here half an hour from now It’s the start of the live auction so
when I hear this sound then we know it’s time to go and start bidding all the
flowers It’s quite hectic and go on for up to
four or five hours where people are doing live bidding that’s all the people
that can fit in this room which is probably a few hundred apart from that
you can sit throughout Japan on your computer and a bid on the flowers as
well it’s quite a exciting almost like a game and you can lose a lot of money as
well if you need to be careful So this is where the all the flowers get
divided so right now we have three cars here so we dividing a lot of the flowers
here and then they go to each of the locations so in Tokyo we have six or
seven different occasions that these trucks will will go around to after they
have gather all the flowers Another morning has finished here at the Ota
flower market it’s been almost a month since I’ve been here it’s always nice
for me to be here it’s like where everything started for me so I love to
come here I love to meet all the vendors look with all the the flowers and feel
the season you know see what’s new and what’s what’s in season so always
inspiring so it’s really nice to be back

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