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Fursatganj is going to face detriment and this time Vir won’t get a chance to escape. Meow! Boss, what’s your plan? Space Cosmic powers, once this book comes in my hand then you will see my magic. Boss, you have sent Timbaktoon, to steal the same book right? Yes, you are right. So many books! Now, where will be the book which boss needs? Timbaktoon, get the book fast. Yes boss, I am in the library, between the books. But where is that book? You fool, the name of the book is Space Cosmic Powers. Space Cosmic Power, I have found it. Boss, I am coming. Come on Chulbul, even you join us. It’s fun. Where are you going? Even I am coming. Wait!!! Let’s have some fun today. Hey Chulbul, you? Every time you do some nonsense. This time I won’t leave you. Give my book back. Vir!! Look here. Timbaktoon? Something shady is about to happen for sure. Give it to me. My book! Hey! Where am I? No, Gintu please don’t forget anything, Gintu!! Got it. Hey, leave it. Leave it!! Hey Fool, where are you? Boss, Vir and his gang surrounded me and tore the book into two parts. In whatever condition the book is, get it here quickly. Half part of the book? But what is this book about? Oh! This book contains information about animals which are formed in the sky by joining the stars, look. Space Cosmic Power, this is a very old book. It is about space powers. I will explain you all. Look, in the sky these all stars forms a picture. These pictures have different powers. That means, Mad Max is trying to do something bad with the power of these pictures. There is a possibility. But what bad can Mad Max do with this book? Now my mission of detriment will be successful. And the detriment will be done by this wolf power. Meow! You are genius boss. Super duper genius. I will bring the powers of this wolf on land. Haha!! Wow boss!! The wolf is becoming alive. He is so similar to your robotic wolf, haha!! Boss you take care of your wolf and I will take care of this robotic wolf.Hope its in good condition. What is happening? Help!! Oh God! Now how will I control this Timbaktoon the Wolf? Anyways, detriment is still going to happen.Haha!! Daddy, this is a wolf. Yes, but how did it come here? I’ll be again late for my kitty party. Today, a wolf has entered in FursatGanj and is destroying the whole city. Nobody has a clue from where he has come. I guess, again Mad Max has planned to destroy Fursatganj. I should go. Yes Vir, you all go. I will come there along with the formula to bring the wolf under control. Robo boy suit on. Yes! The sun energy can destroy the wolf powers. Someone help!! Chulbul, are you alright? Yes Vir. But that wolf is very powerful. Yes, I know. Vir, look there, the wolf is moving towards Imli. Imli are you alright? Yes, I am fine. Vir, help me. Vir!! Vir!! I am fine. There is nothing to worry about. Vir, this is a roller gun. I have loaded few capsules in it which has sun power. You have to hit these capsules at the center of wolfs head. I understood grandpa. Grandpa, as soon as the capsule hits the wolf it turns bigger and bigger. He is turning dangerous grandpa. Yes, I know. Vir has to aim at the right place or else the wolf will become giant. Yes!! Vir, aim at the right place with concentration. Grandpa, let him become huge so that I will be able to see the center point of his head clearly. This is the last capsule left. Oh! I guess, Vir’s capsules are over. Hey boss, what happened? Oh! I am saved. Vir, you are great and that book is super great. Actually no, you all are great.

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