VIDEO: Pollen levels on the rise

yeah it’s the ragweed especially and this happens pretty much every August and it peaks in September but in the month of August we start to see it slowly coming up in fact right now our pollen count is pretty high for ragweed and in the moderate level for graft so two culprits there but the ragweed is what we want to talk about because that’s what’s going to be impacting you over the next few weeks basically we did some research we found out that the wind is actually comest in the month of august for all of southwest and central Virginia with ragweed being a fairly light kind of pollen that allows the ragweed to travel more freely and unfortunately means the itchy eyes the itchy nose the sneezing the coughing all that fun stuff not okay pollen levels are gonna be pretty elevated tomorrow and Friday because it will be hot and humid but scattered showers and thunderstorms this weekend should lower the pollen count a little bit Jeff Hanna which is going to talk about what those scattered showers and storms mean for our weekend plans coming up in the full forecast Brittany

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