Valentine’s Day Hand Made Flower Arrangement

In this video, I’m going to show you how to
make this beautiful hand-made flower arrangement. First I’m going to teach you how to make a
box look like this. Choose an old cardboard box with lid and start
decorating it with different pieces of lace. Don’t worry about the color because you will
paint it later, just cutout some floral lace ornaments and glue them with a glue gun on
the box where ever you want. After the glue is dried, prepare some pieces
of tissue paper by crumpling them in your hands to give them some extra texture. You will cover the whole box, in and out,
with tissue paper using white glue. First, put a generous amount of glue directly
on the cardboard, and spread it evenly with a brush. Then, place the tissue over it, and press
it while making sure you create as many wrinkles as possible. Be careful not to tear the paper while molding
it onto the lace. Over the tissue, you’ll need to add another
layer of glue, but this one shouldn’t be as thick. Repeat this process until you cover the whole
box and let it dry completely. You can use a hair dryer to speed up the process. When you are sure all the glue is dried, you
can start coloring the box with a dark brown or sienna, using watercolor or acrylic paint. Try not to make the paint too thick, and lett
the color be uneven, this will amplify the wrinkly texture that you’ve created. You don’t have to paint the interior of the
box. Avoid scrubbing the paper, by overworking
it. After it dries, use a sponge and a gold acrylic
color to paint only the top of the texture and the ornaments. To achieve this look is important not to press
so the sponge will only touch the tip of the texture. For the roses, you will need red crepe paper. Make 9 petals out of a rectangle of 5 centimeters
on 3 centimeters and cut off the round top of each petal. Then make 6 bigger ones, out of a rectangle
of 5,5 centimeters on 4 centimeters. Use a piece of toilet paper to make the base
of the rose and secure it with glue. the shape of it should resemble a rosebud. After the glue dries you can reshape it with
scissors. Stretch out the center of each petal to make
the middle concave. Using 2 of this small petals make a cone on
top of the rosebud form made previously and secure it with transparent glue. Add the next 4 small petals around it, making
sure the left side of each petal goes under the previous one and the right side goes over
the next one. To make this you should glue first the left
side of each petal and then the right sides. The rest of the small petals need to have
the upper side rolled up with a small brush handle and then placed like the previous layer. Repeat this last process with all your 6 big
petals and you have a finished rose. Don’t worry about the bottom part, because
there is where you’ll put the glue, so the white will not show. If you want a bigger rose you can add more
petals and glue them more opened. For this type of arrangement, you will need
11 or 13 roses. Cut a piece of polystyrene and glue it in
the box, then cover it with red crepe paper so the white won’t show. Glue the roses on top of it, facing different
directions. Ant the last step is to glue the lid on a

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