V bit Groove CNC Carving : Floral ToolPath Output Guide (2018)

Hello everyone. Today, we work on the v bit carving. Now we will show you how we output the program
file with tool path. Now select the pattern in JD artform,
set the scale Next, click tool path wizard, select 3D corner
clean up, choose T Big endmill. Set cut depth under “Maching Range” to
4mm select “Layer Count value” under Vertical
Layer to 1. Set spindle speed
to 24000rpm, plunge rate value to 3, at motion setting, clearance plane value 10, relative
retract to 8. plunage distance 5,
then click calculate. Click Simulation button, set z value to 0
at Bounding box. Then click to start, and we will see how the
whole processing work be completed. Now, let’s start!

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