UV Gel Nail Art Tutorial Video Stormy Floral Design by Naio Nails

So on this nail we are going to do a pink
Stormy nail with some black lightning strikes through it. So we are going to start off by putting a bit of shimmer
right onto the tip and also up near the cuticule area Then moving on to our pink,
pale pink. On to the tip and then again up near the cuticle area. Then into our deep pink for the centre. Always do it at a nice angle,
don’t do it too straight across it makes the nail bed look longer. You can see I’m putting this on quite rough
because I don’t want it to be too clean, not clean lines more stripes through the nail.
I’m using the point of my brush to make it more edgy and then I am adding a little bit of glitter. But not too much,
we don’t want it too glitzy. Ok that nail needs to go in for 3 minutes. So we are going to put the black lightning bolts on now.
So a little bit of black on to the tip of your brush down the nail and give it that little bit of an edge. Then back into the lamp for 3 minutes. So we need to cap this whole nail now. Add a thin layer of gel over the whole nail. And then your build layer. Let it settle. Pointing your brush if you need to and back into the
lamp for 3 minutes. We need to wipe that sticky residue off the
top now and then this nail is ready for filing. We are going to do a 3D flower gel on top of this nail
so get rid of your dust and you’re using an edged brush
as if you were doing one stroke. 3D gels are very, very thick;
so pick up a bead, place it onto the nail
and then wipe your brush. You are then going to work the gel out so that you end up with a rim around the side, curling it round
to make your petal shapes. Then use your detailer brush to bring in those petals a little bit more, and that gel will stay
exactly where you have placed it. Keep wiping your brush in between. With this one we are going to take it out and also bring it back in. Now we are now going to add a little red. Now we are going to use our black to create vines. Then we will put a little diamante into the centre of this nail while the gel is still wet
so the diamante sinks on nicely. And then that can go into the lamp for 3 minutes. We are just going to highlight a few areas
with the white gel, just the normal white gel so it
is nice and fine. So you are actually using it to paint with. And back in for 3 minutes. So we can put on our Naio
gel top coat onto this nail now. And that can go under the lamp for 2 minutes. We are just going to finish this nail off now
with your cuticle oil and massage it in. That is your stormy pink gel nail with 3D

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