Tulle Fabric Flower | How to Make Tulle Flowers for Baby Headbands

Hello, welcome to my channel! I’m going to show you how to make this super easy tulle flower To cut this fabric, we’re going to use a soldering iron If you haven’t watch my tutorial about how
to cut fabric with soldering iron, please see the description below Now, I’ll give you a quick view on how I cut
the fabric We heat up the soldering iron and start cutting You can search this flower shape by typing
“8 petals flower template” on google If you don’t want to use soldering iron, you
can cut this with scissors because tulle fabric will not fray You can see it’s perfectly cut! Make 14 pieces of this flower shape To arrange this flower, take 2 pieces and
fold down Add a dab of glue to hold them in place Now we make the 2nd layer put this on top
of the first layer Make the 3rd layer, and put it on top of 2nd
layer And the last one, we put this on top of the
3rd layer And now, take the first layer, put it on top
of the last layer We make another one, except this time we only
use 3 layers Let’s see how I arrange this And now we attach them together Now take the stamen or pistil, attach this
to the center of our flower Secure the pistil with hot glue And now to finish this off, we cut this and
secure it with hot glue And our tulle flower is finished! If you like this tutorial, please like, share,

3 thoughts on “Tulle Fabric Flower | How to Make Tulle Flowers for Baby Headbands

  1. What can did you use to make the template? It's so stable and firm. Mine is softdrink can, but when soldering, the petal template is lifted up. So the results is not good. 😭

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