Tulip Blossom Necklace Tutorial

Hi there. Sandy here. Welcome to another jewelry
making video at KeepsakeCrafts.net. Today we’re going to use one of these really pretty
blooming tulip end caps to make a necklace. So I have seen this particular design of end
cap used in so many different ways. I actually wanted to make a pair of earrings today, but
the end caps I have are maybe a little big. I’ll have to get a smaller pair and make a
similar pair of earrings. So I decided to use the same concept that I have to make a
pendant. What I have here are some Swarovski crystals.
This is the color light rose. I’ve got 4 and 6mm and some head pins and some chain and
that’s how we’re going to make the dangles coming out of our flower. And so it’s simple
enough. You just put a crystal on a head pin and then make a simple loop. I love to use
the One Step Looper, but you can just use round nose pliers and then I have some chain
here that I’m going to use for my dangles. So I’m going to open up that loop and add,
because this is double chain, I’m going to add the last two links of chain, and then
just close up that loop and then trim off that chain to whatever length I want it to
be. Now here are a few others I’ve done already.
Just the Swarovski crystal on a loop attached to the chain and then here I’ve made a large
head pin just with a 3mm loop and I’ve just added them in varying lengths. So I’m just
going to lay this one here and decide, I think I want one more slightly longer one and I’m
not going to take great care with this chain. I’m just going to grab it with pliers and
pick off those little half links that come off. And then open up this loop and add the
end links of chain to it. So the length of your chains will of course
depend on the size of end cap that you have and how far you want them to dangle out. I’ve
already experimented with this a little and I like that look. Because it’s kind of wobbling
on the eye pin here, I’m just going to grab a little bead and then when I slide that into
the bead cap it just hangs a little bit more nicely. And so there it is. And now you can decorate the top however you
like. I have an assortment of spacers here. You can just make a loop right here, but it’s
kind of pretty to accent this bead cap or end cap with a few spacers. I’m going to put
on a slightly larger, 6mm crystal and this is the same color and then maybe finish up
with one of these little tiny round beads. Yeah, that’s kind of pretty. And then make
a loop up here and now you can call this done and put it on a chain, but I thought I would
decorate my chain just a little bit. So here I have a chain that I’ve already started
and I’ve done one side and what I did first is I found the center point and what I’m going
to do is hang my pendant from one of these oval loops. This is a favorite trick of mine
as the weight of the pendant keeps your necklace centered instead of having it always slide
back and forth, perhaps to the wrong spot on the chain. So then what I’ve done here is I’ve made some
little links just using spacers and some of my other Swarovski crystals and eye pins.
So like for this one I just have a spacer, a 6mm Swarovski and another spacer. Make a
loop and then what I’ve done here is I’ve actually cut out some of the short chain and
then put my bead link in that space. So there’s that side and then on this side I left three
of the longer links and then cut out the shorter one and inserted just a link with one of the
4mm Swarovskis. I’ll add some more chain to go around that to make it my necklace the
length I want it to be and it’s all done. Now if you’re interested in the supplies I
used in this project, there’s a link in the upper right and in the description box to
go to the accompanying blog post. So I hope you like this design idea. It’s a really fun
way to use jewelry components differently than we might normally think of. And there
are so many different options for things that you can dangle in the bead cap. If you like my videos, consider becoming a
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  1. so pretty , i have those same large bead caps n wasn't sure what to do with them … so this tutorial came at a great time !!! ty ty

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