Tulip arrangement

Hello again! It’s me again. It’s time to get going, not only to talk, but to make these little videos I promised. Today I’m playing with tulips that still has the bulbs on. Very easy, very beautiful! And this is how it’s done. Take a load of tulips… with the bulbs still on. Hold them in your hands and… No, do you know what.. I forgot. You know, I’m self taught, not a trained florist but a happy amateur. So everything I do is highly not professional. But very amateur and so much fun. Please, don’t hang up on details or take me or my doings too seriously . I don’t either. But – please, you still must try this at home! Now I lay the flowers on a spiral. I’ve learned the method at Jenny Strandh’s flower school. I went there for one week – try floristry -course. So much fun!!! I can truly recommend it: jennystrandh.se You place the flowers one by one, all on the same direction. You know like a spaghetti swirl in your palm. Then you just keep going. And then you swirl the bouquet in your hand and keep adding flowers. When you place the flowers like this, then you make sure the stems won’t break. And they all sit perfectly and look good. So let’s see, I’m done, and I have quite many flowers here, twenty I think. Ok, now I’ve added all the flowers and it’s time to tie everything together. Now I place them on my tray and shake them lightly so they fall down to right place. Then it’s time to get the ribbon or lace and swing it around the stems. If you tie them high up you get a stiffer arrangement, and if you move it downwards it’s more loose. It’s up to you how you like your bulbs (lökar=breasts) best, hanging or stiff…. hahaha… Yaep, I’ve never had any plans on being a stand up comedienne, you can understand why… So, here we go, tie up the whole thing. (oops, poor leaves getting all crunched… part of being on my amateur show 😀 ) I’ve used a lovely tray, that don’t tolerate water. If I’d let the tulips stay here in the green house with very cool temperatures, they would manage without water a couple of days. But I want to take them indoors with lot higher temperatures and therefore the tulips need water so they won’t droop. That’s why I need to change to a tray that I can pour some water on. Ceramics or something else I can find at home. Let’s see if I can show you how it looks from different angles… Can you see how it’s stands on the bulbs only. Steady and a big lovely arrangement, and so easy to make.

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