Trying Chinese Blooming Flower Tea 🌸 Vlogmas Day 15

Good morning guys welcome to Vlogmas day 15, I think? We’re past the halfway mark I feel like I’m really gonna miss you guys when I stop Vlogmas I feel like that every year, but doing daily vlogs is crazy It may seem easy cuz you know I’m not doing anything like strenuous in the vlogs but, say I finished vlogging at 11 p.m.. Then I have to edit it Which usually takes, I don’t know, roughly an hour or so, then I have to upload it Which takes another hour, cuz for some reason my internet has been piece of crap recently It’s taking forever, and once it gets uploaded I need to fill in the description box and make the thumbnail and add it to playlist. It’s harder than it looks Unfortunately, because I think I would really enjoy daily vlogging if like I didn’t have to do anything, but the filming part But it just doesn’t leave me much time for anything else, but filming and editing, so it’s not very practical But what I’m thinking is I’ll do like a month of daily vlogs here and there Maybe like another one in April and then another one in August or something I think that would be lots of fun and I’ll be in Korea and everything will be new, it’ll be exciting so yeah I’m really thinking about doing that for April– maybe March cuz it’ll be my first month there We’ll think about it. Anyways, I’ve had a really productive morning I’ve been remaking my New Year’s cards. If you watched that vlog where my ink wouldn’t dry You guys gave me lots of really great suggestions. I tried the hairdryer, it didn’t work. I tried the hairspray didn’t work It doesn’t made it sticky I looked for the embossing powder at my local craft store But they didn’t have any and I really need to get the cards sent out or they’re not gonna make it there for New Year’s So I don’t have time to order anything online unfortunately, so I just went out and bought some plain postcards And I’m decorating them myself because that was the only thing I could find that didn’t have a shiny surface So it’s like the only paper that would work with my stamps, so this is what they look like so far I know it’s the year of the dog, but let’s be honest, cats are better I stuck a cute little cat picture on there And then the stickers- the omikuji- the fortune stickers, and the stamps work nicely, and then on the back I’m going to write little letters to everyone.
I might add something else on, I’m not quite sure yet But they’re getting there.
Outfit of the day- my really adorable pajamas from Taylor. I love them They’re so soft and comfy. I’m gonna live in these you guys. I wish I could wear them outside If that was socially acceptable in Japan I totally would because they’re so soft
So I’m currently just waiting for Keyboard-san to get back home. He’s been out all morning He’s been trying to find somebody to buy our car It’s a couple of potential people, so he’s out there showing them the car and stuff So hopefully we can find somebody because it would be great to have that money for moving Fingers crossed. When he gets back home, we’re gonna go out grocery shopping and get some food for dinner I’m not sure what we’re gonna make yet You know what? I should look through my new cookbook from Taylor and find something This looks really good. It’s like a shepherd’s pie But I have no idea What passata is? 400 grams of passata Something that looks like tomato sauce I guess, I’m gonna have to look that up But maybe I’ll try this recipe. I’ve been craving some shepherd’s pie. They made this mash with butter beans- lima beans I guess those are But I think I would prefer potato, so maybe I’ll make some mashed potatoes and then this yummy Veggie-casserole-type thing to go over top of them. If you are vegan Or if you’re looking for a way to incorporate some more veggies into your diet. This book is so nice It’s really simple recipes and there’s lots of really yummy looking stuff in here I will link this down below.
The author Katy actually commented on my Ramen video, I thought that was really neat.
Thank You Katy for making such an awesome book 2 hours later Just got back from shopping. I stopped at Daiso and I got some more decorations for the tree You guys were commenting saying we didn’t have enough decoration, so let’s see if I can make it look better and What else did I get? I got some stickers for decorating my New Year’s cards, I thought I would add some Sakura to it Then I got some more glue sticks for my cards, too Then we went to the grocery store, and I got all the ingredients for the Shepherd’s pie, so I’m gonna start that soon I think it’s gonna take quite a while to cook Alright, got the onions frying in this pan and then over here, I’m just Starting the potatoes. I’m gonna boil them and then make that into mashed potatoes I’m gonna make this a little similar to my grandma’s Shepherd’s pie recipe, or at least how I remember it so it’s gonna be a little different from the book I’m kind of just winging it, taking some ideas from the book and some ideas from her I remember her as being.
I’m just cutting up some vegetables here I’m gonna do red pepper, and then I’ve got some shiitake mushrooms, and I’m also gonna add some corn My veggies have been cooking here for about ten minutes or so now and I’m gonna add in this package of soy meat. It’s like ground beef, but all made out of soy Looking good, and I’m gonna add in some ketchup and some Wor-worcestershire sauce (haha) I don’t know how to say this.
Fun fact It’s called “Usuta sosu” in Japanese, and until recently I thought that was oyster sauce because that sounds nothing like worces-shire- whatever the Heck it’s actually called Threw in some minced garlic and now I’m gonna sprinkle in some corn Starting to smell really good In this bowl, I’ve just dissolved veggie broth- cube- and about a half a cup of water And I’m gonna add in a tablespoon of cornstarch to that I tasted it and it felt like you needed something so I added in a bunch of fresh cracked black pepper And some rosemary- can’t go wrong with rosemary it smells so good For the mashed potatoes you can make them however you like, I added in a little bit of olive oil and some vegan yogurt that I have- soy yogurt- and salt and pepper then just scoop your potatoes on top of your veggie mixture This is like traditionally made in an oven, but we don’t have a dish, we threw out our only dish Okay gonna cover that and let it cook there for another eight or so minutes It’s a little messy looking, but it smells really good. I think it’s gonna taste really good How is it? Yeah, it’s really good And so easy to make Three hours later. I’ve finished decorating all my New Year’s cards. They look so much better with the Sakura stickers. I’m so glad I got those Yay, all finished. Now I’m gonna envelope them up and Address them. You know what I think we should try that flower tea From Taylor because I’m dying to see what it looks like. Let’s try that really pretty purple one It was at the end of the box This isn’t a cup, this goes in here Never mind. I totally thought it was a cup And then, do you put the flower inside that little cup thing? I feel like when it blooms there won’t be enough room for it in there.
Looks like that’s kind of what they did here Let’s google it. Okay. It looks like they just put it in the teapot Not in that little cup thing. Yeah, cuz I feel like there wouldn’t be room for it so pretty Whoa what So the tea I’m going to be trying is “Fairy Dispersing Flowers” by Ying Kee Tea House and Taylor got this for me in Hong Kong Not sure if it’s available online or not, but I’m sure you could find something similar There it is, pretty purple one, let’s try that one Alright here we go Oh no it fell over There it goes I just realized I don’t have any cute little tea cups to pour it into so I’m gonna have to use a mug My guess would be Jasmine? Is it jasmine tea? Looks so pretty I love it Mmm Tastes like oolong tea actually. Let’s see what the box says, does it say what kind of tea leaves? Hmm no Just says blossoming tea and tea leaves are the ingredients. It’s really yummy though, it’s a really subtle flavor If I had to compare to something it would be oolong tea, but it tastes slightly different, which might be the flowers in it I’m not sure, but it’s really yummy, and it’s super pretty. I love it Thank You Taylor Wanna see something awesome? I got a 100 percent IV Slakoth today- SLA-koth? Sla-KOTH? The sloth thing How awesome is that? If you don’t know much about the new Pokemon that came out I think he is the best one well he evolves to the best one, or at least one of the best ones, so to get a 100 percent one is freaking awesome, and they are quite rare This is only the second one that I’ve caught so far. I’ve only got six candies. I’m walking him right now Hopefully I can get some more cuz I really want to evolve him. Alright I think it’s time for some mail opening because if I don’t hurry up I’m not gonna be able to open everything before Christmas, there might be some Christmas cards in here. Maybe there’s something for you! Let’s start with this one cuz I’m so curious Oh It’s a Neko Atsume mug! Oh And it’s huge! Aww, I love it! Who’s this from? “Hi Sharla, this is from Britney.”
Oh Britney, thank you so much This is gonna be my new favorite mug because it’s huge, I always feel like my mugs aren’t big enough I need to make another cup of tea like right away, so this is perfect. Thank you so much, Britney. I know what this one is, this is actually gonna be for a giveaway. I’ll do that at the end of the video so stay tuned This one is from- oh, this one’s also from Britney! Britney spoiled me Ah! Yes! Chocolate!
Raspberry dark chocolate, hell yes It smells so good mmm. Britney is from Alaska, so she sent me some local chocolate Pokemon cards? No way! Totally opening those.
Okay, let’s open the letter first. I should have done that first. I got so excited by the snacks Aww WHOA (Whispers) Look at it It’s so beautiful Maybe I should open the package first because she’s talking about the stuff that’s in the package so Let’s keep it a surprise and then I’ll read the letter after This is what I saw.
Apparently her Cat Cora loves these mouse toys I can see Maro and Luna just loving this. This is totally something that they would be obsessed with and carry around in their mouths Present for you You want to play? You want to play? You want to eat it? There you go Yas Cashew cookie And another mouse, this one can be yours Luna. Pink.
These are so cute. I can’t wait to try those. Oh Peach tea! One of my faves.
And some local teas from Alaska as well There’s some other goodies in here and a picture of her cat Yes, send me cat pictures guys. I love seeing them. Let’s open a Pokemon card and see if we got anything cool ooh Alola Meowth OOH No way, check it out. It’s a reverse holographic Incineroar- the final evolve of Litten, that’s so cool The holographic in this pack is actually a Pokemon I’ve never seen before What gen is this from guys, Roggenrola Reverse holographic Maro’s playing with the mouse in the background Aww, he loves it Rowlet! Reverse holographic Surskit and a holographic Crobat Okay, let me read your letter now Britney mm-hmm Yay, I’ll be doing another Pokemon lucky bag this year. Well hopefully, if I can get one I’m going to try very hard to get there early so that I can get another one this year Well, thanks so much Britney Alright, this next package is from Italy. It doesn’t have a return address on it, so I’m not sure who it’s from This letter’s from Martha? Am I reading that right? I’m not sure if I’m reading your writing correctly Yeah, I don’t think there are too many Italians watching me, unless I’m wrong and you guys just don’t let me know you’re watching from Italy. Leave a comment down below if you’re watching from Italy Oh my god B-Evo. Nicole is obsessed with B-Evo she plays it every day She’s really good. I tried it once on her phone, and it wasn’t very good Thank you for the tea, I’m gonna try them tonight As for advice learning Japanese, I made a video a few years ago on my main channel If you searched for “How I learned Japanese- Sharla” it should come out But that’s basically all the tips I have because that is everything that I use to study Japanese, so check out that video I’ll link it up in the corner somewhere here for anyone else that is interested as well This is from Katie in America. Oh wow thanks Katie. She sent me some Pokemon fan art that she drew How adorable is that, that would look really cute in a frame on my shelf I think I might do that.
And some stickers Oh, thanks so much Katie, and I hope you enjoy your trip to Japan in the spring I hope you get to catch the Sakura. Alright one more letter before we get to the giveaway. This is from Laura in Spain Wow these are so cute! “Hi Sharla, my name is Laura. We met at the Tokyo game show.” oh oh I remember you This is your own brand? They’re so cute You can check her out on Instagram @amaikero. Just like what is written on the pins here Look at how cute they are Oh, thank you, Laura You know where these would look really good? On my new tote bag from Taylor Alright giveaway time If you guys caught the vlog where I talked about this, this is that really cool case that Norm had The ink case where you can take a photo and it will make it The design on the outside of your case. You can also make it a clock or you can read articles on it It moves, it’s really cool Transform your phone case into an e-book reader, a photo wallpaper, a news reader, or an Information Center According to the website this case is worth a hundred and forty-nine dollars It’s a very expensive phone case and they’re currently out of stock So if you would like to get your hands on one, now is your chance.
If you have an iPhone 7 plus And you would like to win this or if you know somebody who has an iPhone 7 plus and You want to give it to them, leave a comment down below And tell me you would like to enter the giveaway and let me know who you are entering for, if it’s yourself Or your family member or your friend etc. Just let me know. Alright guys. I’m gonna end the vlog here, sorry It’s such a short one I spent most of my day filling out my New Year’s cards So it wasn’t too much exciting going on around here that I could film. Tomorrow I promise I will find something fun for us to do together Maybe we can go to a thrift store Because I still need to donate my clothes, so I’ll give you guys a tour of my thrift store. Let’s do that.
Alright guys Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you again tomorrow. Good night

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