Tri-panel Vellum Card with Floral Diecuts

– [Kristina] Hi
everyone, Kristina here. Welcome to another card
video at my YouTube channel and blog. Today, I’m going to be starting
out with the Single Roses die set from Simon Says
Stamp, and I’m going to be cutting this out twice
using my Big Shot die cutting machine. I’m using some Neenah
Solar White cardstock in the 80 pound version,
and I’m going to be ink blending some color onto
one set of these die cuts, and then I’m going
to do something else with the other set. So I’m starting out with some
Scattered Straw distressing, and I’m blending that
one with a mini round blending tool, and then I’m
gonna go ahead and switch to a different color,
which is Worn Lipstick. I’m going to ink
blend that on as well, just pouncing that foam
down so I don’t bend or tear those die cuts. The third color I’m
using on the roses is Seedless Preserves. I’m just gonna add a
little bit of that purple to intensify the color. For the leaves, I
used Crushed Olive and Evergreen Bough. Evergreen Bough turned
more of a green color, not quite as teal because
it mixed with Crushed Olive on my craft sheet. I then took the
other set of die cuts and I added some gold
embossing powder on the top. I adhered them temporarily
down onto this piece of scratch paper leftover
from die cutting, pressed my VersaMark
ink pad down onto them, and then applied some
of WOW! Rich Pale Gold embossing powder. I did two coats of this
so that I could get it nice and thick, and
I wanna caution you. Don’t do it like I’m showing
here ’cause it made it very difficult to
remove the die cuts from that piece of paper. The reason why it
was so hard to remove is that the embossing
powder all melted together. So it was hard to peel
it up from that paper. You see here that I
was using some tweezers trying to peel that up. I ended up having to bring
in my heat tool once again and heating up that
embossing powder so that it was a little
bit more pliable, and then I was able to
peel up those die cuts. I had to do that for all four,
and because I peeled them up and they got a little mangled
while I was peeling them up from the paper, I decided
to soften those edges by adding another coat
of embossing powder. First, I used some heat to
melt that embossing powder so it was sticky, and
then I just dipped it into my Rich Pale
Gold embossing powder to apply some more powder. That really softened the
edges of those die cuts again. The card base I’m using
today is made out of some cardstock from Bazzill. This is the color Taffy. I really love Taffy
cardstock from Bazzill because it’s such a
nice neutral tone. It’s a very soft gray,
and I’m going to use the Wooden Plank
background stamp from Impression Obsession
as well as the Stone ink pad from Simon Says Stamp
to create a tone on tone texture for my card base. So I’m pressing my card
base down onto that background stamp, and
then I’ll use a piece of white paper, this is
just some scratch paper I’ve had on hand. I’ve used it for
multiple projects over the last couple
weeks, and I put that down over the area to protect
my hands from getting all coated in ink while I walk
my fingertips over that background stamp and press
the card base into the stamp. That’s my favorite way for
using background stamps because it’s easier to
get an even impression. I’m going to add a third
panel to this card base. It’s made up of vellum, and
I’ve cut it to five and 1/2 inches tall by four
3/4 wide, and then scored it at four and a quarter. This gives me a nice
flap that I can fold over and use to adhere the
vellum to the card base. I’m going to use some
Tombow Xtreme adhesive and add some adhesive
onto that flap. Then I can line it
up with my card base, wrap it around the card,
and now I have a third panel for this card. So I can open up the vellum
and then flip up the top on my card base. I’m going to be adhering
the flowers onto the front of this card here. My original plan was to
use the gold die cuts on the inside of the vellum
panel so that you wouldn’t see adhesive, but once I
saw the colors together, I decided I really liked it. I’m going to use the Xyron
Creative Station Lite machine to help me adhere
all of these flowers. Xyron was kind enough
to send this to me, and I thought it would be
fun to use it on this card. I took a picture of my
arrangement before I put the die cuts through
the Xyron machine. That’s just going to help
me so that I get them back in the right place
once I’m ready to adhere. This is sort of a video
to show you what not to do with this Xyron machine. I didn’t read the instructions.
I just went for it. Overall, I was okay.
It wasn’t too bad. I was able to put
those die cuts inside, use the handle to
roll them through, and then cut off the
whole thing of die cuts. Here’s where I went wrong. This step right here
where I’m pressing the two sheets together,
I should’ve done this more thoroughly and for
a longer period of time because if you’ve ever used
a Xyron creative sticker machine or anything from
Xyron, you know that that’s the step that’s most
important to make sure that the adhesive is only
on the back of your die cuts instead of in the area in
the center of the die cuts. I didn’t press down hard
enough, and so I applied a bit of adhesive kind of
hanging out in the center of these die cuts. I had to use scissors
and kind of get it away. I’ll go ahead and fix
this in a minute here, but I just wanted
to let you guys know that if you’re using a
Xyron sticker machine or adhesive machine like this, go ahead and take your
time on that final step. It will save you a lot
of frustration later. I used my scissors just
to trim off the excess that was hanging off the
edges, and then I’m gonna go ahead and clean
up that adhesive that’s kind of hanging out
around some of those areas. I’m using a Xyron adhesive
eraser just to pick up some of that adhesive that’s
kind of sticking around and making everything
really sticky. Now I’m going to use the
Sunday Sentiment stamp set from Mama Elephant. I’m going to add a
greeting to the bottom of the second panel. I’m using some Versafine
Honest Black ink and inking that up. Then I’ll go ahead and
press that down onto the bottom area of this
second panel on the card. This is going to give
me a nice greeting, but also, it’s kind
of like a progression. You open up that first
flap, you see the greeting, and then you can open up
and I will write a sentiment or a message to the
recipient on the inside. This is basically
the card today. Hope you guys enjoyed. This was a little
bit of an adventure, trying to put this card
together because I had so many missteps along
the way, but in the end, it turned out just fine. Wanted to mention,
if you wanted to, you could die cut some
more flowers for the inside of that vellum, but
other than that, this is a complete card. Thank you so much
for watching today, and I will see you guys
in the next card video. (soft music) (upbeat music)

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