aa Hello everyone it’s Serchmaa What did you called me before Serchaamaa? So today we can in downtown Grand Circus Pub. This is where our circus is located in Ulaanbaatar. So in this area we have Circus , Department store , Fountain , and it’s basically people’s most favourite place to hang out Here we are starting our 2nd vlog from inside the Grand Circus Pub 🙂 Peace:)) I have a braces since this year, when I take off my braces my first wish is to eat carrots without worrying For now I couldn’t eat hard stuff like carrot , but I use blender to mixer my carrots , cuz I love eating carrots Look at this Mongolian gorgeous carrot so beautiful and smells amazing It’s Fall and this is fresh vegetable season ( who was that ) She is Carrot Serchmaa I have and I still am :)) this reminds me my childhood I came to write things here when I was little where? is there anything you wrote? I don’t think it’s here now This is our blue roof Circus It’s blue again it was and it is now 🙂 It was our National Circus but in 2007 ( Asashoryu Davagdorj ) bought it so it became Asa Circus since then We don’t have National Circus now Cry baby :”( and where I am is called Seoul tent It’s just in back of circus and this is also beautiful place to come seat lol And we are about to introduce you the Children’s 100 , and Fountain area We gonna start from the right side of the Fountain. This area has many food and shops And it’s a favourite place to come and Hang ouuut


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