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(upbeat music) (ding) – Let’s get unready. (music continues) Okay so when I’m getting ready for heading to bed after a long day. I want to make sure that
my hair is out my face and I put something around my forehead to just make sure
there’s nothing going on. Put my hair in the back. So this is Proactive MD. And I just go in and these
have like really small beads that I love because
they like literally grabbing the dead skin and
grabbing the leftover makeup. (water running) Okay. Pat that down. See that’s what I meant as like you have to put your hair back because it will get wet. So the next step what I do is I use this Proactive MD. I’ve had a few breakouts recently so what I do is just I spot it on my face where I’m seeing breakouts and then hopefully in like the next two days, they’re gone. You know we all deal with like acne and problems and you know it is what it is. So I put that in. Rub it in in the area then imma just let this
sit in for a second. And now I wanna go in
with this RMS beauty oil. I love this stuff because I use it also
when I’m getting ready to do my makeup, when I getting ready to go bed. I put this on my face and it gives my face like this this very like refreshing feel I kinda just do like little T area and you don’t really need that much. And I just rub it in to my skin. My next step is this Peony, which is really really amazing it’s for hair, nails and body. And I like to use this for my skin also because now we’re gonna go into the roller. So my makeup artist Ashley, she actually got me into the jade roller and why I liked using it is because I have like amazing structure and I want to make sure
my structure stays there and what it does is just takes everything and just pushes it to the gods. And I need that. And I need everything
to just go to the gods. And it goes high, it goes everywhere. It just makes sures that there’s anything built up on your skin, stress, puffiness, it just basically releases it out into the heavens. And also what I love to do is I have these amazing
face tools that I love and I just like do the
same thing the jade roller does but this really really gets in to the bloodstream with these. And I just like push them up there these are actually right now they’re not cold but what I typically do in the morning time is I freeze them overnight and then I do them I go with it in the morning. It gets a little red
but that’s when you know it’s working. And when I’m done doing that I go right in and I use
this rose water face mist. This is by Natural Wunderz. It gives me a very youthful glow. And I just like hold it back
and just spray it on there. My next step is body lotion. So I been using this And Other Stories. And this has like this cocoa. It smells really really good. And then I also use this Dove stuff and I also take some of the Peony put it together and I just go in and just make sure my
arms are moisturized. For a woman of color it’s important that we keep our bodies really really moisturized and you know right out the shower your pores are open so you just want to
lock in some moisture in and if it smells good then it feels good. Okay so my last thing on my list what I for I go to bed is Keratin Smooth by Tresemme. Especially if your hair is straight I want to always make sure
that my hair is moisturized. I start from the back and I just work myself through it. Your hair can get really
really dry when you wake up like you’re like oh my god what happened. With this your hair is locked and loaded for the next day and your straight hair looks ready and fresh and you can go to bed. And the last thing which is super important for me is lips Carmex. Another product that I been using forever this is like medication. It’s such good medication. It costs like I don’t know under two dollars. And you can get it everywhere. It’s really really good. I love it. I live by it. When I see people that have Carmex I’m like yes girl, you know. As you can see a lot of my stuff you can get at your local pharmacy. You can get it anywhere. And look I’m loyal to these products and they’re loyal to me. And that’s what I’m
wanting when it comes to my beauty regime. So I love you guys. Thank you so much for watching and I hope that we
learned something today. Bye! (playful music)

83 thoughts on “Trans Activist & Model Leyna Bloom’s Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Me

  1. routine looks good overall but you are not supposed to spot-treat with adapalene, it doesnt work that way

  2. I love this series and love seeing more diverse people! She’s gorgeous and her routine is pretty on point!

  3. She's lovely and seems really funny but girl… this skincare routine… a nightmare. Face mist after oil? No toner? No moisturizer? Whats happening

  4. Why can't Vogue be more like Harper's Bazaar who take the time to list products?!?? Thank you Bazaar for listing the products!

  5. The way she says "peony" as pee-oh-nee…I can't. Someone should help these people pronounce words before filming.

  6. I found it ironic that there was a Victoria Secret’s ad considering they don’t support full figured or transwomen and this is a video about a trans model

  7. Giiirl nooo u dont put acne treatment first then continue with other products since its a very concentrated formula and u rubbing other products on top makes it spread everywhere which is really bad for ur skin

  8. “It gets a little red but that’s how you know it’s working” sounds like that’s how you know your being too rough on your skin but ok

  9. The adapalene gel says not to use it as a spot treatment and putting it under everything spreads it around and it won’t work as well

  10. Two oils when you already put on the acne treatment and cleanser… That would make me break out for real just no no… No words😂🥴

  11. I use Retin-A the best in the market prescription vitamin C serum argan oil and I use coffee for the scrub natural oils

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