[Touhou Vocal] [Alstroemeria Records] Blossom Flight (spanish & english subtitles)

Though I make myself prettily bloom this dark night I’ll always be a sakura that falls alone I want you to find me, even now and leave some petals in your heart I want to feel you, tonight I’m alone again Even now, my desires won’t come true Though I’m so close to you, you won’t notice My wishes won’t reach It hurts so much, though I’m right by you, you won’t notice me Even though I bloom so prettily and am calling out for you It’s so lonely, and though I cry, I only shed flower petals The night sakura, all alone, just gazes at you Though I’ve always had my eyes on you this evening as well I’m a sakura that falls alone I want to remain in your heart I’ll drop my petals at your fingertips I want to walk with you, that was the dream I had I understand it’s all just in vain though Though I talk so much, so often I’m mute to you It hurts so much, though I hear your voice, I’m unable to speak The wishes I want to tell you so much won’t reach The only way that I can touch you is by making the flower petals fall It hurts so much, it’s so lonely, I wanted to live with you

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