Tips for caring for flowers at home – Floristry Tutorial at the Northern Sydney Institute

Hi, my name is Stephanie. I’m a floristry teacher at Northern Sydney Institute, a part of TAFE NSW Today I’ll be giving you guys a few tips on things to remember that will help your flowers to last longer when you bring them home Firstly, fill up your vase with beautiful fresh water making sure that it’s nice and clean, bacteria-free and popping in a packet of flower food
which will make the flowers last longer Also need to make sure there’s no greenery in the water otherwise it will turn it slimy and build up bacteria so we strip our flowers off, all greenery so they’re nice and clean to go into our vase Thing to remember though is when you do bring them home they have been out of water for a little bit Make sure that we always cut our flowers on an angle This is to make a larger surface for the
water to get up through the head to the top of the flower or greenery Pop that into your vase like so Best to change the water every three days, do the same steps again making sure there’s no green in the water, some can
fall to the bottom of the vase cleaning it out, bleach out your vase, fresh water and also recut your stems before popping them back into a fresh vase of water again

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