Time To Seize The Day – feat. Rachel Bloom – “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”

It’s go time, Bunch. When the moment’s come to start anew Set yourself free and finally do the things in life that you are destined
for! The first step is the hardest part but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t
start Take the leap and get right to it here’s exactly how you do it You step out the door then back through the door sit on the floor and
stare at the floor Rock yourself until you feel okay And carpe diem carpe don’t em Time to grab life by the scrotum but first let’s read some facts about
stingrays And then it’s time to seize the day I wonder if the fridge needs cleaning I haven’t cleaned the fridge for a while I’d hate to leave with a dirty fridge Did I get it all? No there’s a smidge Maybe I should get a new fridge online Nope, never mind, it’s time to fly Now… I’ll… sit right here on my couch research fridges I’m no slouch It’s getting dark the time just got away I could still go out, it’s not too late But first I need to masturbate to some porn, preferably male and gay And then it’s time to seize the day Hey, Brent What are you doing in this locker room? Showering again. What are you doing here, Tad? I play football here with you, remember Yeah. I remember. Everyone get out. I gotta talk to Tad Oh, these guys. Okay Okay, that’s enough It’s time to go You… just… take… one step forward two steps back no, two steps forward four steps back five more steps back and now I’m back in bed Okay, now I’m ready to go They’re delivering my new fridge though Where’s that fridge? I can’t wait around all day I have to go out and make my big foray Here I am standing at the doorway It’s finally time to seize the day But first, more porn

98 thoughts on “Time To Seize The Day – feat. Rachel Bloom – “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”

  1. That was my day today. I slept in until 5:00 PM, It's 7:00 now. I have no energy. I haven't eaten. I don't know why I even got up. Nothing to do tomorrow. No friends. No future.

  2. I love Rachel. I love her show. I don't watch cable (even though I pay for it) so I didn't know the season premiered October 12th! OMG I am off to watch it right now!

    Also, look at that dislike ratio, that is one of the best I've ever seen! Kudos Rachel Bloom. I demand to see you in more of the things, movies, TV, channel uploads, etc., you are far too talented to be contained on one platform. xox

  3. God i feel so personally attacked by this song about procrastination masturbation to male gay porn. hOW DO YOU KNOW, RACHEL

  4. I'm actually a bit surprised by the amount of people who interpreted this as a procrastination song, when to me it's clearly about social anxiety which is really not the same thing at all. The entire episode was about Rebecca not wanting to go outside due to anxiety. It was never completing tasks that was the issue, just the act of going out into the world and among people. I literally had to pause the episode when this song came on because it was just TOO relatable. I have on more than a few occasions done the "step out the door then back through the door" for several minutes with my heart racing

  5. I know it's easy to interpret this as a procrastination song at first, but I think she's clearly all about fears and anxiety keeping her from seizing the day. It's about all the things she focused on to keep her distracted from the fact that she's got this anxiety that doesn't even let her leave the house. I think I can relate to like 99% of this song's lyrics, and I definitely don't think this is a song about procrastination.

  6. This whole song and video are a perfect representation of what it's like to have agoraphobia. Honestly I've never related to anything as much as I relate to this.

  7. Did she ever get that fridge?
    EDIT: Yep. In "I'm So Happy for You", she kvetches about a goddamn millennial denting her "new fridge"!

  8. That awkward moment when your having a hard day with anxiety about leaving the house. Then this song plays in a playlist and you feel v called out.

  9. I needed the song to remind me how badly I’m procrastinating from fixing my life out of fear. My whole existence is “well it’s too late to get BLANK done now.”

  10. this reminds me of when i literally faked an illness every day of primary school just so i wouldn't have to go to school bc my social anxiety was so bad. or when i was 18 and didn't leave my house for a year bc i couldn't handle going outside due to all these fears. i know it seems like a funny procrastination song, which i guess it could be interpreted as on the surface, but when you have anxiety about leaving your home for whatever reason and end up spending months inside getting ill (actually having a vitamin d deficiency bc u r not going outside enough) that is when it gets real.

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