Tiger Lily has gone Google

We are Manny and Clara Gonzales. We are the owners of Tiger Lily Florist
in Charleston, South Carolina. We started off with a little
shop down on King Street. And there was actually a book
written about how to run a flower shop, and we followed
that book step by step. We said, “What could possibly go wrong?” And after 2 years we were
about out of business. Every time something happened
to someone’s computer, everyone always said,
“Manny, my email’s down. Manny, my computer crashed.” And here he is,
trying to run a flower shop, and he’s got to stop everything
he’s doing and figure out what’s going on. We’re flower people.
We’re not computer people. We made the move to Gmail,
and we store our email permanently offsite, so we’ll never lose them again. The next thing somebody mentioned
about was a calendar. I can just look
at my appointments. I can look at the entire
staff’s appointments. I can open up my phone and say, “We’re available,” or
“No, we’re not available.” Google Docs has been
a tremendous help for us. It gives us confidence. We can look at the numbers and say, “We had a really good day yesterday.
We had high sales, and we staffed properly.
We bought the right amount of flowers.” Gosh, its effect has
been tremendous. We should have done it years ago. It’s really fun having this
little flower shop grow into something that we never
could’ve imagined. It’s hard work, but it’s more
gratifying than anything. As florists, we do get a little
peak into peoples’ personal lives. It probably goes like
Doctors and then Lawyers and then Florists as far as
getting in peoples’ lives. You see guys come in,
and they’re in trouble. Or you see guys right before
they’re ready to propose. Or you see the folks in the
hospital room with a newborn baby. And it definitely resonates,
and these folks get so excited. And you come back,
and you feel excited. You feel like, “Yeah!
We did something really cool today!” Tiger Lily has gone Google.

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