They Called The Fire Department, How Embarrassing!

Welcome back to the 628 Dirt Rooster
channel where hobby beekeeping IS a WAY OFLIFE and where we’re setting up
some bees we cut out today which which we’ll show you, I’ll show you the whole cut out in just a minute.
cut out in just a minute it’s gonna be about three second video
of the march because we just dumped them and they are irritated by the light. Bye! Pulling up into Tractor supply real quick to get some buckets.
Gotta go do a cutout at apartment complex. They (the bees) are in a service closet around
the plumbing and um it’s been so long since I looked at it I just remember something
about the fire department inspecting it. Haha I’ve been putting this one off
for a month or month and a half. I gotta go get some buckets here real quick though and we’ll get on it. We’re in the ole TSC. Got to pick up some buckets. Gotta stay brand
loyal on this one. The guy that’s coming to help me today runs the store and these bees are
going with him. I got plenty. He’s gonna take these and set them up. Give me a
little extra time to do other things. Picking up the last of their two gamma
seal lids. If you’re not familiar with these these have a snap-on ring fits on a five gallon bucket and then ah it’s rubber sealed and then that’s the rubber seal lid here.
You just screw on… screw on lid for your five gallons. Just like gamma used to use. Holy Moly Wow! I can’t believe they’re hanging out
inside like this. You gonna stick around and have some fun? Oh there’s about ten of em inside the
truck. Because I… I did a big removal day before yesterday and emptied the bucket this
morning and then put it in my truck Yeah man, gonna be a hot day, There’s their entrance. Probably starting at the top plate coming down. That’s really unusual
for em to be clustered on the inside like this. got all this electrical work around
come in or in that plate there I gotta cut this out eight-foot ceiling
thankfully and then I got a pic sheetrock back when I’m done no fun
working up a nest but we a strong colony but he didn’t go out with his ceiling he
stops at about six foot I wonder if maybe there’s some cross bracing in
there maybe the whole top is just full honey and they’re just not working at
much it’s time for the mr. Rogers I put on some dirty work shoes got to keep the brokes clean and smoking these off the wall trying to
see if there’s a hole they’ve chewed or why they’re hanging our I’m betting that
there’s Brut going way down there and they’re just hanging out at the warmth
that the hotspot in half kind of seeing where they’re going so they’re going
back down towards that hole and you coming up here to this one
yeah and of over there it’s five eighths Rock if you’re familiar with construction at
Elder if you’ve done this type work before you know there’s no telling
what’s in that wall over there something real careful
I want to study here them on framing here I got to try to find a stud here to
walk down my bottom cuts don’t be the ones probably out in the open hey you
got text waterline then ain’t no good you nicked that stuff and you got
problems don’t think there’s any water lines in that wall
except for this discharge pipe that goes straight out which is where they’re
coming in but obviously there’s electrical in the wall and I can’t Nick
that either so I got to be super super careful I see comb already bottom in this box oh
honey oh nothing but honey so forth honey
honey honey which is nice but it also makes the job really messy this is the
tape line at 4 foot I’m starting Midway to the wall because I wasn’t getting a
whole lot of heat signature up top is nothing but honey except for and there’s
I never the brood is below this because of the heat on the floor thank ya must be something in there for
it to be bolted to cuz it sure he wanted to break away unless they just built it
built onto it that much and it looks like it I hope this is just a four inch
wall if there’s a six inch wall like they said it is it’s gonna be a lot of
honey which is a good thing I stopped the buckets great he’s going well a
couple little bumpers in the face there so far they’re not be too hard to deal
with it down to Brut cones and I can see settles I see brood cells right here
which is where I was showing heat on the floor it’s a big half and they all right elected me right now
no bananas which is the pheromone that they put off that the smoker covers up
smells like bananas that’s their anger their alarm pheromone goes on down the bottom of that wall
looks like one flip this make sure you’re not a queen in here before chunk
it so we got so far then we’ll start working it right now just taking the
bottom off work it up as high as I can and then make a decision from there as a
how much higher I want to go right James chirps it’s too saturated two sides
ready to keep going that’s from about there you can see the four-foot mud line
it’s about almost 5 foot up 16-inch dead cavity I’m not sure yet if it’s a 6-inch
wall or a four-inch I’m fixing to find out as soon as I found my knife don’t
know where I just misplace they’re going get dissing this spatula in there to see okay it’s a four eh whoa that’s good
it’s good for me it’s less honey but it’s also less work
well it’s lunchtime when they don’t seem to be coming out in the room too much
they were already come out in the room and finding their way back in so I’m not
too scared of them piling up in here and dying so I’m gonna let them do something
clean up and I’m gonna go take a lunch break you know what before I go I’m just
really curious how hot is hot good well that was fun I think I will go to lunch
now I didn’t realize that was a smoke detector in here and I set off the alarm
for the complex I just might have some lunch got some dry clothes on I’m
feeling all fresh got some backup with some dry pine straw because it’s rained
yesterday and everything’s wet so I’ve been having a hard time keeping the
smoker lit which is probably a good thing because I did set up set up the
place where I got out come take a look yeah
proud sponsor of scraping the coast we’ve got a lot of cones reviews but
also get a lot of bees to get out of the way I think you could fry tail right here
there’s no way I could remove it in this comb will tell you some of these bees up
at here look like this stop at the end of the high pretty much
farmers with a foot and half off the floor
who don’t have a lot of really work up in this little closet for you now it was smokin since I’ve been back I’m gonna chat about the fire alarm
there sorry he’s here internal because the do not send any response
units out so we should be good till 5:00 anyway I got the box right here behind
me though I know how to turn it off now we’re good thing about this is the
doorway is ready they didn’t get links and it is going
right out and coming back around you realize
now just knocking numbers down so we can work
my visa not sure I hope this thing don’t go to Salem but
an accountant dies trying here just kind of fades out it’s not a definite break
where there would be any framing or something
kind of fades out around here and above that it’s not really much of
anything so that’s why I’m saving it maybe section at a foot at the time lest
I tear out the better the captain first coming with Bulls was all pollen
ii comb through comb eggs all the way down to eggs but no we got it cleaned
it’s laying right now did a good job and that’s the first route don’t
another cow tone mr. here’s our broom combs so far you might
notice we’re not framing up there’s a good reason for that
I might go in-depth on that later but this time of the year
don’t even bother trying to say Briggs start them over and feed them let them
build more by the way this time of the year is end of July is our honeycombs
we’re cutting them saving bottom edge if it’s got a good bit of pollen in it a
bunch of pollen and your honey combs will make cloudy honey but it’s just
pollen it’s healthy 100% natural and raw nothing wrong with it unless you’re
trying to get some grocery store looking clear honey which most people won’t they
don’t want cloudy honey but I don’t mind it at all how eat it and my neighbors
love it and so that’s it is what it is so this is this is one of those halves
been in there for two weeks two months actually is what they thought this would
have been here but it’s been here for a good long while once I get the whole
thing out I’ll know a little better but it’s it’s been in here since last year who notice didn’t the lawn care guys
and they came by with the string trimmers we mean yeah they sometimes
they don’t react well they look two-stroke motors I don’t know I’ve
mentioned it before but I don’t know if I ever finish the videos that I
mentioned it on but I like to leave a number of bees while I’m working
especially if I’ve got honey I’m running because they do such a good job of
cleaning up behind me and it doesn’t if there’s a lot of bees left in the wall
while we’re working it really doesn’t take them long to clean up the mess that
I’m making now it’s not running far there’s a long ways for it to go before
I have to start digging further and cleaned up if I if it was really running
and capped and stuff I would pack that wall with plastic keep stuff running
down in there and still even if I’m doing a residential and I know and it’s
a cone falling down the wall I’ll stuff that the bottom of that wall just to
keep from having to die for it keep in mind to cut more wall to grab something
that I accidentally dropped then there are on cleanup detail alright there’s about a five-gallon
bucket of comb honey we got darker honey and the bottom and lighter up top and I
separate it when I get home but about it put a lid on this run run the beads they
can fly off if we put a lid on this go back any custom or seabright because
we’ve still got stick out more honey to get out yeah does it stop right there on this side just let that ruin it Oh Oh yeah that’s really unusual for them to
not start start building at the top plate it happens see it went from about
a foot and a half off the floor we have brewed for a couple feet up on
one side all the rest is just solid honey
I’ll let stop I’m thinking probably gonna be Chinese tallow popcorn trees
just judging by the color and the color the cones they got a lot of bees up top
and a queen to look for yes it is big they’ve been breeding in their off time I’ve been smoking them quite a bit while
I was rubbing those lower cones and I knew they were going somewhere because I
knew we weren’t backing all of them and now we know where they went
we dropped our quaint clip somewhere on the ground down here got a fine dancer
we can snag her once we find her because I know she’s up top somewhere we’re
gonna look for him he’s gonna give him a quick once-over see if we see her
anywhere because she wouldn’t likely hang out on the honeycombs she can they
do sometimes but she’s a more unlikely tucked up here in a corner somewhere hiding hiding from the beat police back
up for a better view see if I can adjust the ISO on this thing a lot of times I like to let a hive rest
during the removal you know sometimes it’s a good thing because the Queen have
come out bezel cluster kind of like you see it here the group makes them easier
to vac they’ll clean out the wall Oh today we got Robin going on there that’s
what all this activity is on this bucket back in my truck I got a just bucket of
cut comb or comb honey here a little pan there we got more cut out I can’t even
open this without bees running into there’s bees in it I’m trying to get
them out but as soon as I open lid ten more run in there so but to get back on
it let them might this be tough you hear
you not bad for a terrified person huh no not bad at all
if you hold it over you a little pain there you catch all the honey’s dripping
there and are you gonna catch a Stang they still got about another gallon of
honey to pull out of the wall and now it’s time to
back all these girls and look for the coin up as we go
the platform scared McQueen there’s our coin
caught her up in the corner as you probably saw now we can set her aside and we don’t
have to be so careful we can just go ahead and back the rest of them up all
right at this point we ain’t looking for a queen so all we gotta do now is just
not picking man we were get such as bunches and bunches
at a time far away you hate another hi bitch I don’t think it’s really closed it took
too long to find it Oh perfect I got it the sure sign of and we got some spicy
going on and you sell this airborne these are from different colonies aside
from the one we’re pulling we’re wrapping it up and putting up
tools just looking at the Robin and then some bees herbicide take care of this
Queen all these in the area don’t belong to this hive we just pulled these are
from other colonies they found this wall find the entrance and they found the
doorway I’m gonna leave this door open for a few
minutes I can get as much as they can that it’s running down the wall I’ll
come back in here this evening after dark
pick up any just clustered up go ahead close that hole up and then I come back
tomorrow and fix the sheet wrap that was a right Pleasant job today kind
of cool breezy that’s that kind of cool only got the 90 or 88 or something like
that but it’s breezy had a fan working in the shade the whole time not working
overhead and the bees were really cooperative only got stoned twice there
just because I stuck them hand in the wrong place lots of honey the colony is
going to Ronnies house my buddy it was there with me we’re gonna put those bees
in a hive at his place tonight and before that I’ll go back over here to
this apartment complex it’s not too terribly far from me I go in there after
dark and back up any bees that are clustered close up that hole right now I
want to leave that entry open for all those Robbin bees to finish cleaning out
what they can of that wall I don’t mind doing that long as people know to stay
away something I’m worried about got mcqueen riding up front first class as
soon as I get home I’ll let her on top of a back box just so she’s with her
collie put my outdoor sink to good use
cleaned up some crushed comb captain I’ve been labeled you

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