The “You” I Know, The “You” I Don’t Know | Flower Ever After | Season 1 – EP.02 (Click ENG CC)

-What is it? What’s wrong? (Flower Ever After) Will you become a reliable
husband that respects and cares for his wife at all times? Well… If she lets me play games for
three hours during the weekend, then I think I can be much
better towards my wife. I’m not even expecting her
to play with me. Now, I’ll be asking the bride. Will you become a good wife that
respects her husband, and prepares his breakfast
every day? No! Who would do that
in the 21st century? I don’t even eat breakfast.
I’d much rather sleep in. And I can’t cook well, either. These days, delivery food is
much better. I thought she was a patissier.
Why can’t she cook? Honey, I keep telling you this. Baking bread isn’t cooking. It requires precise measurements
and preparation. Just like architecture. Okay. No! What is it? What’s wrong? I’m at my heaviest ever. Min Chae. I got so scared. Woong, should I go to your
sports center from today? To our center? Why? To exercise. I want to learn swimming
from you. You won’t last long anyways. Hey. I won’t be like that.
Why are you ignoring me? Just control what you eat,
and don’t bother coming. I’ll do PT for you at home. Do you even know
what PT stands for? Is there a reason that I
shouldn’t go? No. It’s just that… Your money goes to waste. Oh my. Look! Water on the floor! You always do this. Wipe it off. I came running because of you. It’s been such a long time. -I missed you.
-You came early. Hello. We’ve only heard about you.
Today, we finally meet. You look much better in person. -I see you came here together.
-I know. Are you getting married soon,
then? No, not yet. Well… Let’s see… Hello, I’m Hyun Su Yoo,
Ji Hyo’s boyfriend. Right, we haven’t properly
introduced ourselves. Hello. We are Ji Hyo’s friends. I haven’t seen you two together.
You look so lovely. Thank you. Na Young looks so pretty. I can’t believe we are attending
our friend’s wedding already. -I know, right?
-Time flies. Right. I thought marriage was
something far away. Let’s start by stretching. One, two, three, four. Two, two, three, four. One, two. You look good, Woong Choi. One, two, three, four. Two, two, three, four. One, two… Ladies, you need to follow along
to protect your heart. Okay? Mother, your cap. You need to wear
a swimming cap. I tied my hair. -It’s okay.
-You still need to put one on. The water gets dirty. Okay, let’s start again. One, two… Yay, it’s swimming time! Okay, one more time. I know you. I can’t believe
you are being so patient. You are all grown up now. Your girlfriend is here. He said there were only old
women. There is a young girl. The pool looks so nice with the
two good-looking people here. How does she have
such a good body? She isn’t just a young girl. She is pretty and slender. One, two, three, four. Two, two, three, four. My goggles are broken.
Can you help me? Of course. Oh my. She is flirting. What a fox. She is wearing push-ups
for sure. I heard she’s preparing to
become a flight attendant. She is totally my type. I heard she’s having private
lessons with Instructor Woong. Why didn’t he tell me? He always tells me what happened
at the center. This is going to make me
misunderstand him. Ugh. I’m not doing it. What was that? -What is she not doing?
-Maybe swimming? Swimming? Ji Hyo. Do you have plans to marry me? Are you saying it like that? Is this a proposal right now? No. I’m just wondering if I’m
the only one thinking about it. Do you want to marry me? Yes. I had that in mind
since the first time we met. But why haven’t you told me
about it? You didn’t look concerned
about it. I was waiting for the right time
to tell you. But why are you telling me now? I don’t want to get rejected by
a girl who hasn’t considered it. So now. (My Eternal Marine Boy) What? Min Chae. I heard you came to
the center today. Why did you leave? I didn’t want to do it. You couldn’t even last one day? Where are you going? I’m going shopping.
I have to buy something. There isn’t anything you
“have to” buy in this world. You just have something
you want to buy. Are you going to spend
a lot of money again? I’m not. You are.
What made you upset now? Forget it. I’m hanging up. Woong. Did your girlfriend
say that she came here? Yes. Then why did she leave
without saying hello? I don’t know. I told her not to come. Why shouldn’t she? Isn’t it good
seeing you working? What good does that do? We started dating when I was
a professional swimmer. She might get upset if she sees
me stuck with the students. She is loud, but she is still
softhearted. What? You are such a romanticist. That’s a new side to you. It’s not like that. Speaking of which… That private lesson
with the flight attendant. Can you give it to me? No way. That is a lot of money. You didn’t really do
private lessons before. Come on. If I want to get married soon,
I need to make a lot of money. Gosh. Too bad. (Be careful
of what you say today.) (Watch out for a heartbreak.) (You can do it.) (You might run into someone
of your destiny today.) (Smile a lot today.) You’re making more? Why are you putting so much
effort into free treats? Does your boss know
you are doing this? I’m not doing it
for recognition. It’s just fun. I’m still going to make these
after I start my own bakery. There are a lot of customers
that come for just this. But all these sayings are
fake anyways. You are just writing them
the way you want to. These are meant to be taken
whatever each individual wants. If I leave it ambiguous, the one reading it can interpret
it the way they want. Do you like it that much?
Doesn’t it make your eyes tired? It’s just the happiness I get
from this small achievement. Gosh. Hyun Su. Give me a line.
Something really vague. Well… Give the one you love a slight
expectation and a lot of effort. It sounds good. I like it. Romance is for two people to
keep learning about each other. Are you sleeping already? Hey. Why is your body always
so cold? Then why is your body so warm,
even in the winter? You’re not sleeping. That’s because you’re cold. So I can warm you up. Right. I have a private lesson
starting from today. Was it a stewardess?
Or a studious? Whatever it is, the price is
60 thousand won per lesson. So I’m going to try it. It’s a stewardess. “Studious” means “academic.” I don’t care. Is she pretty? All the other instructors
say she is. But I don’t like her. I like girls like you. You talk so well. Woong. Do you like working? What? Yes. I do. Okay. If you like it, I like it, too. The two thought
they knew each other well, but there were things
they didn’t know, so they need
to learn from now on. Let me help you. Thank you. Have you gotten yourself used
to the company yet? Yes. Everyone is so nice. That’s good to hear. “I’m like a fortune cookie.” This is for you. Thank you. (I’m like a fortune cookie.) “A fortune cookie isn’t
extravagant on the outside,” “but people get comfort and
support from the message inside.” “I also would like to become
someone who can comfort…” Oh my gosh, Manager! Fortune cookie. It was quite the metaphor. -Please forget about it.
-It was a fun personal essay. But how do you remember that? I like fortune cookies a lot. This is embarrassing. Why did it have
to be fortune cookies? You should’ve used
something better. I don’t know. I just wrote
about something in front of me. I guess personal essays just
have to sound good. But is he interested in you?
He remembered all of it. No way. Why? You don’t know.
Give it a try. What? Where are you going? Cheongam-dong. Don’t you need to go then? -She is waiting for you.
-I know. And… I found someone that I want
to get to know better. (I found someone that I want
to get to know better.) (OST: Yoon Ddan Ddan,
Jin Ah Kwon, Ailee) (Place Sponsorship: Keomkeom
Bakery, StarCity Wedding Hall) (Place sponsorship: Snow, Green
Factory) (Clothing Sponsorship)

100 thoughts on “The “You” I Know, The “You” I Don’t Know | Flower Ever After | Season 1 – EP.02 (Click ENG CC)

  1. All these scenes are so relateble in real life. It makes me feel like being in love is always worth the risk, but still its so hard to find someone you can really call 'your person', as it they will never leave you no matter what. For instance, in this episode, the new girl had a crush on that guy who already has a girlfriend because she has no idea he has a girlfriend. But still, we can't exactly tell someone 'hey don't talk to me I already have a bf/gf' that will just make you a weird person.

  2. Are they not from the MV from bighit entertainment? They were in a newly debuted person mv! I am confused.

  3. Does anybody else think that the girl from the 7 year relationship looks kinda like Jenny from Blackpink

  4. This dram has bad ending the 7 yr couple will not end up. That is the swimmer and his girlfriend😭😭😭😭

  5. the 7 years old couple are most likely to marry. Like, she really maintained her jealousy, and he told her about the private lessons. They communicated with each other. He even gave private lessons to finance their wedding in the first place.

    I’m not saying the 1 year old couple won’t get married. Just not anytime soon. In my opinion, it’s a bit too early for them to marry since they haven’t made a strong bond as couples that lasted longer did.

  6. Me on my wedding 👰
    Will you become a good wife that respcets her husband and prepare his breakfast everyday ?

    Me 💁🏻‍♀️
    No who would do that in the 21th century.
    I don’t even eat breakfast I would rather sleep. And I can’t cook well either.
    These days delivery food is much better. 🤷🏻‍♀️
    I marry him to be his wife not his mama 🔥🤣

  7. I cant help myself to notice her dark circles at 6.30. Guess she must have been not getting enough rest.

  8. Honestly can't wait for their "best ending ever" plus i like her on short hair better, looks cute but idm hehe

  9. 0:18 – 0:42 😂😂😂😂"hey, both of you ! What do you think that marriage is about?! "😂😂😂😂

  10. Who wear make up when they’re sleeping 🤦🏻‍♀️ they been living for 7 years so what’s the point of showing your bear face

  11. "The Best Ending" brought me here. It's a new series here on Playlist Global 🙂 A Spinoff of this series! 🙂 More focused on the 7 Years Couple 💕

  12. Wait wait wait
    Hold ona sec
    Im not seeing things
    That guy`s abs looks drawn on with a concealer not even joking

  13. The girl in 7 years old relationship looks like BP Jennie,Goblin's bride and DIA Chaeyeon.(I don't know her name)

  14. 1:20 that kinda reminds me of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. When she started to run cutely to him and their height difference 😂 is such a goal ❣

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