The Rose is singing ‘RED’ in different genres!

“like paradise” “Dance move your body” Jaehyeong, are you sure? Hello, we’re The Rose. We’re going to Kuala Lumpur and Manila for our ‘We Rose You’ tour in December. That’s right~ That’s why we’re going to play a special game. You all know our song ‘RED’? Of course! We are going to sing that song in different genres. Wow~ Is it RED Remix? That’s right! I think it’ll be fun. Great! It would be great if our fans decide who did the best. Shall we start right away? “little star light” He’s singing in the original key. “The fireflies leading me” “Take take me with you” “Inside your breathtaking gaze” “The moonlight shining” “I find my way” “Slowly come closer to me~ Increase the tempo!” “With the flashlight showing” “Follow the light (follow follow)” “With the pouring shooting stars” “I wanna be RED” “Just like the burning fire in front of me” How should I sing in R&B? “I wanna be RED” “Just like the sky painted in red” “I don’t care” “I wanna be” Wow…. “Stay, up above the clouds” ULSOO! “The flowers bloom” Great! “like paradise” “Dance move your body” Jaehyeong, are you sure? You are so good! “Fly” Flapping Flapping!! “The moonlight shining” “I find my way” “Slowly come closer to me” “With the flashlight showing” “Follow the light” “With the pouring shooting stars” “I wanna be RED” ULSOO! “Just like the burning fire in front of me” “I wanna be RED” Wow! That’s so flavorful~ So good! “Just like the sky painted in red” “I don’t care” “I wanna be” “In this road I walk alone” You forgot, right? Yes, I was confused. “I want to shine in this darkness” “Throw your sticks and stones” “So what if we’re different from others” “Don’t mind anything” Opera!!! “I wanna be RED” “Don’t care what anyone says” “Nooooo” “I wanna be red” The lyrics are wrong! “I don’t wanna be dead” “I wanna spread high above like fire” Wow.. It says as slow as possible. Okay. “Fireworks” “I just wanna be” How did it feel to sing RED in different genres? Anyone? The only thing I can do is just laugh. The reason for the laughter is… Laughing is the only thing I can do. It was various version of RED. We are masters of all genres. Surely We are all good! We can release the song like this. I think we did such a great job that we can even release the song in different versions like R&B version and Trot version. Opera version? Anyways, Black Roses! What genre did you like the most? Please let us know through the comments below. If you leave a comment with the best member and the reason, we’ll give out polaroid photo via random draw! This is such a limited edition! We just took it! See you in Kuala Lumpur on December 6 and Manila on December 15! Stop wishing, start making! Bye~ Thank you!

100 thoughts on “The Rose is singing ‘RED’ in different genres!

  1. I love how JAEHYEONG sung Hip-Hop, Pansori and R&B version of the song “RED” coz just like the meaning of the song: he just only doing what he really want is, i laugh hard, he gave me a lot of happiness tonight.. you never fail to make me smile.. i rose you🌹🌹i rose you all🌹 #TheRoseLiveInManila

    Twitter: EmTonieee

  2. jaehyeong because he did many genres well lol (my twt: @jyxchan )

    They all did great honestly bc I was feeling so bad and watching this video really lightened my mood thank u the rose ily uwu

  3. Hajoon: that rock version was so good and the way he switched to a different genre afterwards TALENT ❤️
    Twitter: marlem101

  4. Dojoon: he nailed the opera and trot so well! He was so expressive as he was singing it, and really gave it his all. He was so happy throughout the video, and his smiles and snaps were so cute! Thank you MMT for giving us this beautiful gift 💞😂


  5. Dojoon performing the opera genre because his vibrato has literally got me shook. His projection sent me out of this world.

  6. Hajoon: the way the rock suddenly overcame him and the vibe was completely accurate, the same with hip hop as well. Dojoon was a close second but my vote goes to hajoon~
    Twitter: @flhs_constance

  7. Dojoon: Opera

    He sang it like a boat man rowing in Venice, Italy as he
    serenades me. The "Nooo" part sent me to the moon 😂 ❤

    Twitter: @oohmelon

  8. This video was incredibly amazing and really funny and my cheeks hurt a lot now but I enjoyed it while working on homework a little late in the night and I’ve been very stressed, tired and kind of sad lately so I thank you all for this video and many other videos that I have seen, watched or listened to from The Rose and many more and I hope you all honestly enjoy your day and much happiness, love and support to everyone and I hope to maybe see some of the people I look up to one day. Much love!🤘🏼🙏🏼💜💜❤️❤️💛💛

  9. Jaehyong’s pansori was the best😂❤️ I couldn’t stop laughing. But his hip-hip version was amazing too😁


  10. Woosung's trot version was quite good but I have to say Hajoon's rock version was spot on. He did it so smoothly that it seemed natural

  11. That moment when you have no twitter 🙁

    Jaehyeong was so into it, it was so funny 😀 Well, they actually all were 😀 Hajoons transition from rock to hip hop was so good :0

  12. All of the members did really well, it was hard to choose but I think I would say it‘s Dojoon, he really gave his heart and soul into it, even if it was funny I think he still did great, love them all so much, thank you for making this ☺️✨🌸

    @Majinsticx 👍🌙

  13. I wanna see them in Manila but I can't 😭😭 can Ma Go, the deity of wealth touch me? I need her right now. Why is Manila so far? 😭

  14. I think everyone did great, because it was their own way. But if I have to choose, I'll choose Woosung, because I laughed a lot with his R&B version😂😂

  15. 🙏 Thank you everyone for participating in The Rose Polaroid giveaway! 💕
    The winners are…


    Congratulations! 🎉 Thank you again for your overwhelming love and support for The Rose and hope to see you all at the show 🌟

  16. I believe everyone did the best they could, and I enjoyed every single second of this video❤️pluss I loooove the rose

  17. im stuck between dojoon opera , hajoon rock , & jaehyeong hip hop 😭😭😭 . ughh if i had to pick id go with
    hajoon : rock
    only because i think thatd be the funniest to see

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