The Reason Is External | Flower Ever After | Season 1 – EP.03 (Click CC for ENG sub)

So Young. So Young. (Flower Ever After
Ep 3. Enemies Exist Outside) I heard he got a job.
Now he has a car already. Working at a major company
is a whole different thing. I heard that his salary is huge. Sorry, I’m late. He wants us to share this. -Wow!
-Oh! This cake is so popular
on SNS these days. Wow, he knows us well. But why did he leave?
He should have joined us. He had to go back to work.
He is quite busy. What about your boyfriend,
Min Chae? He said he was on his way. I haven’t seen Min Chae’s
boyfriend since graduation. You’re right. Woong was such a legend
back then. He was on television a lot. He was almost
like Tae Hwan Park. (My Eternal Marine Boy) (Chat) Are you still on your way? When will you arrive? So Young, you don’t have
a lot of married friends, right? I think I only know one or two. So Young is still young. She is 26 years old. I want to get married early. Why? You should meet more guys,
and have some more fun. I have a rough life plan
that I’ve always thought about. I just want to live like that. Get a job at the right time, find a good guy
at the right time, get married at the right time, and have kids at the right time. Wow. How old are you again? You are not older than me,
right? When do you want to get married,
Hyun Su? I think… Right. Didn’t you say it was recently
your one-year-anniversary? Yes. Then aren’t you starting to talk
about marriage now? I don’t know. Not yet. Well, people get married
at a late age these days. I want to just date, and not get married. Then why don’t you start dating?
You have such high standards. Think about yourself before
you say anything about me. Or find me a good guy. He has a girlfriend? Yes. They’ve been dating
for a year. I guess they’ll get married.
He is old enough and has a job. I don’t know about that. Really? I guess they aren’t
in a serious relationship, then. Maybe. Right. Are going to meet
your friends with Woong today? Yes. They are all there. What about you?
What are you doing after work? I have a welcome party
with my team. We didn’t have a proper party
since I began working here. Wow. Then that manager must also
be going, right? Good luck. No. He has a girlfriend. Why? They are not even
getting married. But still… You don’t know what will happen. What if he is your destiny? Being the bad girl only lasts
for a moment. But you’ll regret it for life
if you lose him. I have to go now. -Good luck for your party.
-Thanks. Hey. Why are you
wearing track suit? My private lesson ended
late today. I had no time to go back home. You should have changed
and come late instead. Woong, you are hungry, right? -Order something.
-Okay. Everything is in English. Geez… Wow. This place is so expensive. Since we are here anyways,
I’ll have the steak. Something expensive
for the first time in a while. -Here.
-Yes, sir. What would you like to order? Could I have the t… Tender… The second one, please. How do you want your steak
to be cooked? Well… Middle. -Do you mean “medium”?
-Yes, that one. Right. Yes, medium. -Okay.
-Medium. Really? -Woong, you are so funny.
-He is. You were such a celebrity
in school. It was hard to get close to you
even as Min Chae’s friends. I’m no celebrity. I had to quit
the pro team after the injuries. But you are a swimming coach.
Isn’t that still pretty amazing? No, I’m not a coach.
Just an instructor. I work at a sports center
as a contract instructor… But after working
as a swimming instructor, he is going back to school
to study Physical Education. After graduating, he can start
working at a private school. If he passes the test,
he can become a taxpaid teacher. Wow, then that is pretty cool. I’ve been thinking these days, government employees are
the best jobs nowadays. Welcome. I want a cake
for my son’s birthday tomorrow. Yes, ma’am. A lot of kids like
this cake over here. Hey kid, don’t touch that. That’s how kids are these days. You are being so strict on him. I’ll take this. Hey there, those are
for other customers. We’ll buy that, then. You could give us that for free
since I’m buying this cake. Sorry, I can’t just give it out
since I’m not the owner. Okay, we’ll buy it. Here. But we’ll give you this one
for free. Forget it. This is why they need to hire
good employees. How can someone in the service
industry be so inflexible? Honey. Can you talk right now? I’m so angry. She is such a rude customer. Do you know what she said
to me afterwards? She said this,
using these exact words. “This is why they need to hire
good employees.” “How can someone in the service
industry be so inflexible?” She’s just saying,
“I am a rude customer.” Yeah, you’re right. Wow, It’s a good thing
that I called you. I feel better. Manager. -We are leaving now.
-Okay. Ji Hyo. I know you’re upset,
but I can’t be there with you. I know. You have a welcome party
today, right? Yes, I’m sorry for that. I have to go now. Don’t be sorry. -Go ahead.
-Okay. I’ll go see you later tonight. Why did you say that earlier? I never said
I was going back to school. -Or going to be a teacher.
-Hey! Then why are you like this? You came to meet my friends for
the first time in seven years, but you came with a track suit. Hey. I told you
I didn’t have time. Why did you read
the menu out loud? You can’t even speak English. Min Chae. Can’t you just say the food is
expensive in your mind? And why did you bring up the
contract job in front of them? Then do I lie to them? You could just move on.
Aren’t you embarrassed? Why would I be embarrassed? Man, this is driving me crazy. So is that why you paid first? Why? Because your friend’s boyfriend
got into a big company, and he drives her around
and brings her cake, but I can’t even return to
my team because of my injuries, and work under a contract
at a sports center? You had to pay first
to save your face, right? No. It wasn’t about me. I didn’t
want them to look down on you. Jeez. I’m sorry, but right now,
your boyfriend isn’t a famous swimmer, but a swimming instructor
under a contract. So… Stop living in the past. Get back into reality. Okay. Now that we are talking
about this, that “My Eternal Marine Boy” on
your profile status, get rid of that first, please. I feel like I can’t breathe
every time I see it. And one more thing. Let’s talk right. Who’s the one looking down on me
right now? It isn’t your friends. It’s you. (Ji Hyo) I arrived at the bar! I’ll call you when it’s over. Good work today. -Good work.
-Good work. -Thank you.
-Thank you. -Sorry.
-Why are you so late? -Hyun Su is here.
-What time is it now? Have a drink. Sorry. -Where were you?
-I had a phone call. I just fought with Woong. -Why?
-I don’t know. So where are you right now? Walking home
without saying anything. Just make up. You don’t have
anywhere else to go anyways. Make sure you don’t live with
your boyfriend later. It is so stressful to be in
the same house after fighting. Ouch! Let’s go. -What’s wrong with her?
-Hey. You should apologize
if you hit her. What is this? Did you not understand me? Go apologize to her. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Let’s go. You’re going to lose. For sure. That isn’t for sure. -It looks like he’s an athlete.
-You dragged me away. Are you okay? Rather than issues
between themselves, couples fight about friends,
money, or social environments, and other physical enemies that
they can’t do anything about. (Ji Hyo) Just came to the second round.
Looks like it’ll take long. Sorry, I don’t think
I’ll be able to make it today. It’s okay.
It’s a company team dinner. Let’s have some beer tomorrow,
that we couldn’t enjoy tonight! Okay. Text me
when you get home. “Give the one you love a slight
expectation and lots of effort.” One thing is for sure. Strong couples fight
those enemies together. Woong. Let’s… order a midnight snack. Well… What do you want to eat? (Delivery Food) (Delivery Food) What should we eat? -Let’s see the midnight snacks.
-Yes! -I want chicken. Fried chicken.
-Chicken? We had it yesterday. Sometimes, saying
“Let’s have midnight snacks”, Pig’s feet? can replace
each other’s apologies. Because of the physical enemies
around them, they become better allies
for each other. -Okay.
-I’ll order. So Young has a guy
she likes at her new company. But he has a girlfriend. Then she should just give up. I told her to steal him,
since he isn’t dating seriously. Hey. What if someone does that
to me? Hey. I can never let
that happen. You and I, we will both be dead. What about the girl
that stole me from you? Rather than stealing, being open
enough for someone to steal. Or falling for her schemes. That is worse. Then what about you?
What if someone hits on me? All three of us are going
to die. -Thank you.
-Thank you. Okay. So Young. Being in the company is hard,
right? Look at your hands.
They are all dry. (Ji Hyo) So Young. Give me a drink. Director. Let me. Director. Why don’t you
pour me some, too? Thank you. So Young. So Young. Director Seo was looking
for you earlier. Okay. Good job. Director. You were looking
for me? Me? No. Who said so? No, nevermind. -Have a drink since you’re here.
-Okay. We haven’t even had
a proper conversation. Let’s drink. You never know if he is destined
to be your partner. Being the bad girl only lasts
for a moment. But you’ll regret it for life
if you lose him. (Min Chae) (I decided to be the bad girl.) Today, I decided to become
someone’s worst enemy. (Today, I decided to become
someone’s worst enemy.) (OST: Yoon Ddan Ddan,
Jin Ah Kwon, Ailee) (Place Sponsorship: CommComm
Bakery, Green Factory, Snow) (Clothing Sponsorship) I can’t choose.
There are so many options. Come on, give it to me. (This Week’s Sale!) (Today’s Sale) Look, there are
a lot of things on sale. (Sale List) Pizza? No. I want chicken today. Okay. Let’s order this. (Order) If we choose the One-Second
Payment… (Pay) We’re done. -Easy, right?
-Min Chae. Why are you choosing it
by yourself? You don’t want to eat this?
I already ordered. Who told you to be… so intelligent? What was that? I got scared. Should we go to the bed
before the food arrives? The chicken will be here
any minute. Well… Then, should we
get it done quickly? Okay. Sure.

100 thoughts on “The Reason Is External | Flower Ever After | Season 1 – EP.03 (Click CC for ENG sub)

  1. The only girl I like in this series is the girl who works at the bakery in the one year relationship. Min Chae is a complete jerk who is so rude to her boyfriend who has done nothing but love her for who she is and is patient even when she gets mad for no reason. So young is also an idiot and a greedy, selfish person who tries to steal another girl's boyfriend. It doesn't matter if they're going to get married or not, you don't go after people in relationships. That's like me saying, "oh my friends in high school aren't getting married, therefore I can steal her boyfriend."

  2. I'm so mad at Minchae. She starts the fight over something incredibly ridiculous that makes her look shallow and petty. Then, instead of her apologizing, she just overlooks it and doesn't talk it out with him. Then, she thinks that her friend hitting on and trying to steal a guy in a relationship is okay to do. Also, who tf wears makeup to bed? Looks don't matter on the outside if you can't be a good person on the inside.

  3. According to the k dramas I watch, a lot of girls are really hypocrites with their girl friends, they make fun of each other’s boyfriends and stuff or talk behind their backs a lot..

  4. I dont like that bitch shes basically just saying today im gonna ruin someones relationship because i like her boyfriend. On another note i love the 7 year couple

  5. First, she can be a bad girl, but how sure is she that he'll like her back? If he doesnt, isn't it going to break her heart more? Second, karma sis karmaaaaaaa.

  6. I love this story too much. everything doesn't like the normal film in Korea. I love this. It isn't to sweet. I love the way Korean loving.

  7. they always hang out with toxic people ughh.. she shouldnt be ashamed of her bf
    the 7yrs couple is so cute but ugghh even the bad advice is unforgivable


  9. The fact that Min Chae told So Young to try and break up a couple for her own good is the worst thing one could say to another. Although this is all staged that so called "advice" triggered me so bad, if that was me I would've told her that I'd give her a chop at the back of her neck if she tried that. Even if it was someone I don't even know, because I'd think about if it happened to me, like how would I feel.

    NOTE: Yes I know that I am commenting on a video that is 8 months old ( At the time I posted this) but I mean it won't stop me from saying my thoughts. Okay bye.

  10. Not only is she unemployed,she makes stupid comments about her bf to save face in front of her friends.Then she tells her friend to steal another man's bf? That bitch is crazy.

  11. 7:03 DANG I KNOW THIS IS JUST THEM ACTING BUT WHEN PEOPLE ACT LIKE THIS IRL I WOULD LOVE TO GO OFF ON THEM . Its note the employees fault that the customer can’t handle their kid

  12. LOVE PLAYLIST ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍❤😍❤😍❤😍😻😻😻💚💓💖💘💖💘💕💙💜❤💋

  13. I seriously hate So young and her friend, they are so bad, trying break up someone else relationship. It's good that her friend break up with the boyfriend, she gets what she deserves 😒

  14. The seven year old couple girl must accept her boyfriend as he is. She should not be embarrassed about him. She should be proud that they are in a 7 year relations that is not easy!!

  15. why the heck is that girl so mean to her boyfriend? she's so toxic to her boyfriend, and just trying to save her image…..she doesn't even care how her boyfriend feels.

  16. Tbh i think it's cute that he struggles with english. It's not his first language then why should he be shamed for it 🤷‍♀️girl yo dated yo man after knowing this don't be embarrassed of him ever for that

  17. I know she hates being single and that she likes someone after a long time but DOESN'T MEAN THAT SHE SHOULD TRY AND HIT ON HIM EVEN AFTER KNOWING HE HAS A GF AND RUINING HIS RELATIONSHIP FOR HER SAKE!!!!!

  18. 9:16 This makes me so sad because I was in a similar situation, where I had to leave all my basketball and swimming for months because of a knee injury. My mom got mad about all the meets and games I missed because of my injury.

  19. Okay but for real never try to steal someone whos in a relationship. In the it'll only damage you. Being the bad girl lasts forever so please dont.

  20. I agree with the fact that nos a good idea to be someone's 'worst ennemi' and I totally agree that the advice her friend gave her is the worst advice ever BUT I like the fact that they're portraying in a drama a girl who deciced to steal someone's boyfriend, like we dont get to see stories like this in kdramas. So I cant wait to see what this girl is going to do as an 'enemy'. As usual I'm never disappointed with Playlist.

  21. Yo this drama is messed up. Like…so what if they're not serious? You're gonna intervene anyway? Like, imagine that happening to you! -.- and being embarrassed about your partner's work? -.-..–.-..–..-.- and this girl, she has such double standards! She gives her friend bad advice, yet she says she would kill whoever tries to hit on her boyfriend. So annoying!

  22. I don't get it why the girl gets upset just because she feels embarrassed of her boyfriend's action 🤷‍♀️ Does girls get easily sensitive like that?

  23. It shouldn’t matter how much a person earns but what they have to offer…if they give their hearts to u, u shouldn’t be embarrassed!!


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