[The Real 100%] 100% Spring Concert 2018 ~Blossom~

This is 100% Spring Concert 2018 ~ Blossom ~ Tokyo scene! Chan Yong : I do not drink coffee or green tea before the show. Chan Yong : Because you drink that? Chan Yong : My throat is dry. Chan Yong : The real thing is that I have to sing today Chan Yong : For your neck not to dry Chan Yong : Drinking water I finally started ~ Blossom ~ Tokyo Part 1! 100% : Fighting 100% : Hello, it’s 100% Chan Yong : Did you miss it? Jong Hwan : Thank you very much for coming to see the stage today. Hyuk Jin : Perfection I have not met with you for a long time and I can not stop pounding. Rock Hyun : I want to make the best memories with you today. The members have their own special solo stage Jong Hwan : The song to be sung now Jong Hwan : I made it for you Jong Hwan : It’s a song. Jong Hwan : I used all the Japanese I know. Rock Hyun : When I first heard this song Rock Hyun : I did not have any feelings. Rock Hyun : I wanted to sing this time on the solo stage. Rock Hyun: I want to tell you Chan Yong : I’m actually 100% main vocal! Chan Yong : I just heard ‘cherry’ Chan Yong : It was a song originally prepared by Min Woo. Chan Yong : But let ‘s get ready together. Chan Yong : “Let’s prepare instead.” Chan Yong : We were all called together. Rock Hyun : Thank you for waiting for this concert. Rock Hyun : I want to be here now Hyuk Jin : Five of us are always together. Hyuk Jin : Perfection, please stay with us. Hyuk Jin : I have a special video! Chan Yong : Looking at this video with you, Chan Yong : I want to sing Rock Hyun : It’s memories of us and you and Min-woo. An eternal Seo leader, Minwoo, who became an early star in the sky This concert with a memorial stage Rock Hyun : We’re always next to Perfection guys. Rock Hyun : Do not forget! Rock Hyun : I love you ♥ Chan Yong : What are you doing here today? Jong Hwan : I came to the concert. Chan Yong : This concert title is ‘Blossom’ Blossom ~ Hyuk Jin : Flower scent Jong Hwan : Spring is coming to an end and we are warm now Jong Hwan : I’m here to finish. Chan Yong : And now I’m finished one. Chan Yong : It was about three minutes before the second part. Hyuk Jin : Let’s unseal and let’s go to play happily Chan Yong : I’ll come to you with full fighting Chan Yong : Let’s do a fight then once. 100% : Fight one or two Fighting overflow ~ Blossom ~ Tokyo Part 2 begins! Jong Hwan : Because the concert just started. Jong Hwan : Let’s burn more! Jong Hwan : The weather is getting hot. Rock Hyun : Is it hot? Hyuk Jin : What did you do? Rock Hyun: Everybody … Interpretation failure Chan Yong : It’s already over. Chan Yong : I’m really sorry Chan Yong : I wonder if there will be more performances than today. Jong Hwan : It’s a performance for you. Jong Hwan : Next time, I’d like to meet a little more. Hyuk Jin : “It’s really fun to be on stage.” Hyuk Jin : Thank you again for letting me know more. Rock Hyun : We’ll keep watching? Rock Hyun : Thank you very much for today. Members who comforted the perfection to the encore stage I’m going to give you a microphone. Chan Yong : Thank you very much for coming. 100% : It was more than 100%! thanked! Rock Hyun : This concert is over. Rock Hyun : I’ve had a hard time! Chan Yong : I’ve had a hard time 100% : Perfectioners are giving us so much power 100% : The heart that wants to see us is too much for us Chan Yong : I came in contact with you. 100% : I think we did not have a hard time until the end. 100% : I was so happy to be able to do an encore once again 100% : I think it was a stage. 100% : Thank you so much for coming today. 100% : We now have an Osaka concert 100% : I’ll give you my last greeting today 100% : It has been 100% now!
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  1. I was too speechless before when i first watched this, so i didn’t comment but omg they were so darn adorable 😻😻😻😻😻🥰🥰🥰🥰

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