The Iron Flower by Laurie Forest

(rising orchestral music) – [Narrator] There is a darkness rising, a fearsome shadow stretching its wings, threatening to cast my
world back into the dusk of violence and despair. We have been here before, standing on the precipice of war, balanced on a razor’s edge between light and the
end of all that is good. Now, just as then, prophecy tells of a powerful
mage destined to rise, a new Black Witch. Her strength vast beyond imagining. The Black Witch of legend, she was a hero to my people. She was my grandmother. Her life is my legacy, a solemn heritage of magic and might resting heavy on my shoulders. Some echo of her dark power courses through my veins, waiting to be released. I could be the chosen
one for this new age, destined to once again lead the darkness as it creeps across the realm. I could choose a different path if I can find the courage to listen, to learn and to trust the very people I was brought up to hate. Because I alone cannot
compel the dawn to break. It’s time to choose between what I know and what I know is right. The resistance is calling. It’s time to join the light.

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