the cw RIVERDALE Hairstyles | Cheryl Blossom, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge & Josie

Hey, it’s Jackie and for today’s video I have
some back-to-school hairstyles inspired by the Riverdale crew so I had a lot of
fun recreating Cheryl blossoms look from the hair the makeup the outfit, if you
haven’t seen that one you can click the “i” to check it out but I thought I would
take some more beauty inspiration and show you guys styles from not just from
Cheryl but Veronica, Betty we got a pussy cat look, so I hope you guys like this
video and if you do make sure you hit that thumbs up button and subscribe for
more beauty videos every week! As always you can find me under Jackie
Wyers on Instagram if you want to get a sneak peek of more videos that are
coming up so let’s just get started! Let’s start off with Cheryl’s side cheer
practice pony, I have side curls and if you want to
know exactly how to recreate the Cheryl’s iconic long curls then check
out the last tutorial I did for Cheryl all links in the “i” …I did the
makeup and hair style but this is just second day waves for me and of course
brush your hair to one side and I like to fix up the back of my hair to make
sure my part doesn’t trail off, I’m fixing up some of the curls around my
face by using this tapered wand I used to create all the Cheryl
curls to begin with and I love tapered wands as they give me my favorite type
of curl! Now we want to exclude that front section we worked on and add a
little bit more hair to that section as well. Then divide the underside of
the hair into two sections and we’re going to create a fishtail braid – so if
you don’t know how to fishtail braid you take a small outermost section from one
of the strands and then you’re going to cross that over and combine it to the
other side! So it’s just a crisscross motion using the outermost strands to
the other side except now I’m going to pick up a small piece from the excluded
hair as well and I’m going to do a very slight French fishtail so the reason I’m
doing this is when we incorporate these small sections of hair especially when
we get to the front curl section we get that really pretty wave that flows into
the braid and also doing a French fishtail makes it sit better on the
shoulder once that front section of hair has been
loosely incorporated I’m just finishing off the braid it with a couple more
plain fish tails and then using a small elastic and tying it off! because I wanted to braid a little more
visible I took some bobby pins and just adjusted the curls and one of my
favorite hairspray is to complete the look is the Pantene air spray – pretty
much the three products I use in every tutorial is pantene air spray, OGX
shine serum, and Living Proof Dry volume blast spray so those are only products I’ll be using! To complete this look my top is from forever 21 it says that Bulldogs do it
better and Bulldogs is the show’s team and then on my nails I’m wearing Essie A list and we have one more Cheryl style and this is her performance cheer
style and I have on my Giorgio Armani red that I got on here that I showed in my
last tutorial and let’s start out with curls! So I do have second day curls
again for this look but again, I did use my tapered wand and the first thing I’m
going to do is section off at the top section of my hair like it’s an ariana
grande half-up half-down do and we’re just going to use a brush and really
slick this back and create the pony at the very top of the head and then take
the tail of a comb and we’re going to lift that very front section for a poof
but keep the side still sleek this is a super easy way to get some volume just
make sure you do it slowly and little by little so that you don’t get too big of
a poof and then have to redo the pony I used a little more hairspray and with
the pony up top I’m doing a bit of teasing and then I’m wrapping a small
section of hair around the base and then making sure that stays put with a bobby
pin if you need more hold, secure the bobby pins in an X and give me that big
Cheryl hair I am clipping a to clip a weft of
extensions and I’m really going to focus the curling on the top pony so we have a
lot of volume and cute curls around the face touched up some curls on the bottom and
I am doing just a tiny bit of teasing and I love the OGX
argan oil of Morocco so I’m using that through the end of my hair for a shiny
look and there’s number two, doing a little dance, and I like to top the look
off with a pair of red heels! This was very makeshift outfit, this belt is just a
piece of material I happen to have but you get the color scheme I was going
for, it was inspired by her cheer outfit, so that is it for Cheryl and next step we
have the beautiful Betty first thing I’m doing is adding a volume
spray to the top section of my hair this will just add some grit for me so that
the style stays put and I’m taking only the top section of my hair when I have
my hair upside down and then I’m going to select this into a
very high pony again but this time a little farther back than Cheryl’s
half-up half-down. Do same trick as before I am adding the tiniest amount of
volume to the top of the hair just so it’s more comfortable to wear and then
with the rest of the hair I’m tilting my head upside down again sleeking that
hair up into the first Pony and adding an elastic! Having the double elastic
does make the hair look a lot thicker because it looks like your hair has more
volume and Plus this is much easier than trying to get that perfectly sleek Pony
with just a brush and one elastic, the double does really help out with this
look. I’m using a classic curling iron instead of a wand for this one and I’m
curling the ends of the pony and as you can see I do have some layers it might
have grown out for the most part but this style works even better if you do have
some shorter layers in your hair so I’m leaving those layers out that I’ve
curled and with the rest of the hair I’m creating a pin curl and then I’m pinning
to the back of my head it was quite easy, just one motion and now it’s up to you
how you want to style the pony you can pick up these long layers wrap it in one
little pin curl just shorten it slightly or you can get more involved with it and
pin some curls to the back so it looks like fun little flirty bun slash pony
with curly ends and obviously I can’t do a perfect high pony that’s short because
my hair is longer but I think this gives a really cute Betty vibe and I want to
know in the comments which Betty you prefer… the slightly pink lip which
is Fruitylicious by covergirl, or the covergirl seduce scarlet lipstick Betty
wears on the show when her dark side comes out! high ponies are really cute as well if
you just want to leave your length and have it slightly curled but to me this
looks a lot more like a Cheryl look and o! that’s what happened when I was
filming but this is a cute look too! Now it’s all about Veronica so I wasn’t sure
how I wanted to go with this look at first and I asked you guys on my
Instagram livestream if you thought of curls or straight hair when you thought
of Veronica and you all actually said straight which is funny because in the
show she does have her hair curled and brushed out but I’ve done so many curly
hair looks in this video I thought let’s switch it up and do a straight hair look
so I’m literally just straightening my hair and I’m keeping the cartoon in mind a
bit more so I decided to add a shiny black thick headband so when it catches
the light you get that shine like in a cartoon and I thought this would also
darken up the look of my hair of it I’m also bringing the bag forward and I love
to use oil in my ends and this one is the most of a character bend but I
think it’s really sleek and an awesome look I went with Plum tones for
the outfit and classic pearls for a very Audrey of Breakfast at Tiffany’s
look and the lipstick I’m wearing is another covergirl product this is a
covergirl maroon now from the katy-cat matte collection and finally this last style was so fun to
play with, I loved Josie from Josie and The Pussycats and i can’t wait to see
what’s in store for her next season so I decided to do an inspired look, so I’m
starting out with lots of curls because we want volume around the buns so that they don’t look out of place and my hair looks full and not
stringy once I’ve pinned up a bunch of it so I’m using my bubble wand this one
is from nume and I love this this is my go-to Taylor Swift curls wand and this
is how they look… I love wearing these curls on their own or when I do a big
messy bun that I’ve been doing recently actually and I just wanted to do
basically two of these messy buns at the top of my head so I found these bun
makers at forever 21 and I’m putting them on the sides of my head like
they’re Minnie Mouse ears then I’m picking up a section of hair directly
under that and I’m wrapping the hair around the bun and then just bringing
some curls from the front to be pinned backwards into the bun so that there’s
some movement and the majority of the curly ends I left facing the back of the
hair just takes a couple bobby pins and Josie usually wears her hair in puffs
and they look so good my friend Toni actually did a tutorial recently on how
to create these puffs so you can check out her hairstyle for more of an
accurate look this was me just taking inspiration and I wanted those hair ears
right behind a pair of real cat ears so this pair I got again from forever 21
and my choker a big hoops and subtle blue smokey eyes with the nude lip
completes this very glam look inspired look by Josie so this one maybe you could
wear it to like a Friday night party or if you’re adventurous try out this
double bun hairstyle to school but I’d love to know in the poll which style
with your favorite! Thanks for watching I hope you guys
enjoy today’s a Riverdale looks and if you did make sure you hit that thumbs up
button and subscribe for more beauty videos every week and I would love to
know in the comments below which hairstyle with your favorite, are you
going to try any of them out? If you do tag take me a picture on Instagram or
send it to me over Twitter because I love to see how you guys that rock these
looks and I always make sure to like your photos, comment and everything
and yeah make sure you’re following my Instagram, I always post stories whenever
I’m creating a look so you guys who follow me on there knew these were all
coming up and I do a lot of livestreams too if you want to talk to me over live, anyway
I will see you at my next tutorial bye guys xox

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