The creative minds behind the Blossom Project: Fine art photography

Being two photographers, it was certain that at some point
we would create something together. Alexis’s vision of space and my use
of lots of texture in the portraits. Most of the time the feeling is like we allow ourselves
to get lost in the place Sometimes we arrive at spots
where we feel really inspired and then we have a lot of discussion
about which color we’re going to use, where we’ll put the smoke bombs,
the choice of the colors. It depends on the story
we want to tell about the place. Sometimes we can spend
an hour discussing the frame and where we put the smoke bomb
and how it’s going to live in the air. We monitor the air, if it’s going that way we’ll decide
to put the smoke bomb here. Suddenly the wind changes,
so now we have to change. We really love this lack of control
because it always gives good surprises. Ultimately,
if it’s completely different to what we first imagined, why not? It completely comes from that, this dreamy feeling
which stays with us from childhood. Like looking at the sky, looking
at the clouds and imagining things. These are exactly those imaginary forms
we want people to look at in the smoke and find their own representation. Really we’re both storytellers, so we don’t want
to convey a specific message. We want to leave it open. We can compare it
to when you are a child and you are looking at the clouds and you lose yourself in thinking
I can see a face, an animal, something. This is the same feeling we get
from looking at the smoke. This is what we want people to feel. Define their own shape
and their own emotion. It’s really important for us
to express ourselves in our way, that is really specific to us. We think the most important thing
is to feel what you do. You’re not really looking
at what the other person is doing and wants to try to do. I think if you try too hard sometimes, it breaks
the inner movement that creativity is. It’s important to let go and for me,
this is how the ideas come. We don’t feel like there is
a final step to close this series. We love to do this
and we continue to do this.

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