The Carbonaro Effect – Sunlight-Activated Flower (Tease) | truTV

Look at this guy.
Check this out. We just got this one in. This is a Vietnamese
sun worshipper. Uh-huh? And it’s the only plant
like the sunflower, that moves toward
the light. Mm-hmm. And if you put a light source
near him… Whoa!
Right? They’re the quickest-moving
plant in the botanical kingdom. So you can keep
them inside — Wow, my mind is blown. Well, yeah. Here, look —
if I shut it off… All right, can I —
can I videotape that? Like, that’s… What?
Yeah, man. Look. Okay, ready?
If I shut the light off… Right. …he goes back to the light
in the window. Whoa. Can you do it
one more time? Yeah, yeah. This is so cool. What is this called? This is a Vietnamese
sun worshipper. Ohh, that’s the wildest thing
I’ve ever seen in my life. Yeah, here. But you know
what’s crazy, too? They’re suspecting that
they actually have aural — like, ear, “aural” —
abilities, too. Because, like Pavlov’s dog,
the clicking of the lamp… Mm-hmm?
Watch this. I was doing this before. It almost thinks
it hears… [ Lamp clicks ] And then decides “no.” Aah! That’s insane, right?
Yeah. Kind of like
a solar calculator. I imagine, like, that would
make it go a little crazy, though,
if you kept it indoors and it was just all these
soft lights everywhere. Yeah.
Hey, I want to, um… I actually want to take
a picture with this guy. Would you take
a picture of me? Yeah, that’d be great. Okay, hold on a second. Yeah. I’m gonna give you — Totally fine with that. I’m gonna give you my phone.
Uh, here we go. And I want to be, like,
next to him, right here. Yeah? And you got the flash on,
so the… Ready?
Yep. Okay. 1, 2, 3. Okay. [ Camera shutter clicks ] Oh, d–
Oh! [ Gasps ] Oh, no. I think it went
toward the flash. [ Nervous laugh ]

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