The Bee & The Flower: The Perfect Mutual Relationship

Bees are absolutely essential to our survival
if we didn’t have these pollinators and bees aren’t the only pollinators there’s you know
humming birds and many other insects beetles and butterflies and what have you but the
bees are the one creature in nature that’s sole purpose is to pollinate flowers all these
thousands these tens of thousands and the estimate by the way is about two hundred and
fifty different species thousand of species of bees on the planet they don’t no one really
even knows how many we find new ones in the jungles all the time but what it is is the
bee is physically designed they have pollen baskets they have little hooks on their hands
on their feet to clean the antennae of pollen ’cause that’s where all their sensors are
they have mouth parts for molding the wax they grow the wax on their abdomens I mean
these creatures are absolutely designed to co-exist with plants and I think that’s one
of the coolest things about bees and flowering plants is that we in science we would call
that mutualism and that relationship is where two species are dependent on one another but
neither of them suffer or lose in the relationship it’s like a perfect relationship in nature
and that’s one of the real beautiful things about bees bees don’t hurt plants they enhance
their fertility and help them to reproduce and plants offer food to bees to attract them
so it’s a beautiful exchange of two species This excerpt is brought to you by the Massachusetts
School of Law

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