The Adventures of Annie and Ben – BANGKOK, THAILAND by HooplaKidz in 4K EP 25

ANNIE, BEN & MANGO ANNIE, BEN & MANGO ANNIE, BEN & MANGO You never know where they’re gonna go! ANNIE, BEN & MANGO ANNIE, BEN & MANGO ANNIE, BEN & MANGO You never know where they’re gonna gooooooo! Isn’t it beautiful!? Carnations, lilies, roses, orchids, sunflowers! Welcome to the Bangkok Flower Market, guys. Dogs have trouble seeing color, Annie — but the smell is GREAT! But I think it makes me want to sneeze. The Bangkok flower market is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year. It’s the biggest flower market in Thailand! C’mon, Ben. Let’s get some flowers. A cat!? Looks like Mango has a new friend. Hi, kitty. Aw, Annie — this is Lily and she wants to know if you’ll give her a home. Can we? If we were at home, she could live with us — but we’re traveling. Mango thinks someone in the flower market might give her a home. Well, she is a really sweet kitty. Let’s take her with us and see. Shoo! Shoo! Go away! What beautiful flowers! Thank you. Would you like a bouquet? The ones on your head look nice. I’m Annie, this is Ben and Mango, and our new friend Lily. I am Rune. It is good to meet you, but I can’t sell you these, the mice have been nibbling on the stalks and petals. Oh, is that a problem, here? Yes. The mice hide — — in the flowers and eat the stems and petals and — MRRRRRRR-ROWWWWWW!!! LILY!!! She must not destroy any flowers! We have enough problems with the mice! I can’t smell Lily, Mango. All I can smell is FLOWERS! And… and…!!! (KER-CHEW!) We must get your cat out of here! But she’s not my cat! We were looking for a home for her. She cannot live here. I’ll help you find her. Okay, guys, it’s a big market so spread out and look for Lily! C’mon, Rune, we’ll look this way! Ah, yes, the orchids. An excellent choice. It’s no good — my nose is no good here. KER-CHEW!!! LILY!!! MRRR-ROW! No! Come back! C’mon…c’mon…KUH… KUH-CHOOOOOO! MRRRR-ROW!!! Mmmm. They smell like vanilla ice cream. Of course, these are vanilla orchids — — we get vanilla flavor from their seed pods. Ben! Are you okay? I sneezed myself across the market. Hey, do I smell vanilla ice cream!? Poor Ben. Do you want to wait outside? So you don’t sneeze? Good idea, Annie. Good luck with Lily. Have you seen Mango!? He’s in the roses. MRRRR-RRRROW! What is that horrible sound!? MANGO!!! There you are. You’ve been a very bad kitty. I accept your apology, but you still have to go. Are you okay, Mango? HEY! ANNIE!!! WHAT’S GOING ON IN THERE!? What do you mean, Ben? We got Lily. Yeah, but I’ve been watching mice run out of the flower market since I got out here. Here, hold Lily, I need to check something. I’ll bet this has something to do with you. Ah-ha! I’m right! The flowers are perfect! There are no more mice here! Lily chased all the mice out of the market! Mr-rrow, row, mrrk! Lily says she’s from a family of mousers! That’s what they do! They chase mice! Mrrr-rrrow! Lily says that’s why she has such large ears and a long tail! I have changed my mind, Lily will be my cat and live here. All the merchants will take care of her. You can spend your days chasing mice, drinking milk and getting pet, okay? Mango likes that, too — now he wants to be a cat! I am so glad you brought me Lily, so I have this for you — A Lily for a Lily! Thank you, Rune! Come Lily! You have mice to chase. MRRRR-ROW! Wow! I’m glad everything turned out okay. It could have been… A CAT-TASTROPHE! Get it? A CAT-TASTROPHE! Oooh, bad joke, Ben.

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