Tea Cup Flower Arrangements : Tea Cup Flower Arrangements: Prepping Greenery

Now that we’ve prepped, we’re also going to
prep our greenery. For this arrangement, we’re going to need very small pieces. So we’re
going to break these off. Then, we’re going to strip the foliage. And we’re just going
to repeat breaking off small pieces. And stripping the foliage. Actually, we just want this little
floret, to be showing in the arrangement. So this is how, you get some real small pieces.
And then we’re going to use a little bit of seeded eucalyptus. So I’m just going to break
up, one little section. And another little section. And I’m going to take and just get
small pieces here. Just by breaking it. And I’m going to break another one, at the joint.
So you don’t have a little stick, sticking up in the air. So this is how, you prep the

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