Tea Cup Flower Arrangements : Tea Cup Flower Arrangements: Picking Flowers

Now that I have selected my greenery I am
also going to select my flowers. Now since we have a very small space to work with we
are going to want to use flowers that are quite petite so what I have over here is a
nice selection, another thing we are going to want to be cautious of when designing and
choosing these flowers is we are going to want to pull the colors of the container into
the flowers so we have got a nice fuchsia color and this Dianthus goes beautifully with
the fuchsia color. This will just make it overall a more cohesive design. You don’t
have to have the exact same colors but it is nice to bring at least one of the flowers,
bring the color up from the container if it is possible. We are going to use Dianthus.
We are also going to use Heather and let’s see we’ll also use some Alstroemeria which
I have over here. These are the flowers that we are going to use for our tea cup design.
They should go very nicely together and that is how you select the flowers.

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