SURPRISE Birthday Gift at Disneyland From Disney Floral and Gifts | SO FUN!

Rachel they had that hold Rach thank you you’re welcome do you like that Rachel oh it’s like the signature one my happy birthday thing okay put it on it has something on it it’s just the tag cute a little treat for today do you want to rip that tag off you look pretty funny with on did I
I guess you can wear it oh jelly beans I want to see cute are they bean boozle no they don’t do that bean boozled sorry
but they’re like jelly bellies cuz they sell them wait
yeah they’re Jelly Bellies so I got Donald he was the first thing he was hugging it
so he was on the gift and then the gift set came with the birthday hat
then this it says let’s see it says it’s my birthday the happy birthdya pin rice krispie treats Jelly Bellies
frame and it comes with this little case Oh what has to have two yeah it’s the
bigger one you can put it on show me pin your birthday pin with
Mickey Mouse it says happy birthday cute

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