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Hi, I’m Buddy Valastro and welcome to Fast Cakes, where we make cakes at the speed of life! I’m gonna show you how to make cakes at really fast, fast speeds. How do you amp up a regular, old box cake? I’m gonna show you how right here on Fast Cakes. Today, I’m gonna show you how to spice up a vanilla cake using strawberries! It’s gonna be freaking sweet. Hello! Welcome to Fast Cakes! I’m Chad Durkin. Alright, let’s get started. First off, we need to bake our cakes. In this case, this is just like a super moist, vanilla cake. I’m gonna bake this into a sheet. So we’re gonna do for a little prep is we’re going to cut out our circles. I have this fancy ring cutter here, so I’m gonna cut my first circle out and I’ll place this down, and you could also make this smaller or larger as needed. So now we have our two cake circles cut out. Next we’re gonna make a little bit of whipped cream. I have 8 ounces of heavy whipping cream and a quarter ounce of granulated sugar. Inside the whipping cream, I added just a 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract as well. I’m gonna put this in the mixer. I whipped it to a nice, firm peak. You could see. Next I have my strawberries. I also have a chopping board and a paring knife. I’m going to hold my strawberries. I should need about maybe 12 to 15 strawberries. So now I’m gonna take my paring knife and very carefully make very thin slices. These little edges that you cut off… you could set those aside, we’ll use those as a filling. So I’m gonna take my cake now. We’re gonna do a nice ring of the whipped cream like so, and then take your end pieces and place them in the center. We’ll add our next layer of cake. Take your first strawberry and like you’re cutting the skin off a vegetable, you’re gonna make a small incision from the side and work your way around like you’re peeling the strawberry. You only want the red flesh. You see how I separated that? And I have this. This is gonna be the center of my flower. I’m just gonna take this and roll it up and I’m gonna have the center. I’ll place this into the center of my cake. Now I’m gonna take these strawberry slices and I’m gonna fan them out like so, and I’m just going to fan around the center. And so that was one strawberry for the center and then one whole fan strawberry for the next layer. I’m gonna continue this pattern until I fill to the edge. So now that our strawberry flower is done, we’re ready to pipe. In this case, I’m just gonna do a basic zigzag pattern. I’m leading the piping around the dessert. Now if it’s on a plate and you want to do a nice little finishing, you can do a piping at the base. A nice little shell border. And as simple as that, you have your strawberry blossom cake. Now that cake was ‘berry’ nice! Thank you guys for watching Fast Cakes, and if you got a challenge for me, you want me to show you how to do a cake fast, please put it in a comment section below so I can make it happen baby. Also, don’t forget to like my video and subscribe to my channel.

23 thoughts on “Strawberry Blossom Cake | Fast Cakes Ep03

  1. while i was thinking that you were sharing recipes… i see that your sending the people to use CAKE MIX instead of learning from scratch 😒 I like old fashion better than store bought products!

  2. Make a chocolate covered strawberry cheesecake! Two things I absolutely love combined together and with a Buddy Valastro touch …you gotta be kidding me! 🙂

  3. I've been a huge fan ever since I was little, and I really don't know why you don't have more subscribers. Anyway; I'm a huge fan and super thankful that you are such a great teacher

  4. Hello Buddy do you have a Strawberry cake recipe i can use I've attempted to make one but does not turn out any suggestions?

  5. I make amateur cakes .
    Can you do a mint cake 2 different shades for cake filling. butter cream.yellow with lemon extract and cover and piping chocolate roses piped on top.

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