Starbucks Japan: Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Drinks for Spring 2015! スタバの桜ラテ飲んでみた!

Cheers! To an early spring, hopefully Alright guys, so every year in Japan, near the springtime Starbucks Japan comes out with their Sakura drink line Sakura is “cherry blossom” for those of you that don’t know I just went to Starbucks and picked up my first sakura drink of the year So let’s check it out! Every year they have something slightly different This year is a caramel sakura drink I got the hot version, so I hope it’s yummy! Alright guys, cheers! To an early Spring, hopefully! That’s so good! That’s so much better than last year Mmm caramel and sakura is a really good combination I think I can’t remember what the one last year was, but it was way too sweet and I didn’t really like it This one has white chocolate, caramel and sakura flavour There’s no coffee in here, so it’s like a heated milk with a subtle sakura flavour and it’s pretty sweet for those of you that don’t know what sakura tastes like, I guess it’s similar to a cherry flavour There’s something a little different about it But it’s not really a flavour that you can explain, you kinda just have to try it Mmm this one is good, I definitely recommend this year’s sakura latte Yummy 🙂 and I also got a cake because it looked
amazing! They have sakura chiffon cake this year So let me show that to you Doesn’t that look delicious?! Oh my goodness~ And it has a real sakura flower on the top, I think it’s pickled I can’t wait! This looks so good. This is the cold version, the frappuccino version Look at the cute little cup that it comes in! You can see the sakura syrup all through it and the chocolate flakes on top That one looks so good too Alright guys, here we go, my first ever sakura chiffon cake! Itadakimasu! This one tastes a lot more like cherries
than the drink does I would say this is more of a cherry flavour than a sakura flavour Yeah it reminds me of a cherry candy Mmm that’s so good! Light and fluffy and not super sweet, yeah tastes like a cherry cake! So good Let’s try the sakura flower from the top of the cake! Oo~ it’s so salty! Holy crap Wasn’t expecting that, kinda tastes like a pickle o_o; Weird Once you get to the end of chewing it and you mix it with some icing it’s okay, but holy crap That tasted like a pickle, what the hell… Well this year’s sakura drink is a definite thumbs up from me This is delicious, I love it! Definitely go try it out if you’re in Japan in the spring It’s not even March yet and they’ve started it, I think these will be available until probably the end of April I hope you enjoyed this video and I will see you soon! Thanks for watching, bye!

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