Squash Blossom Soup – Edible Flower Series

so many of us grow squash in our
backyards or even pick it up at the farmers market or at the grocery store
but did you know that you can cook with the blossom and that they’re available
at these places plus you can find them online today on Colorado martini living
I’m going to show you how to make blossom soup so good and nutritious have
you ever thought about the parts of the plants that we eat we love the leaves in
the form of lettuce we eat the roots or tubers in the form of potatoes and
carrots we even eat the stalk such as celery or rhubarb and we even like to
eat bark oh my goodness if you’re like me I’m in love with cinnamon well that
comes from the inner bark of a tree but if you ever thought about flowers but
flowers do we do we need any and how nutritious are they well in this series
edible flowers I’m going to show you how to cook and harvest them
and today on edible flowers I’m going to teach you how to make a squash blossom
soup oh my goodness it’s so good so you can actually buy these online you can
get them canned or there’s a brand out there goes them in the jar I’ve actually
never used those and I’m probably going to I’m very curious it’s a lot cheaper
than buying the blossoms online I’m putting links down below where you can
get those and we appreciate if you use those links because it helps support
this channel you can also you know no matter your own garden or friends garden
or you can go to your local farmers market and see if they have them there
and if they don’t approach the farmer and tell them that you’re looking for
squash blossoms and if you could get some from him and he’d be more than
happy to pick them for you you know so all you have to do is ask if they you
know don’t have them there you can probably go buy the farm and pick them
up or tell me you’ll come pick them up the following Saturday or the the next
farmers market if you don’t have farmers market near you ask your grocer if maybe
they can order them for you and then again there’s the online option and I
have the links down below for the flowers
I’m gonna look at the back ends and you can see that these are males they don’t
have a fruit growing on the bottom and then I would cut them about right here
and then put the stem in water just like you would any other flower here’s one
that’s fallen off as you I mean I could use this one easily let’s see if we can
find one that’s got that’s a female so this one who originally had a flower on
it but it the buds falling off the tip but she usually will see this on the
back end of the flower I think I see some better female see if you look right
down here you can see you can see that that one’s female because it has the
fruit going on the back end and then same with that one let’s see if
we can get this and focus that one right there so you can see the fruit now I
picked them to you know make something out of these are all males that are in
here you usually need a lot more than this usually recipes call for about 12
to 24 so my girlfriend just brought me these amazing male flowers off of squash
plants this one is off a patty pan and this one I believe is from a pumpkin a
sweet pumpkin and they’re all males so in other words they’re not developing
any kind of fruit and then she’s got some Sookie nee zucchini ones in here so
I’m gonna go ahead and make a soup out of these so I’m roasting this pepper and
I’ve got it on one of my flat irons you can do this in an iron skillet or
another pan but it works best in an iron skillet so I have this on on a high heat
and I’m just gonna keep turning this and you can see that it’s blistering if I
felt close you can really see the blisters
and what the reason you do this is to peel the pepper but I personally like
the flavor of the roasting and I love it in my cooking so I don’t really kill
much of it off even when I’m making a chile relleno because I want this to
really have some good flavor I kind of take a spatula and push it down to give
it even more so you can see it’s gotten really blustery and I’m kind of making
that popping sound and that’s about you know you could take the skin off but I
personally just love that flavor so you want to cut up two stalks of celery to
medium sized zucchinis this is the pepper that we roasted all chopped up
and then I always shred my carrots I actually bought these packaged already
shredded if you do buy them that way make sure you rinse them well even if
they’re pre-washed always winsome this anything when you get it home no matter
what it is aways clean up under cold water and then once the butter is melted we
are going to add our chopped red onions purple kind they’re sweeter onion give a
lot of flavor to the soup I’ve also already added two stalks of chopped
celery so the next thing you’re gonna put in once the onions have cooked in
the celery you’ve cooked for about six minutes and brown is some Yukon Gold
potatoes so you cotton ball just has more of a big yellow tip to it and
what’s nice about these is that they’re very creamy so we’re gonna use these to
help thicken the soup if you’re trying not to eat root vegetables because your
keto leave out the carrots and you can replace this with some other kind of
thickening agent that you can have on your diet
another healthier alternative but it is a root vegetable is a turnip a turnip
will also act as a thickening agent if you’re not eating potatoes so we’re
going to go ahead and cube these and they’ll be part of our soup so our onions and so we have been
cooking and I has browned them for about they’ve been cooking for six minutes and
I’ve let them Brown a bit to give them some flavor so now we’re gonna remove
half of this onion mixture and set aside and it’s gonna go back into our soup
later and then we’re gonna leave half of the mixture in here for flavor when we
blend all this so the next thing we’re gonna add is four cups of our chicken
broth now this is low-sodium chicken broth
I can’t low-sodium because it’s it is salted with either table salt or some
kind of chemicals and I don’t like table salt because of all the chemicals in it
so I’m gonna be adding my own salt and I’m going to be using Himalayan which is
very high in nutrients and doesn’t have all the chemicals in it but you can also
use sea salt or a Celtic salt or kosher salt and those also don’t have chemicals
in it anti-caking agents so we just put in the broth and now we’re going to put
in our cubed Yukon potatoes and we’re just er this up and we’re going to bring this to a boil
and cover and let it simmer for about 20 minutes so basically what we’re doing is
we’re cooking the potatoes and that we’re going to end up blending these
with an immersion blender so while our broth is boiling we’re going to go ahead
and prepare the blossoms so we’re gonna remove these stems and we are going to
remove these back leaves behind the blossoms these are called the c-pulse
and so they’re these kind of wavy leaves are on the back end so I am just going
to chop off the back and it’s okay if the blossom gets you and erect in the
process because they’re going to be boiled to anyways we’re also inside here
we’re going to be removing this statement which is the male portion of
the plants and if you were using the female which you don’t really want to
use because that’s the fruit of your plant and so you don’t want to ruin your
harvest but we’re gonna remove this out to where we’re just we have kind of a
hollow hole here and we just have the leaf part itself or the UM the petal
part we’re going to do this with all 24 of these blossoms now this can also be
done by hand you can just kind of pull off the back make sure that you
get all the pieces off and you really want these back petals off because they
they do have like a little bit of a thorn on them now that you remove the
seed pull and the stamen and the stems we’re going to slice these into small
strips now I refrigerated these overnight my girlfriend gave them to me
yesterday and I wasn’t able to make the soup last night so I just put them in a
sealed bag and put them in the refrigerator and they stayed pretty you
know pretty much intact but I wouldn’t leave them in any longer because they
start to brown and especially if you’re going to be stuffing these with cheese
and deep-frying them which isn’t a whole nother recipe I would when you if you’re
gonna do that I would use them immediately but I knew I was making soup
so I knew they’d be okay overnight now if you were to taste these they’re they
really don’t have that strong of a flavor and they have a hint of the
squash flavor so I have patty-pan squash in here I have sugar pumpkin which is
the type of small pumpkins that you use for like pumpkin pie or you know just to
get the pumpkin mash and we also have some zucchini flowers in here so when I
taste them you know they basically just taste like
the squash plant they come from but not very strong so now we’re gonna remove
our lid and we’re going to add half the sliced blossoms and we’re gonna cook
them for about three minutes so we’re gonna put in half the amount I’m
actually doing a little bit more than half the amount so we’re gonna let them
cook in here in the potato soup mixture for about three minutes to soften them
and now we’re gonna break this all up with an immersion blender which is just
basically a hand blender if you don’t have one of these they’re they’re so
awesome I’ll put a link down below in the description on where you can get one
of these but you just basically put this in and it totally breaks everything up
just like you would use a blender so if you don’t have one of these just um
you’re gonna break this all apart you can put it in a blender in batches and
then when you’re done you’re gonna put the mixture back in here so you want to
blend and you know pulverize all these in some kind of blender if you have a
plastic blender you know the blender itself is plastic be very careful
because you can actually destroy your blender on because this is a hot mixture
I would hope you have a class 1 and that will
you’re not break so now we’re going to add our zucchini and our carrots and the
roasted pepper and then we’re also going to add the reserved onions and celery
and we’re going to stir all this up and bring it to a boil then turn it down
to simmer and we’re going to simmer it for 15 minutes so or until the
vegetables are tender we want our zucchini to break apart and our carrots
to be tender so now we’re going to add 1 cup of milk this has been simmering for
about 25 minutes 2:30 until the zucchini was translucent we’re gonna put in the
rest of the blossoms and our pan and stir up and we’re gonna let this cook
for 3 to 5 more minutes so now we’re going to add some seasoning we’re going
to add a teaspoon of salt and we’re gonna use the Himalayan salt okay and
we’re also going to put in some 1/2 a teaspoon of pepper stir that in and
we’re gonna put a teaspoon of curry all right so we let that simmer for just
a couple more minutes we’re gonna turn off our heat and then we’re going to add
our whipping cream that are known as heavy cream okay and now I give you your
purple awesome soup you can serve it right away if you’d like or it
refrigerate swell or you can even freeze it

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