Spring Workout with Blossoms. Outside Sunday

It’s outside Sunday Oh my gosh
I mean filming? okay hey Hey! Hello my name is Angela welcome to life forever fit. Today our outside Sunday takes us to this beautiful orchard these are almond trees
and they are just beautifully blooming. Yes, it is a time of the year that
happens in February here in central California, so enjoy this workout. If you
find an outdoors tell me where you went to do this workout please subscribe to
the channel I love you here so bring your friends here as well and let’s all
get fit yes it needs to be done on a daily basis so there’s several options
on my channel so check them out and see what works for you this workout is 5
minutes there’s five moves 30 seconds each just a 5 second transition between
moves we’re going to do two rounds before I demo each move for you I’m
gonna go for a run ready set and go holy my house farther than I ha already
move one leap over side-to-side I’m gonna use this grassy pass as my
reference point on where I want my foot to step out on the sides so there we go
hold on each foot and there we go keep your arms loosely and your knee
soft good move to squats to cross shuffle so squat shuffle squat shuffle
note that my feet are always switching every time I do the shuffle there we go
move three leap forward and hold so I’m backing up a bit leap forward hold run
back leap forward hold who with the other leg there go again
good that’s the one tada very nice move for move forward
skaters so this time we’re going to leap over from side to side moving forward
and backwards there we go like a skating head skated before dude I have not much
here in California though back in can other days skating was fun yeah all
righty move five is more of a stretch so I really gonna enjoy that now watch out
your knee mobility here for some of you maybe this is all you can do if you can
go deeper then go yeah and feel the inner thigh really stretching for you
already that’s your five life forever fit is on let’s get started there we go
here we go Oh already good job
oh my gosh I was lost so need to see that leaf is just falling down and the
wind blew so beautiful alrighty thank you you did a great job do it again
again and again do my other videos come on
get further and further and further oh yes come on join this journey with me
life forever fit subscribe if you haven’t already
hindi see you next time outside Sunday

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