Spring Flower Arrangements : Preparing Flowers for Floral Arrangements

Now, that we’ve greened our container. We’re
going to prep our flowers. So, we’re going to remove the leaves that are going to go
below waterline. You always have to remove the leaves; otherwise your water will smell
really bad. And, it will cause bacteria in the water. So, on the roses we are removing
the leaves and the thorns. We don’t want the thorns to get tangled up in the curly willow
in the container. And, we’re just going to continue with the roses. And, also we’re going
to remove any bad leaves that look like they’re damaged at all. Ok. Then, we’re also going
to remove the leaves off of the other flowers. And, we’re just going to take these off too.
Because, we don’t really need them on there. So, this is how you prep your flowers. Just
take off anything that looks bad.

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