Spring Flower Arrangements : Picking Spring Flower Arrangement Containers

My name is Julie Kay Robinson, on behalf of
Expert Village. Today, we’re going to be making a spring bouquet. Now, this first step is
to select your container. I have a number of different containers on my table. And,
to choose a container usually it’s pretty easy. You can make a spring bouquet in almost
anything. A round container will always work beautifully. You could use just a simple vase,
that would always work very nice. You could use this, but it is a little contemporary.
So, I would probably stay away from this one. But, today what we’re going to use is a bubble
bowl. This is going to be really nice. Because, we’re going to add some elements into the
water. And, the elements will be reflected into the water. Which, is very nice. So, today
we’re going to use the bubble bowl. And, we’re going to be adding curly willow to the water.
So, it will look very very nice. So, this is the first step in how to create a spring

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