Special Edition | Flower Ever After | Season 1 – Full Drama (Click CC for ENG sub)

(So Young Han, A Perfect Newbie
Played by Ho Jung Lee) (I have a new crush at work) (Hyun Su Yoo, Handsome Manager
Played by Hoon Kang) (I want to marry her.) (Ji Hyo Gong, A Cute Patissier
Played by Shi Eun Ahn) (A new girl approached
my boyfriend.) (Woong Choi, A Manly Swim Coach
Played by Gun Ju Jung) (I feel pathetic in front
of the woman I love.) (Min Chae Go, Smart but Jobless
Played by Hee Jin Choi) (I ran into some problems
with my seven-year boyfriend.) (Flower Ever After) The bread here was so good. Was it that good, Ji Won? You love anything
with a lot of calories. Let’s come here every day. I don’t think it’s a good idea.
We’ll get fat. Let’s come back after a few
months, with our friends. Fine. We are coming back later. Of course. -Do you think I’m fat now?
-No. -Really?
-Not at all. If we eat well,
it’s zero calories. You’re right. Excuse me. Do you have time tonight? What? I’ve been looking at you
for a long time… Sorry, but I have a boyfriend. Come on. Here. That is too bad. Today is my one-year-anniversary
with my boyfriend. And we’re good now. You are so cold to me. Okay, then. You must have
an amazing boyfriend. He is a 32-year-old worker, and just an average guy. Oh. An average guy. Did he prepare anything for you?
It’s your anniversary. I don’t know. I hope
he didn’t forget. Then how about I come back
when you finish, and you see me if your boyfriend
ends up forgetting? I have a lot of canned beer, and I have the season eight
of “Game of Thrones”. Wow. Yes? I’ll give it a thought. See you later. Oh gosh. I’m on my way. I’ll be there in 30 minutes. Okay. See you later. How many candles do you want? Seven. Is it an anniversary? A close friend of mine has her
anniversary with her boyfriend. Should I write their names? Well… Okay. Woong Choi, and Min Chae Go. Actually, today is also
my one-year-anniversary as well. I see. After turning 30, it gets quite
embarrassing to celebrate it. I see. So we just decided to
have some beer, and watch episode one of season
eight of “Game of Thrones”. Okay, I see. Here it is. Thank you. And this is our treat to you. Thank you. It is so pretty. I heard today’s your seventh
anniversary. Have a party. This is why I like you,
So Young. You have a good sense. That’s why you get a job
just after one try. You must be happy. You’ll get one too. Isn’t it your first day at work
tomorrow? Are you ready? Well… I’m ready. Your house is so nice and cute. How long have you two been
living together? Three years. Already? Wow. You’ve been dating seven years,
and live together. I want to have a relationship
like that. Living together
is not like dating. It’s just living. Hey, listen up. I really don’t want to live
together with you. I just really liked this house,
but the deposit was too much. That’s why I’m splitting it
with you. Okay, okay. You like this house. I… like you. Let’s say that’s why we are
living together. We’re not living together.
We’re just… in a share house. “Share house”? Let’s see… “House” means house. What does “share” mean? Forget it. Wow. It looks nice! -Just leave it there.
-I’m the one moving it. -Why? I like it here.
-I don’t. It’s not pretty. Leave it there, now. You go over there, then. Okay, fine. So, how is it living together?
Is it good? It’s fun. When are you going to stop? I’m going to keep doing it. I realized humor and mischief
come with life. I learned that patience is
needed for love. Gosh. Min Chae Go. Give me some toilet paper. I realized that humans are
social beings that need to help each other. What are you talking about?
I’m not following. She always uses difficult words. I can’t understand her
sometimes. What I mean is, I’m surprised that we haven’t
broken up yet. I know you like it, though. Then, are you two going
to get married? People keep saying that. I hear it a lot these days. I think it’s too early to get
married at 27. So what? You guys dated
for a long time. I guess I’m having a hard time
getting a job. Woong, should I just get
married to you? Marry? Isn’t that you can
expect from a rich man? I don’t have money. You always talk like that. You could have said,
“I’ll be the breadwinner.” “Let’s get married.” I don’t want to get married
without a job, anyways. What about you? If Woong proposes to you,
will you get married? I haven’t thought about it much. But if I were to,
wouldn’t I marry him? So Young. Do you want a piece? No, I just ate. I’m still full. It’s your anniversary today.
Where are you going? Do we have to go somewhere? What? Then what are you doing? Do we have to do something? Are you not doing anything? We’re just going to eat
this cake you brought. And have some beer
while watching television. Oh. Are all anniversaries like this? Why? Was it someone else’s
anniversary today? (Hyun Su Yoo
HR Team Assistant Manager) Hyun Su. There will be a new employee
coming in tomorrow. Please prepare. Okay. It must be
your anniversary today. (November 20th
One-Year-Anniversary) Will you marry your girlfriend? Soon. I’ll make sure to give you
a good present for your wedding. Thank you. -You look like a hanger.
-Stop it. Why? Guys, I’ll leave here.
I’m taking a taxi. Good luck on your first day
tomorrow. -Bye, So Young.
-Later. Let’s go. -It’s cold. Let’s go in quickly.
-So cold. Your clothes aren’t warm enough.
Hold on. Let’s see… Let’s go. That day, I saw two couples. Let’s go quickly. Min Chae. What? Will you really marry me
if I ask you to? -I don’t know.
-Why did you get so upset? What do you mean? You did. What are you saying? One couple is in their mid-20s. They’ve been together
for seven years. Hey! You’re still here? Your average boyfriend didn’t
forget his anniversary. I guess you can’t meet
the other guy. Let’s stop here. Okay. Is it not funny anymore? Yes. But are we really going to just
watch “Game of Thrones”? I wished, but… I’ve changed my mind. Wow. It wasn’t easy to get. The other was a one-year couple
at the marriageable age. That day was the anniversary
of both couples. They were good couples, who knew
how to celebrate a special day. Out of these two pairs,
only one gets married. (Flower Ever After) Today is a great day for love. You might meet the one
that you have been waiting for. Are you So Young Han? Yes. Hello. Nice to meet you. I am Manager
Hyun Su Yoo. And the next day, I met him
for the first time. (Today is a great day for love.
You might meet the one.) -No!
-What is it? What’s wrong? (Flower Ever After) Will you become a reliable
husband that respects and cares for his wife at all times? Well… If she lets me play games for
three hours during the weekend, then I think I can be much
better towards my wife. I’m not even expecting her
to play with me. Now, I’ll be asking the bride. Will you become a good wife that
respects her husband, and prepares his breakfast
every day? No! Who would do that
in the 21st century? I don’t even eat breakfast.
I’d much rather sleep in. And I can’t cook well, either. These days, delivery food is
much better. I thought she was a patissier.
Why can’t she cook? Honey, I keep telling you this. Baking bread isn’t cooking. It requires precise measurements
and preparation. Just like architecture. Okay. No! What is it? What’s wrong? I’m at my heaviest ever. Min Chae. I got so scared. Woong, should I go to your
sports center from today? To our center? Why? To exercise. I want to learn swimming
from you. You won’t last long anyways. Hey. I won’t be like that.
Why are you ignoring me? Just control what you eat,
and don’t bother coming. I’ll do PT for you at home. Do you even know
what PT stands for? Is there a reason that I
shouldn’t go? No. It’s just that… Your money goes to waste. Oh my. Look! Water on the floor! You always do this. Wipe it off. I came running because of you. It’s been such a long time. -I missed you.
-You came early. Hello. We’ve only heard about you.
Today, we finally meet. You look much better in person. -I see you came here together.
-I know. Are you getting married soon,
then? No, not yet. Well… Let’s see… Hello, I’m Hyun Su Yoo,
Ji Hyo’s boyfriend. Right, we haven’t properly
introduced ourselves. Hello. We are Ji Hyo’s friends. I haven’t seen you two together.
You look so lovely. Thank you. Na Young looks so pretty. I can’t believe we are attending
our friend’s wedding already. -I know, right?
-Time flies. Right. I thought marriage was
something far away. Let’s start by stretching. One, two, three, four. Two, two, three, four. One, two. You look good, Woong Choi. One, two, three, four. Two, two, three, four. One, two… Ladies, you need to follow along
to protect your heart. Okay? Mother, your cap. You need to wear
a swimming cap. I tied my hair. -It’s okay.
-You still need to put one on. The water gets dirty. Okay, let’s start again. One, two… Yay, it’s swimming time! Okay, one more time. I know you. I can’t believe
you are being so patient. You are all grown up now. Your girlfriend is here. He said there were only old
women. There is a young girl. The pool looks so nice with the
two good-looking people here. How does she have
such a good body? She isn’t just a young girl. She is pretty and slender. One, two, three, four. Two, two, three, four. My goggles are broken.
Can you help me? Of course. Oh my. She is flirting. What a fox. She is wearing push-ups
for sure. I heard she’s preparing to
become a flight attendant. She is totally my type. I heard she’s having private
lessons with Instructor Woong. Why didn’t he tell me? He always tells me what happened
at the center. This is going to make me
misunderstand him. Ugh. I’m not doing it. What was that? -What is she not doing?
-Maybe swimming? Swimming? Ji Hyo. Do you have plans to marry me? Are you saying it like that? Is this a proposal right now? No. I’m just wondering if I’m
the only one thinking about it. Do you want to marry me? Yes. I had that in mind
since the first time we met. But why haven’t you told me
about it? You didn’t look concerned
about it. I was waiting for the right time
to tell you. But why are you telling me now? I don’t want to get rejected by
a girl who hasn’t considered it. So now. (My Eternal Marine Boy) What? Min Chae. I heard you came to
the center today. Why did you leave? I didn’t want to do it. You couldn’t even last one day? Where are you going? I’m going shopping.
I have to buy something. There isn’t anything you
“have to” buy in this world. You just have something
you want to buy. Are you going to spend
a lot of money again? I’m not. You are.
What made you upset now? Forget it. I’m hanging up. Woong. Did your girlfriend
say that she came here? Yes. Then why did she leave
without saying hello? I don’t know. I told her not to come. Why shouldn’t she? Isn’t it good
seeing you working? What good does that do? We started dating when I was
a professional swimmer. She might get upset if she sees
me stuck with the students. She is loud, but she is still
softhearted. What? You are such a romanticist. That’s a new side to you. It’s not like that. Speaking of which… That private lesson
with the flight attendant. Can you give it to me? No way. That is a lot of money. You didn’t really do
private lessons before. Come on. If I want to get married soon,
I need to make a lot of money. Gosh. Too bad. (Be careful
of what you say today.) (Watch out for a heartbreak.) (You can do it.) (You might run into someone
of your destiny today.) (Smile a lot today.) You’re making more? Why are you putting so much
effort into free treats? Does your boss know
you are doing this? I’m not doing it
for recognition. It’s just fun. I’m still going to make these
after I start my own bakery. There are a lot of customers
that come for just this. But all these sayings are
fake anyways. You are just writing them
the way you want to. These are meant to be taken
whatever each individual wants. If I leave it ambiguous, the one reading it can interpret
it the way they want. Do you like it that much?
Doesn’t it make your eyes tired? It’s just the happiness I get
from this small achievement. Gosh. Hyun Su. Give me a line.
Something really vague. Well… Give the one you love a slight
expectation and a lot of effort. It sounds good. I like it. Romance is for two people to
keep learning about each other. Are you sleeping already? Hey. Why is your body always
so cold? Then why is your body so warm,
even in the winter? You’re not sleeping. That’s because you’re cold. So I can warm you up. Right. I have a private lesson
starting from today. Was it a stewardess?
Or a studious? Whatever it is, the price is
60 thousand won per lesson. So I’m going to try it. It’s a stewardess. “Studious” means “academic.” I don’t care. Is she pretty? All the other instructors
say she is. But I don’t like her. I like girls like you. You talk so well. Woong. Do you like working? What? Yes. I do. Okay. If you like it, I like it, too. The two thought
they knew each other well, but there were things
they didn’t know, so they need
to learn from now on. Let me help you. Thank you. Have you gotten yourself used
to the company yet? Yes. Everyone is so nice. That’s good to hear. “I’m like a fortune cookie.” This is for you. Thank you. (I’m like a fortune cookie.) “A fortune cookie isn’t
extravagant on the outside,” “but people get comfort and
support from messages inside.” “I also would like to become
someone who can comfort…” Oh my gosh, Manager! Fortune cookie. It was quite the metaphor. -Please forget about it.
-It was a fun personal essay. But how do you remember that? I like fortune cookies a lot. This is embarrassing. Why did it have
to be fortune cookies? You should’ve used
something better. I don’t know. I just wrote
about something in front of me. I guess personal essays just
have to sound good. But is he interested in you?
He remembered all of it. No way. Why? You don’t know.
Give it a try. What? Where are you going? Cheongam-dong. Don’t you need to go then? -She is waiting for you.
-I know. And… I found someone that I want
to get to know better. (I found someone that I want
to get to know better.) So Young. So Young. (Flower Ever After
Ep 3. Enemies Exist Outside) I heard he got a job.
Now he has a car already. Working at a major company
is a whole different thing. I heard that his salary is huge. Sorry, I’m late. He wants us to share this. -Wow!
-Oh! This cake is so popular
on SNS these days. Wow, he knows us well. But why did he leave?
He should have joined us. He had to go back to work.
He is quite busy. What about your boyfriend,
Min Chae? He said he was on his way. I haven’t seen Min Chae’s
boyfriend since graduation. You’re right. Woong was such a legend
back then. He was on television a lot. He was almost
like Tae Hwan Park. (My Eternal Marine Boy) (Chat) Are you still on your way? When will you arrive? So Young, you don’t have
a lot of married friends, right? I think I only know one or two. So Young is still young. She is 26 years old. I want to get married early. Why? You should meet more guys,
and have some more fun. I have a rough life plan
that I’ve always thought about. I just want to live like that. Get a job at the right time, find a good guy
at the right time, get married at the right time, and have kids at the right time. Wow. How old are you again? You are not older than me,
right? When do you want to get married,
Hyun Su? I think… Right. Didn’t you say it was recently
your one-year-anniversary? Yes. Then aren’t you starting to talk
about marriage now? I don’t know. Not yet. Well, people get married
at a late age these days. I want to just date, and not get married. Then why don’t you start dating?
You have such high standards. Think about yourself before
you say anything about me. Or find me a good guy. He has a girlfriend? Yes. They’ve been dating
for a year. I guess they’ll get married.
He is old enough and has a job. I don’t know about that. Really? I guess they aren’t
in a serious relationship, then. Maybe. Right. Are going to meet
your friends with Woong today? Yes. They are all there. What about you?
What are you doing after work? I have a welcome party
with my team. We didn’t have a proper party
since I began working here. Wow. Then that manager must also
be going, right? Good luck. No. He has a girlfriend. Why? They are not even
getting married. But still… You don’t know what will happen. What if he is your destiny? Being the bad girl only lasts
for a moment. But you’ll regret it for life
if you lose him. I have to go now. -Good luck for your party.
-Thanks. Hey. Why are you
wearing track suit? My private lesson ended
late today. I had no time to go back home. You should have changed
and come late instead. Woong, you are hungry, right? -Order something.
-Okay. Everything is in English. Geez… Wow. This place is so expensive. Since we are here anyways,
I’ll have the steak. Something expensive
for the first time in a while. -Here.
-Yes, sir. What would you like to order? Could I have the t… Tender… The second one, please. How do you want your steak
to be cooked? Well… Middle. -Do you mean “medium”?
-Yes, that one. Right. Yes, medium. -Okay.
-Medium. Really? -Woong, you are so funny.
-He is. You were such a celebrity
in school. It was hard to get close to you
even as Min Chae’s friends. I’m no celebrity. I had to quit
the pro team after the injuries. But you are a swimming coach.
Isn’t that still pretty amazing? No, I’m not a coach.
Just an instructor. I work at a sports center
as a contract instructor… But after working
as a swimming instructor, he is going back to school
to study Physical Education. After graduating, he can start
working at a private school. If he passes the test,
he can become a taxpaid teacher. Wow, then that is pretty cool. I’ve been thinking these days, government employees are
the best jobs nowadays. Welcome. I want a cake
for my son’s birthday tomorrow. Yes, ma’am. A lot of kids like
this cake over here. Hey kid, don’t touch that. That’s how kids are these days. You are being so strict on him. I’ll take this. Hey there, those are
for other customers. We’ll buy that, then. You could give us that for free
since I’m buying this cake. Sorry, I can’t just give it out
since I’m not the owner. Okay, we’ll buy it. Here. But we’ll give you this one
for free. Forget it. This is why they need to hire
good employees. How can someone in the service
industry be so inflexible? Honey. Can you talk right now? I’m so angry. She is such a rude customer. Do you know what she said
to me afterwards? She said this,
using these exact words. “This is why they need to hire
good employees.” “How can someone in the service
industry be so inflexible?” She’s just saying,
“I am a rude customer.” Yeah, you’re right. Wow, It’s a good thing
that I called you. I feel better. Manager. -We are leaving now.
-Okay. Ji Hyo. I know you’re upset,
but I can’t be there with you. I know. You have a welcome party
today, right? Yes, I’m sorry for that. I have to go now. Don’t be sorry. -Go ahead.
-Okay. I’ll go see you later tonight. Why did you say that earlier? I never said
I was going back to school. -Or going to be a teacher.
-Hey! Then why are you like this? You came to meet my friends for
the first time in seven years, but you came with a track suit. Hey. I told you
I didn’t have time. Why did you read
the menu out loud? You can’t even speak English. Min Chae. Can’t you just say the food is
expensive in your mind? And why did you bring up the
contract job in front of them? Then do I lie to them? You could just move on.
Aren’t you embarrassed? Why would I be embarrassed? Man, this is driving me crazy. So is that why you paid first? Why? Because your friend’s boyfriend
got into a big company, and he drives her around
and brings her cake, but I can’t even return to
my team because of my injuries, and work under a contract
at a sports center? You had to pay first
to save your face, right? No. It wasn’t about me. I didn’t
want them to look down on you. Jeez. I’m sorry, but right now,
your boyfriend isn’t a famous swimmer, but a swimming instructor
under a contract. So… Stop living in the past. Get back into reality. Okay. Now that we are talking
about this, that “My Eternal Marine Boy” on
your profile status, get rid of that first, please. I feel like I can’t breathe
every time I see it. And one more thing. Let’s talk right. Who’s the one looking down on me
right now? It isn’t your friends. It’s you. (Ji Hyo) I arrived at the bar! I’ll call you when it’s over. Good work today. -Good work.
-Good work. -Thank you.
-Thank you. -Sorry.
-Why are you so late? -Hyun Su is here.
-What time is it now? Have a drink. Sorry. -Where were you?
-I had a phone call. I just fought with Woong. -Why?
-I don’t know. So where are you right now? Walking home
without saying anything. Just make up. You don’t have
anywhere else to go anyways. Make sure you don’t live with
your boyfriend later. It is so stressful to be in
the same house after fighting. Ouch! Let’s go. -What’s wrong with her?
-Hey. You should apologize
if you hit her. What is this? Did you not understand me? Go apologize to her. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Let’s go. You’re going to lose. For sure. That isn’t for sure. -It looks like he’s an athlete.
-You dragged me away. Are you okay? Rather than issues
between themselves, couples fight about friends,
money, or social environments, and other physical enemies that
they can’t do anything about. (Ji Hyo) Just came to the second round.
Looks like it’ll take long. Sorry, I don’t think
I’ll be able to make it today. It’s okay.
It’s a company team dinner. Let’s have some beer tomorrow,
that we couldn’t enjoy tonight! Okay. Text me
when you get home. “Give the one you love a slight
expectation and lots of effort.” One thing is for sure. Strong couples fight
those enemies together. Woong. Let’s… order a midnight snack. Well… What do you want to eat? (Delivery Food) (Delivery Food) What should we eat? -Let’s see the midnight snacks.
-Yes! -I want chicken. Fried chicken.
-Chicken? We had it yesterday. Sometimes, saying
“Let’s have midnight snacks”, Pig’s feet? can replace
each other’s apologies. Because of the physical enemies
around them, they become better allies
for each other. -Okay.
-I’ll order. So Young has a guy
she likes at her new company. But he has a girlfriend. Then she should just give up. I told her to steal him,
since he isn’t dating seriously. Hey. What if someone does that
to me? Hey. I can never let
that happen. You and I, we will both be dead. What about the girl
that stole me from you? Rather than stealing, being open
enough for someone to steal. Or falling for her schemes. That is worse. Then what about you?
What if someone hits on me? All three of us are going
to die. -Thank you.
-Thank you. Okay. So Young. Being in the company is hard,
right? Look at your hands.
They are all dry. (Ji Hyo) So Young. Give me a drink. Director. Let me. Director. Why don’t you
pour me some, too? Thank you. So Young. So Young. Director Seo was looking
for you earlier. Okay. Good job. Director. You were looking
for me? Me? No. Who said so? No, nevermind. -Have a drink since you’re here.
-Okay. We haven’t even had
a proper conversation. Let’s drink. You never know if he is destined
to be your partner. Being the bad girl only lasts
for a moment. But you’ll regret it for life
if you lose him. (Min Chae) (I decided to be the bad girl.) Today, I decided to become
someone’s worst enemy. (Today, I decided to become
someone’s worst enemy.) Your first encounter seemed
like a destined moment? You must be joking. (Flower Ever After
Ep 4. We Too Had “Firsts” Once) I think I’m addicted
to fortune cookies. I can’t go a day
without eating one. Do you think the fortunes are
actually matching well? So far,
I want to believe they are. By the way, do you do delivery? I think it would be nice
for our company’s events. I love the bread here. Of course, we would be thankful. Where is it? It’s called Revan Company. Revan? I know where it is. I’ve been there
for catering before. A year ago. (One year ago) Hello? Yes, I’m on my way.
It was the eighth floor, right? Can I help you? Do you know
where the HR team is? I’m from that team.
What can I help you with? I came for the event’s
bread catering. Right. That was today. Give it to me. Could you hold this? I’ll hold the other one. -Come this way.
-Yes. You can leave it here. You need to set the table,
right? If the event is at 2 o’clock,
you only have 10 minutes left. I can help you. Oh. The time went by so quickly. Thank you. Wow. This bread is amazing. What is it called? Is it really good? It’s called the “Baguette Hell.”
I created it recently. You bake these yourself? This is the best bread
I’ve ever had. Really? I put in a lot,
so have one more. Hyun Su.
What are you doing here? Is something happening today? The Leadership Conference is
today. What are you talking about?
That is tomorrow. What? Then… This… What do we do? That’s what I want
to say right now. Where were you meant
to go with this? Was it Revan Company,
eighth floor? Revan Company? This is Revan Company? Not the Westudy Building? A lot of people get it confused,
since it’s right next to us. No… When are you coming?
We only have five minutes left. I’m so sorry. I’ll be right there. We have a meeting soon.
Can you clear this up quickly? How could you get the dates
mixed up? You are in the HR. Because you were looking
for the HR team in such a rush. But you’re the one
that got the building confused. What are you going to do about
the two pieces of bread you ate? You liked it when I told you
it was good. You said I could have
another one. This is making me crazy. Come on, put them back in. Welcome to our… Hello. Hello. I didn’t even ask
your name last time. I see you are the manager. Oh, that’s just the title
of the job. My boss is back there. Oh. I see. Well… It’s pretty cool that
the manager bakes the bread. Right. I kept thinking of the bread
that I ate last time. It’s okay. I wasn’t feeling too well
about last time, either. -I’m sorry.
-Here’s my business card. Paying you back in cash doesn’t
seem like a good idea. I want to take you out
for dinner. What? I’m not asking for your number. I’m just giving you mine.
Similar, I guess. Oh… Here. Call me when you feel like to. I’ll wait. Our encounter seemed
like a destined moment? You must be joking. Maybe you remember it
in a wrong way. Or you got it mixed up
with someone else. I’ve only dated you.
How could I get it mixed up? Come on, Min Chae.
Even I remember it. You could say
that was like a destiny. (7 years ago)
I failed the class registration. This was the only class
that matched my schedule. But if it’s “Sports and Social
Life,” it should be easy, right? 80 percent of the grades will
be based on group presentations. Please check your groups,
and prepare well together. -What?
-No. Wow. -We’re together.
-Oh. -What is that?
-Yes! Let’s do this! We can do it. I don’t think
my partner is here. His name is Woong Choi. Woong Choi? The swimmer? You don’t know him? He is quite popular. He won a lot of big competitions
and was on television, too. He doesn’t come to class. What? He doesn’t come to any classes
because he has to practice. I’ll give you his number,
so meet him and talk about it. Yes. I’m here. Where are you right now? Are you going to have
a group meeting like that? What? You’re hardly dressed.
Can’t you put something on? Oh. Sorry. The topic of our presentation is
about the skeletal muscles. I think you would know a lot
about this. You’re a swimmer. If we’re the same age, we can
talk comfortably, right? Well… Sure. But I can’t go to class. What? I’m preparing for a competition,
so I don’t have to go. Hey. Then what about me? Without you, my group
presentation grades are zero. Then ask the professor
to change your group. He said we can’t. Why? Do you not have friends? It’s not that.
These were random groups. Then do it yourself. I have to go
to practice right now. Sorry. Hey. You must be showing off
since you were on television. I don’t know you. And I don’t
want to get to know you, either. I just want my grades
to be good. If I don’t, I can’t get
the scholarship. So stop making trouble. and join me late at night
for the presentation. That’s going to make you tired. Sure. Whatever you want. Gosh. (Woong Choi) (Silver Medalist Woong Choi) Wow. He was this good? Why are you so late? That’s mine. Hey. Wake up. (Structure of
the Skeletal Muscles) Today is the presentation. Both of us need to be there,
so you better come. You just need to click and turn
the Powerpoint slides. Okay, fine. Secondly, it creates strength
to maintain a good posture. Thirdly, it creates heat
to maintain body temperature. This is the end of Group 11’s
presentation. Thank you. Why aren’t you here yet? Where are you? Are you on your way? You are, right? Next up, Group 12. What is that? Look at that. (The Structure and Functions
of the Skeletal Muscles) No! What is this? What do I do? The wrong version was saved. I’m going to go crazy. Professor. Sorry, I’m late. Hey. Hey. I’ll present my own body parts. You do the talk. Skeletal muscles determine
the shape of our body. People who exercise a lot would
probably know, but we will explain the names of
the muscles for those who don’t. Next up is what many refer
to as abs. -Wow.
-Gosh! -Oh my.
-Look at that. As shown, muscles affect the
body’s strength and appearance. So to create a beautiful body,
we have to exercise the muscles. This is the end of Group 12’s
presentation. Thank you. (Thank you.
Any questions?) -Wow!
-Wow! What are you doing here? I… Well… Our presentation is over.
Why are you here? Are you here
to learn how to swim? Be careful. Your feet won’t touch
the ground. Well… I just came to thank you. You must have had a tough time
because of me. I did, yes. Sorry. But I did it because I liked it. What? I’m sorry, too. For what? I kissed you when you were
asleep, during our meetings. What? You didn’t know, right? I only studied with you
because you were pretty. And took my precious time out
to see you. I’m quite a busy guy. Are you surprised? But it’s true. Stop lying. You never did that to me. You’re blushing right now. This is all Woong’s versions of
beautified memories. I’m pretty sensitive. I know when someone touches me
while I’m asleep. He made it all up
to make himself look cool. By the way,
why am I still sitting here and listening to someone
else’s relationship stories? How’s it going
with that manager? I don’t know. Sometimes, I get confused
because of his actions, but sometimes,
it doesn’t seem like anything. I feel like I’m on a roller
coaster twelve times a day. Right. One-sided love is always
like that. Keep doing it even if it gets
tough, or just give up. You need to choose. Right. One of our regulars works
at your company. -Really? What’s the name?
-Well… Oh. I don’t know the name.
I should have asked. There are so many people
in our company. I wouldn’t know,
even if you told me. But isn’t it cool? I went to the eighth floor
of your company by accident, and met you there, and then you turned out
to be in the HR team. That’s why it was destiny. -Wow.
-Wow. I want some, too. Most couples think their first
encounter was destined to be. Because that seems
more like a movie. But all relationships start
with courage and effort, one step ahead
from destiny itself. Woong. I also… gave it some thought,
and I think you’re okay, too. The courage and effort that
they don’t end up remembering. Sensitive? That may be more like a movie. (Courage and effort seem
more like a movie.) Hyun Su, come here. Why? Why? (Flower Ever After) Is it your new place? Go to the right. It’s nice. You got a nice apartment. It’s nice. Hello? Yes, I’ve just arrived. No, it’s okay. My colleagues are helping me. I think it’s not going
to take that long. I’m still sorry. I’ll be there
as soon as I finish my work. Just take care of the big stuff.
I’ll help you with the rest. What if my stomach gets upset
after eating this? I’m already so nervous. You still need to have breakfast
to speak well. -Give me another one.
-Okay. What is your am… Ambi-t-ion as a… (What is your ambition…) I was always curious about
something. How did you get into
the sports major at our school? Doesn’t your major require
high scores of the CSAT? Me? I got in as a sports
specialty student. Don’t you still want to go back
to school? I managed to get through
as a specialty student, -but I can’t keep up anymore.
-You can try. I can help you. I’ll teach you
what you don’t know. -I don’t know. It’s okay.
-Don’t just shrug it off. You said it was hard being
a swimming teacher. -If you come back to school…
-We fight about this every time. Can’t we just not talk about it? -But we need to talk…
-For now, let’s finish your interview,
and then talk about it later. Okay. I let it go today, but we are definitely going to
talk about it later. Do you really want to go
do this internship thing? I do so much. That’s why I’m
applying for the third time. Why do you want to go? My qualification
isn’t outstanding right now. I couldn’t find a job, so I came
to graduate school. At this rate,
after graduation, It would be even more difficult
to find a job because of my age. But this internship abroad will make my resume look good. How many
will get the opportunity? Two or three people
from the school. It is pretty tough. This is for free. I forgot to
give you earlier. Thank you. Wow! Look at this. What is it? An upcoming opportunity
will bring good results. Is she here already? Hyun Su! What brings you two here? Are you already done moving in? We must have come too late. We couldn’t help you,
but we brought you some drinks. You didn’t have to. Come in. What do you think is your
greatest strength? And how can your strength contribute to
our internship program? I’m a very responsible and
detail-oriented person. I will do whatever it takes to
get my job done. I believe my work ethic can help
make the school look better. Okay. One last question. Previously, you applied to our internship program
twice and failed. Why do you think you didn’t
qualify before? What? We should be careful. Leave it there. Do it after you eat. -Okay.
-Okay. -Come here.
-Let’s go. Let’s get some food. It looks so good. -Come sit.
-It looks good. -Thank you for the meal.
-Thank you for the meal. Then I guess you will
live here after marriage. This place looks too big
for one person. Yes. If I get married later, we
would probably live here. It would be too complicated to
move out again. Lucky you. You already have
a house like this. I guess you saved up
a lot of money. It’s all from my loan. I want to get married
and live in a house like this. Chief, is it nice being
married? Of course it is.
Get married quickly. When did you first want
to get married to your wife? Me? From one moment on, it just felt
like she was the one for me. Oh my. That is so corny. It’s true. My ex-girlfriend behaved so well
in front of adults. Even my parents. So that’s when I thought
I should marry her. Just eat this. What about you? When do you want
to marry your girlfriend? When I take her back home. Every time I take her home,
I don’t want to leave. That’s when I think it would be
nice to live together. For me, it’s when we get
along well in bed. -What is that?
-Just kidding. My girlfriend is a great cook. Whenever she cooks tasty dishes,
I want to get married to her. What about you, Woong? One moment. -Hello?
-Woong, I’m screwed. Is it about your interview? How am I supposed to know why
I failed before? They should. The results aren’t even out yet.
Just wait a bit longer. No. It won’t work this time,
either. On top of all this, I just got
my period. I’m going to go crazy. The fortune cookie is
such a lie. Okay. Wait for me at home.
I just finished. See you soon. I have to go now. She is in a bad mood today, so
I have to be with her. Right. What you asked earlier… When I think my girlfriend
can’t live without me. That’s when I think
of marrying her. See you tomorrow. -It was good.
-Right? Chief, I have to go this way. -Okay, go ahead.
-Okay. -Get home safely.
-Bye. See you at work. -Hello.
-Oh, hi. Do you live here? I visited someone
who lives here. -Do you?
-No, my boyfriend lives here. Oh, I see. It’s so nice to run
into you here. -I have to go now, so…
-Okay. See you at the bakery. -Bye.
-Bye. Okay. Hyun Su, I’m here. You’re here. What did you bring? I can’t come to my boyfriend’s
new apartment with empty hands. These are bubble wraps. If you put these here, it’ll
make this place much warmer. Should I stick it here? I’ll help. You need a water sprayer. -Sprayer.
-I didn’t bring one. (Sanitary Pad) Isn’t it too big? Who cares? It’s okay
as long as it tastes good. -Do you want to bet?
-Sure. You make the pork stir-fry,
and I’ll make the stew. Let’s bet on
which one would taste better. The loser has to buy beer. -Okay.
-Okay. (Flavor Enhancer) It can’t taste bad with all that
in there. Who cares? You, too. The meat
and kimchi will make yours good. To the question of when people
want to get married the most, people answered like this. It’s good. It’s good. Yes. Who wins, then? Wouldn’t it be me? Who cares who wins? I’ll end up going to buy
the beer in the end. Hyun Su, buy some soju too. I want a mix of them. Why are you staring at me like
that? I love drinking with you. Fine. I’ll be right back. When they feel that they are the
best drink buddy to each other. Where are you? Come quickly. How would she live without me? When they feel that they
can’t live without each other. Come here. Why? He has something to say. It’s from me. What about Hyun Su? When you want to
marry your girlfriend? I don’t know. I don’t think I’ll ever get
bored with you around. When they feel they could live
a fun life together. Min Chae, I’m here. -Where are you crying this time?
-Woong! Look at this. I got so mad that I went
shopping today. Look. This was a dress
I wanted to get, but I saw it was on sale
for half the price. It was 35,000 won.
Isn’t it so nice? I guess the opportunity in that fortune cookie was this.
Shopping. I’m so happy. Hey. Your socks are… Woong, come here. Ta-da! I knew this would happen,
so I got three pairs for you. I did well, right? If people were to
be more honest, they would have said this. Woong, look at this. Actually, I can’t live
without that person. That’s why I wanted
to marry them. (Actually, I can’t live
without you.) (Flower Ever After) Are you awake? I slept so well because it was
so comfortable. -Comfortable?
-Yes. You got a really good mattress
this time. It’s so nice and soft. If it’s so comfortable, do you want to just live
with me here? That’s 100 percent a proposal. So what did you say? Oh my gosh, is Ji Hyo leaving,
too? I’m the only one left. Am I really getting married
like this? Yes, just leave.
Leave me behind. Miss, did you get married yet? -No.
-Do you have someone to marry? Well, I have a boyfriend. Then why aren’t you
getting married? You should hurry. You can’t have a child
if you get old. We used to get married at 17. We had a child your age,
when we were your age. I’ll take care of my business. Why are the taxi drivers so
concerned about my marriage? I know, right? I think I get
that at least once a week. Guys, let me tell you something. Do you know what’s best
about being married? What is it? People stop asking about
when I’m going to get married. Right. So true. But why aren’t you getting
married? It’s not that.
I can’t get married. Who says you can’t?
If you want to, you can. Your relationship has been
seven years. You should start thinking
about marriage now. But I need money to get married. To buy a house,
and have the wedding and all. Who prepares for all that
before marriage these days? Start collecting money
afterwards. And just get a loan
for the house. My nephew got married recently, and he did everything
out of loans. -Really?
-Of course. So he got into a nice villa. Do some research at a bank. In Seoul, there are
many houses for you to live in. The baby is so cute. Hi, little baby. Thanks. They say you should get married
when you think babies are cute. Hey, this is advice from someone
who’s experienced it all. Get married late. You know how my body was
pretty nice, right? But I wear a size 30 now. Do you still work? You said
you got into a large company. I quit. I went to work at first since my
mom helped me with the kids, but I couldn’t
keep it up like that. Why are you crying so much? No, no. We changed it earlier. How much deposit are you
thinking of for the house? Maybe 100 million won. In the case, you can loan
up to 80 million won. Oh, you can’t get all
of the 100 million? If it’s for a house, you can get
80 percent of the deposit. I don’t have any more money
saved up. Then can I get another loan for
the remaining 20 million won? If you want to do that, you need
to get a credit loan, but since you
are a contract worker and have a low income, I think it’d be hard for you
to get a credit loan. Only regular workers can
get a credit loan? It’s hard to get a credit loan
if you are a contract worker. Even if you do, the interest
rate will be pretty high. (Ilsan Credit Union) But don’t regular workers
earn more income? I’m trying to get a loan because
I have no money. But you’re saying you only lend
money to those who have money? (Notice Board) (List of Successful Candidates) (Thank you for applying.) Oh gosh. How should I make a living? (English major) (Where can I work
as an English major?) Where can I work
as an English major? (Career plans after graduation) There isn’t much to do. Oh my. This hurts! 100 million won? It won’t even work. One thing’s for sure. We can’t live in Seoul. (Min Chae) -Yes.
-Woong, where are you? -Outside.
-What’s wrong with your voice? Did something happen? -No.
-No, something is wrong. I’ve been hearing your voice
for seven years. What’s wrong? Did some guy test you on your
swimming skills before class? Or did that newbie make a fuss
and didn’t listen to you? -Or if it’s not that, did…
-It’s nothing. Can I call you back later? What? Okay. (Min Chae) Hello. I would like that cake, please. -How many candles do you need?
-Twelve. Oh, it’s already
your 12th anniversary. You haven’t forgotten it?
You are very romantic. If I don’t remember it,
my wife gets upset for a month. There is no romance
after marriage. Marriage is
patience and loyalty. My ex-girlfriend bought one of
these cakes for my parents once. I miss her. We need to buy an oven if you
are going to move in, right? You’re probably going to bake
at home, too. I’ve been thinking about it, I don’t think I’m ready
to get married yet. -Why?
-I need more responsibility. I can’t even grow a plant
right now. How could I deal
with a bigger responsibility? It’s not just yours.
We will do it together. We can do it well together.
We haven’t even tried yet. Can we not just live without
marriage, and just go on dates? I get scared when people tell me
marriage is about loyalty. Why? Friendship and loyalty
is also love. It can’t always be fluttery. I don’t know. I’m just not certain right now. Ji Hyo. You said you wanted to open a
bakery with your name later. You planned how the interior
design is going to be, and what kind of bread you’re
going to make… What does that have
to do with this? Can you give at least half of
your thoughts about that to thinking about our future
together? Marriage wasn’t always
a happy process for everyone. To someone, it was something
more stressful than anything. Hyun Su, you did great today. There were a lot more
to organize about the welfare benefits. You did well today, too. You’ve been working late
for days in a row. This was my first time doing a
big project after coming here. It was fun, though. Hyun Su. To celebrate, can you buy me
a drink tonight? Okay. I have to ask you
something, too. (Ji Hyo) (I’m coming late…) Let’s go. It’s hard to get a house
and get married in Seoul. How could it be so expensive? You said it’s been over three
years since you lived together. Just register each other
as a married couple and save up together. But, that wouldn’t be okay for me. I want to propose to her
after getting everything ready. Why do men always have to
prepare the house? You’re going to live together. You’re still 27 and young. Do you not want to go
back to school? It’s such a shame that you
left the sports education major. Others are preparing to get a
job while teaching swimming. I’ve only been doing sports
since I was young. And I didn’t study much.
So I can’t keep up. But more than that, I want to earn more money
and propose properly. Does your girlfriend think that,
too? Some have too little. So they can’t dream
of being married. (Sorry, we are closed) What’s so serious that you had
to call out a married woman? How did you get married? Why? Is it because of what your
boyfriend said earlier? I don’t know. I just became
a married woman one day. What’s best about being married? I have someone that is
completely on my side. He is way more special than
any of my best friends so far. That’s a little disappointing. Then make someone stand
on your side, too. Why? Do you not want
to get married? It’s not that, but… I’m just scared of everything. What are you scared about? I’m scared that there will
be so many responsibilities. And more things
to be patient about. Most of all, I’m scared that I’ll be taken
for granted. Right now, we meet once
in a while, so it’s going well, but what if we lose the spark
when we’re together every day? Dating, and physical touches… If something we can easily do
now gets reserved for tomorrow, what do I do? Hey. Don’t think about it too much. If you lose him, you are going
to regret it later. It’s hard. Then don’t be too serious
about it. Don’t worry about a future that
you can’t even see right now. Just think of whether you like
him or not, right now. Some have too many worries,
and can’t get married. I told you to let me handle
the heavy drinks. It’s not hard. You know I’m strong. But I told you. You’re a girl to me. Hey! Dating and working at the same
time. It looks nice. Yes. -You know this song?
-Yes. I know a lot of old songs. You seem like my age sometimes. Is that so? Hyun Su, what were you going to
ask me about? So Young. When a girl doesn’t want
to get married, what would be the reason? Is this about your girlfriend? Yes. It might be pressuring that you need to get married
because of the age. But I don’t think that’s bad. The fact that she appeared
in front of me at that time is also destiny. You might have been going
through relationships for a more wise decision
on marriage. You said that you wanted to get
married early. Yes. And… If it’s someone like you, I’d hurry to get married. What? Nothing. Wow. I want to dance too. Do you dance, too? You come here, too! It isn’t awkward here. It’s more weird
to just sit back like that. I’m fine. I can’t dance. Okay then. Relationships always encounter a crisis
before marriage. You’re not picking up.
Where are you? Did you drink a lot? You have to come so I can sleep. Let’s see what’s going to happen
if you come home late. Woong, did something happen? Some break up while some goes even deeper
in a relationship. Unfortunately, one of these
two couples get married. Relationships always encounter
a crisis before marriage. Some break up while some goes
even deeper in a relationship. Happy birthday to Hyun Su. Could you put a heart
next to “Hyun Su”? (Flower Ever After) (Episode 7:
Sad Endings Foreshadowed) What should I get a guy
for his birthday? A shirt? Or a tie? -(Is it for the guy at work?)
-Yes. It’s been too long
since I was in a relationship. I don’t know what to buy. (Then… It should be a gift
that shows your charm a bit.) -(Get him a cologne.)
-Cologne? (Yes. I always get Woong
a cologne for his birthday.) Right. With a smell that
you like. You don’t even care
about my preferences. Hey. Stop talking to me. And it’s “scent”, not “smell”. Are you upset? (Did you guys fight again?) He came home this morning
after drinking all night. I couldn’t even sleep well
worrying about him. Hello. Hello. I came to buy a cake. You must have run here. I just came
during my lunch break. I came here by taxi,
since this place is so good. Thank you. Which one would you like? This one, please. And could you write a name
on there like last time? Sure. What should I write? Happy birthday to Hyun Su. -“Hyun Su”?
-Yes. And… Could you put a heart
next to “Hyun Su”? (Revan Company
So Young Han) Right. You said you’re working
at Revan Company, right? What team are you in? I’m in the HR team. I just started working there. Why? It’s just… I guess this Hyun Su is
a colleague of yours. Yes. He’s a manager. I guess you’re quite close
to your manager since you came all the way here
for his cake. Yes. Did you get him a present, too? I don’t know
what guys want for birthdays, so I asked a close friend
of mine for advice, and bought a cologne. Oh, a cologne. Your manager must like it a lot. I hope so. Here it is. Thank you. So nothing happened? You haven’t
drunk that much before. And you skipped classes, too. Nothing happened. I just… drank because I felt like it. So you just drank
because you felt like it? Okay. Then I’ll do the same. -What?
-I’m not going to contact you, and drink until morning comes. Hey. You can’t do that. Why not?
How come you can, but I can’t? Just wait and see. I’m going
to do exactly what you did. That’s how you’ll come
to your senses. It’s not like I always do this. It was just this one time. Min Chae Go. Don’t you dare. (Don’t hate the one you love.) (Don’t waste your time
on useless doubts.) (Trust the one you love
a little more.) (It’s okay.
Everything will be alright.) A newbie at my boyfriend’s work
got him a cake with a heart. What does this mean? She is totally trying
to flirt with him. Why? Isn’t one heart okay? Would you like it if someone did
that to your husband? No, that’s not acceptable. But
some people use hearts a lot. Then what if she bought him
a cologne? I heard giving cologne means
something like “remember me”. Really? I bought a close friend
of mine a cologne before. I got it with no meaning.
So that’s what it meant? If you think of it less
seriously, It might have been because she
didn’t know what to get a guy. Right. Cake and cologne. Better
than a letter with a heart. My ex-boyfriend got that once,
and I got so mad. That is a hundred percent
flirting. See? I told you
you would lose him like this. Why are you saying that
all of a sudden? Ji Hyo, if you’re worried
about it, ask him directly. Hyun Su. I don’t know why they want to
have a meeting all of a sudden. Work life is always like this. We should go. He’s here. -Happy birthday to you
-Happy birthday to you -Happy birthday to you
-Happy birthday to you -Happy birthday, dear Hyun Su
-Happy birthday, dear Hyun Su -Happy birthday to you
-Happy birthday to you When did you prepare all this? Our new employee prepared
it well. Thank you, So Young. The cake is so pretty.
Where did you buy it? You’re right. Was there a bakery
that sell this around here? It was just somewhere close by. Let’s dig in.
We have a meeting shortly. I was going to say that, too. -Pour me a drink first.
-Yes. Here you go. It’s so pretty. (Hyun Su, happy birthday.
I love you.) (Teaching Assistant) Hello? (Min Chae, remember the position
you were interviewed before?) (They are missing one position,
so they’re recruiting one more.) (It’s five o’clock this evening.
Do you want to come?) Yes! Of course I do. I’ll be there. Thank you! Woong! I’m going to that interview
one more time today. They want me to come
at five o’clock. You’re not mad anymore? Yes. My anger is all gone. I should get ready. Can you please introduce
yourself in English? -Yes. Hello, I’m…
-Hey. You’re here again? Pardon me? Do you really want to go? Yes, professor. I really want to go. I took good care of my grades, and got all of the scholarships. But I’m still not qualified
in this society somehow. I really want
this internship opportunity. All of the other applicants have
the same desire. I asked you
during the last interview, about why you think
you kept failing this interview. Did you even think of
an answer to that? Yes. I… I thought about it, but… To be honest, how am I supposed
to know why I failed? The ones who rejected me,
you professors, should tell me why I failed
and what I was lacking. If you tell me my problem, then I’ll make sure
to fill up all my flaws. I wish it was my birthday
every day. To have you cook for me
like this. You know I’m bad at cooking,
right? Don’t get too excited. It’s good. It really is. I taste the seasoning. Just pretend like
you don’t know. I’m just kidding. Thank you for the great meal. Hyun Su. Did people at your company
celebrate your birthday? Yes. They threw me a party,
and I got a cologne. I think they collected money
and got it for me together. Really? That new employee that has
started recently, is she okay? Yes. She is pretty quick
and hard-working. Really? That’s good. It would be tough
if you had a bad newcomer. But why? I was just curious
if she was doing well. It’s because she’s a girl,
right? No, no way. You don’t have to be worried. She isn’t pretty at all. -Where do you work?
-At Revan Company. I’m in the HR team. I just started working there. -You live here?
-I just went to someone’s house. And… Could you put a heart next to
“Hyun Su”? (Your call cannot be reached…) How was the interview? Why aren’t you calling me? She must have failed it again. I can already tell. -I have a present for you, too.
-What? It’s your birthday.
Why am I getting a present? Birthdays are not for receiving
gifts. It’s to feel happy. If you receive this gift, and
I feel happier, then that’s it. Well… We had a bad day yesterday. So this is to call for a truce. Hyun Su. What is this supposed to mean? It’s my birthday today, so… let’s make it a little warm
in here. This is what you prefer? You should have told me. About my preference… Should we talk about it more
in the bedroom? People often forget
about the negative signals… if they are happy at the moment. Min Chae Go. Did you fail
your interview again? I got you some beer
just in case that happened. Let’s drink this
and forget about it, okay? Hey. It’s okay. I’ll earn a lot of money
and support you. Woong. What should I do? What? I got accepted. I just got a call,
and I got accepted. I’m going to the U.S.
for my internship. I’m so happy. “It won’t be anything.” Things we just brush off end up… coming back to us
as a misfortune. Hyun Su. Happy birthday. This cologne is one
of my favorite scents. I thought
it would suit you well. If I were to choose something
that I liked the most at work, it would be meeting you. (About me dancing at the bar,
keep it a secret! So Young) If I had asked earlier… If I had said it earlier… If I had held on
to them earlier… this ending wouldn’t have
happened. We could have prevented sad endings ourselves. (We could have prevented
these sad endings ourselves.) What if he is being swayed? (Flower Ever After) (Episode 8: Hold On Or Let Go) What are you doing so early in
the morning? It’s about my internship. There are a lot more things
to prepare than I expected. You need to have a lot of money
in your bank account to get a visa
for the internship. I don’t have that much money. I told my aunt that I’ll borrow
some money from her, put it in my bank account,
and give it back to her. Hey. I told you to fold it up
after using it. I always step on it
because of you. Did you leave anything out? -What about your underwear?
-I have it. Toothbrush? I have it. It’s not my first time going
to a workshop. What about your razor? Right. I’ll get it right before
I leave. I have this. Hyun Su. Do you have anything
to say to me? What? No. Never mind. You are putting in
a lot of effort today. You’re even using hair wax. And your clothes… I thought I wasn’t putting in
enough effort these days. I like the scent
of this cologne a lot. It seemed to suit you. (From So Young) (Are you really leaving?) Yes. I didn’t know
I would get accepted. (That’s great news.) (But Woong must get lonely.) I’ll visit him often. (But it’s too far to do that.
Plane tickets are expensive.) We’ve been dating
for seven years. This much time apart won’t do
anything to us. (I guess you’re right.) -(Min Chae, congratulations.)
-Thanks. What are you up to? Working? (I’m at my company’s
workshop today.) Then he must be there too,
right? Did you give him
his birthday present? What did he say? (I gave him the letter
yesterday,) (but he hasn’t said anything.
I’m not sure.) Just wait a bit. What kind of a man wouldn’t fall
for a pretty girl like you? If I were a guy,
I would fall for you. I’m on the phone. Be quiet. What is that?
Are you going to have ramen? Why didn’t you ask
if I wanted any? Why is he so weird today? Sorry. Thank you. Anyone who’s an office worker,
what do you do at a workshop? We drink.
What were you expecting? My husband always goes
and drinks. Workshops equal drinking. Could you put a heart next to
“Hyun Su”? I bought some cologne. I haven’t been putting in
enough effort these days. About me dancing
at the bar yesterday, keep it a secret, okay? Honey. Did you arrive? This ends our presentation about
changes in the welfare policy. -Thank you.
-Thank you. (Changes in the welfare policy
in 2018) Good work. -Thank you.
-Good work. Good job, Hyun Su. You dressed so well for
the presentation today, huh? Yes, since I’m representing
our HR team today. Sure. You finished a hard task,
so wear something comfortable. -Okay.
-Thank you. Good work. Good job, Hyun Su. (My Ji Hyo) (Internship,
This Is How I Did It!) Hey. Get rid of the hairs
on the floor. Some of them are yours. Why are you saying it’s all me? Hey. Why are you
acting so weird today? Tell me what’s wrong instead of
getting picky about other stuff. That’s what you always do. Making me angry without
saying what’s on your mind. When did I do that? Forget it. Did you call? Yes. I couldn’t check because
of the presentation all day. Is something wrong? No. No, something happened, right? Is it because I didn’t call you
all day? I was too busy
because of the presentation. Okay. Why is my baby upset today? What is it? You have to tell me
so I know what’s wrong. It’s not like
you tell me everything. -What do you mean I don’t…
-Hyun Su. Could you help me
cut up this radish? I have to make some soup,
but this is too hard to cut. I’m on the phone. Oh, okay. (You must be busy.
I’ll hang up.) Hey. Where did you go without
a jacket in this cold weather? Why are you angry at me? Don’t go to that internship. What? Don’t go. Is that why you were mad at me? -You helped me do my interview.
-That was… because I didn’t know you would
get accepted. -What?
-I really didn’t know you would. Why do you not want me to go? If you leave, I’m going
to break up with you. Wait, am I getting dumped
like this? -Why? Did you get tired of me?
-I wish that was the case. Then we can try to solve it. But if you and I are apart, I think we might really end up
breaking up. I just can’t understand you
right now. It’s not like we’ve been dating
for a year. It’s seven years. And we lived together
for three years. Why would we break up
because of just this? I don’t know. I think we might. Fine. So what if I don’t go,
and we keep living together? Then do things get better? What if I can’t get a job? Are you going to support me?
What about getting married? That’s why I’m doing more
private lessons for more money. When did I tell you to go out
and earn more money? I… just want you
to have a better life later on. So I wanted you to go back to
school to study and prepare… Can we stop talking about that? Is that the only way
we can live together? We’re already doing that. Can’t we… just live like this? Sure. Living together is nice. But that, is just for now. I want to marry you, and live
together in the future, too. If we work harder together,
our future could be much better. So… you can’t keep living like this? Fine. Go. Go and work hard
for your future. I’ll live for mine. What do you mean? Hey, Woong! Don’t just hold it in.
Tell him what you’re thinking. “Why did you keep the letter
a secret?” “Does she bother you?” Just… I want to wait
until he tells me himself. Why? I can’t ask him. What if I ask, and he answers
that he is being swayed? Then you should break up. I felt… afraid to marry him. But breaking up with him… makes me more afraid. Am I being too selfish? Do all relationships end in
either a marriage… or a break-up? Hey, honey. I’m having a beer with Ji Hyo.
I’ll be there soon. Is Ji Soo sleeping? So, are you going to break up
with her? The longer you met, the faster
you’ll move on to marry another. Your girlfriend waited for you
to come back from the army. Then you can just wait for her,
too. Waiting… I can do that. But she could meet someone
way better than me there, or be on a different level
than me when she returns. If she leaves like this, I think it’ll be the end. Destiny forces us
to make a choice. About whether… we will hold on to, or let go
of… this opportunity, and this love. It keeps asking us. We’re out of drinks. I’ll go get some more. Can you go alone? I think you might have
to get a lot. My girlfriend met my mother… Mr. Nam? And he behaved so well and
respected his wife so much. Mr. Nam? I’ll go with you. Okay. Do you not have a boyfriend,
So Young? You said you wanted
to get married early. It’s been a while
since I had a boyfriend. Around two years? Then should I introduce you
to someone? What? Tell me the type of guys
you are into. I have some lonely young men. You listened
to my agony earlier. So I should do something
for you, too. A couple that I introduced to
each other got married. I… like men that are good-looking,
but not extremely handsome. I want them to look better in
suits than casual clothes. Someone that can understand
my work. Perhaps even someone working
in the same field. Oh, and… Someone with a sense of humor. That can make me laugh
when I’m with him. Wait. That’s pretty much me. There aren’t a lot of people
like me around. Who else is funny? Kwang Yong? Tae Won? The reason why we
hesitate to make a choice is because of the things
we have to let go of. Even if we know
they aren’t ours, still, we aren’t used
to losing them. (Even if we know
they aren’t ours,) (still, we aren’t used
to losing them.) (Flower Ever After) Hyun Su, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize… So Young, what are you doing? I just… I know you are surprised, but I couldn’t help it. So Young, are you drunk? Is that why you are making
such a mistake? It isn’t a mistake. What I’m saying is… It is a mistake, but it’s not a joke or anything. I like you, Hyun Su. I… I know you have a girlfriend. So I tried to give up, but when you saved me last time
at the team dinner, and lifted heavy things
for me… -You were so cool, so I just…
-What are you talking about? -What?
-I’m sorry, but I didn’t… I didn’t know you had feelings
for me. If you do this without thinking
of my own feelings… it makes me feel quite
surprised. -I’m sorry.
-Just to be clear, I helped you back then
because it was my duty to do so. I hope you don’t mistake
my manners in a wrong way. I hope this situation doesn’t
occur again. I’ll just let it go since
it’s your first time working. Then… I’ll go in now. Woong. Why are you so down today? Our handsome boy shouldn’t be
feeling so sad. You’re on break, right? I’ll buy you a meal.
Let’s eat together. Sure, ma’am. Buy me something
good to eat, okay? So your girlfriend is really
going to the States? She wants to. What can I do? I can’t just hold her back. You are so tough
when you teach swimming. Why are you so clueless
in this situation? Don’t just tell her not to go.
Propose to her now. How can I, when I own nothing? What are you talking about? You spent seven years together. Just trust the times
you spent with her. Ask her to marry you.
Say you can’t live without her. Just do it. Proposals aren’t
such a big deal. And how would she find another
handsome man like you? Just try it, and come find me
if it doesn’t work. I’ll match you
with another girl. Are you going to keep silent
like that? You say something first. What do you want me to say?
I don’t have anything to say. Even now? Where did you get this? Why are you asking me?
You’re the one who got it. I’ve never received anything
like this. -Someone must have put it…
-Is that so important right now? Explain what’s written on it. About you dancing
with another girl at a bar. Is that something I don’t need
to know about, or did you hide it on purpose? It wasn’t like that. And I didn’t hide it. -There was a reason…
-What reason? I had something to talk about
with her. What is it that you had to talk
about with a female co-worker? Well… You said you didn’t want
to marry me. I don’t know women well, so I tried to ask her about it. -Why would you ask her that?
-I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t ask you directly,
so I asked her instead. Didn’t you just want to have
a drink with her? Why are you speaking like that? If you saw this, shouldn’t you
have asked me about it first? Have I done anything wrong
during our relationship? You mistook it for something
else even before asking me. -How can I not, after seeing it?
-I wouldn’t have. Because I trust you. I can’t trust you. How are you going to marry me
with this much trust? Why are you dragging this into
the marriage stuff? It’s true. I don’t have trust in you
right now. -That’s why I can’t marry you.
-You need trust for everything? You think I’m not afraid
of anything? I have a lot of things
that I’m scared of, too. But I wanted to marry you
because it’s you. If you don’t want to,
then we don’t have to. We don’t have to get married. But I don’t know
if I should keep meeting someone who doesn’t have
marriage in mind. Are there any rings
good for making proposals? Here’s what’s popular
if you’re planning a proposal. If diamonds are too much
for you, a simple style like this is
popular among young couples. -Hello.
-Hello. -One Americano, please.
-Okay. Did the birthday party
at your work go well then? Yeah, everyone said the cake
was so pretty. That’s good. You seem to be
a little down today. Me? No. Here, your fortune cookie. -Could I pick my own today?
-Sure. Wow. Did something good come out? “Tell him how you feel.
He might like you, too.” This is great. -(So, did you tell him?)
-Yes. (What did he say? Is he
interested in you, too? Swayed?) No. I got rejected. (How could he reject such
a pretty girl like you?) (What are you saying?) Are you okay? (To be honest,) (I got rejected pretty bad,
so I’m a little numb right now.) I’m sorry. I got way too excited. (It’s okay.) (It was my fault.) (How’s your internship
preparation going?) I don’t know. Woong suddenly
told me not to go. (Why?) I don’t know. He hasn’t been like this before,
so I can’t understand him. Let’s talk about the details
when we meet. Okay. Bye. I told him to get some
new underwear. Do you also think a relationship should result
in a marriage? I just like staying
in a relationship. Ji Hyo. Let’s go out for lunch tomorrow. I have something to say. If you don’t want to,
we don’t have to. We don’t have to get married. But I don’t know
if I should keep meeting someone who doesn’t have
marriage in mind. (Hello?) Cheon Ji. What should I do? (What’s wrong?) I think I might actually
break up with him. What do I do? Men’s underwear that women
like more than men do. Should I get this? Where are you going? To the swimming pool. Today’s your day-off. I have something to do. Min Chae. Let’s… go out and eat some pasta today. Wow. I guess you aren’t
that mad anymore. -What? I wasn’t.
-No way… But why? Is today a special day? No, nothing much. You always wanted to eat pasta. It’s time we had some. Wow, why all of a sudden? I’ll send you the address, so come by 2 o’clock. Sure. Also, make yourself look pretty
for today. Geez… You think I’m not
already pretty? I’ll wear my new dress. Hey. Make yourself
look the prettiest. You have to look the prettiest
when you break up. Everyone is the main character
in their own lives. I’m almost there. Arriving in five minutes. Unfortunately, no one knows what kind of ending
their story will have. They hope their premonitions
of a happy ending don’t miss, and unfortunate feelings don’t
become true. There’s nothing else they
can do but hope. (They hope their premonitions
of a happy ending don’t miss,) (and unfortunate feelings don’t
become true.) Whether it’s the day
you have been waiting for, or the day you wanted
to avoid so badly, the day that seemed would
never come… always… comes. (We are getting married.) (Flower Ever After) We would now like to start
the wedding ceremony. The newbie, So Young. I thought I should talk
about her at least once. I’m not interested in her
at all. Even if she has feelings for me, I’m going to reject her. So I hope you don’t mistake me
for doing anything wrong. But does this fully restore
our relationship? You know we have
another problem between us, right? Why are you like this today? You aren’t usually like this. What? You always make us wait because
you don’t reserve a table. But today you came here first
and waited for me. It’s been a while since I saw
you not wearing a tracksuit. What about you?
You’re dressed so well today. You told me to do so. Sure. You can’t look bad
on a day like this. A day like this? What? What is it? Is there something
to congratulate today? Is the sports center hiring you
as an official employee? Or are you going back to school?
What is it? It’s just… a day that we have
expensive food for once. Min Chae. Do you remember when we fought
the most while dating? I don’t know. I can’t remember. Now that I think about it,
we haven’t fought that much. You’re right. I thought we clicked so well. That’s why I liked you. But since we have
different opinions on marriage, I got a little confused lately. I kept thinking about it after
we had the argument yesterday. If we have such different views
on marriage, could we keep seeing each other? Or… should we break up? This might be a little early
for you, but this is my decision. Your internship… go do it. What? You told me not to a while ago.
What made you change your mind? I thought about it,
and I think you’re right. -Right?
-Yes. You can’t miss
such a good opportunity. And you wanted to go to that
so much. You’re all grown up now, Woong. -Then I’m really going.
-Sure. Go ahead. You should have said
that earlier. It’s good that you’re going, but could you grant me one wish
before you go? -A wish?
-Yes. Promise me, okay? Let’s get married. Let’s get married, Ji Hyo. Come to think of it, I haven’t
officially proposed to you. All I do is talking about it, so
you wouldn’t have trusted me. Is that what you wanted to say
to me today? Yes. I was thinking
if I could break up with you… but I couldn’t. I thought I wanted
to get married because the time had come, but actually… it was because of you. I’ll wait,
if you can’t trust me. I’ll wait, and persuade you
every day. But… if you trust me now, I’ll really… be nice to you. Are you crying? Why? Why are you crying? Do you
really not want to get married? It’s not that. I thought you were going
to break up with me today. But I couldn’t do that. I was so scared to marry you, but I’m even more scared… of breaking up with you. I don’t know what will happen
from now on, but if everything seems
so uncertain to me… I’ll just trust you. Then… is that a yes? Yes. But… aren’t you going to put it on
for me? What did you say? What did you just say? To be honest, I even thought about buying you
a ring and holding you back, but… I couldn’t even afford
to buy a ring for you. Why are they so expensive
these days? Why are you talking about rings
all of a sudden? When did I say I wanted a ring? I’m asking you what you’re
talking about right now. Min Chae. Giving up on the rehabilitation
of my injuries, quitting my career
as a professional swimmer, and living like this… I actually regretted it a lot. So I always think… I should’ve… tried a bit longer. You didn’t know, right? So I hope you don’t miss any
of your opportunities. I hope you don’t live like me. Have all the good experiences, and see a lot of good things
in the world. I hope you live a bright future,
that you always talk about. So let’s… break up. This is my wish. Woong. Hey, Woong! Hey, Woong. Then should I not go
to my internship? Then will you not break up
with me? Fine, I won’t go.
I’ll give up on it. No. Go. If you won’t, I’ll feel sorry
for you for the rest of my life. I don’t like that. Then what do you want me to do? You really want to break up? Yes. Woong. You never mentioned breaking up
for the past seven years. You never said that, no matter
how big or small our fight was. But if you really say it, it means we’re really
breaking up. Is this why you wanted me
to dress nicely? You were going
to make me cry anyways. Woong. How could we break up? How could that happen? I’ve never even imagined
it before. We were always together.
How can that even make sense? The bride will enter now. One couple got married. Marriage was a big step to take, but they decided
to take it on together. And the other couple… (Departure date
for the internship) couldn’t take that step. No… they didn’t take it. I’m leaving now. And… (I’m leaving now.
And…) Yes, professor. How are you doing? (I’m fine. How about you?) (How’s your girlfriend doing,
the one you can’t live without?) Woong, does this even
make sense? You don’t want to go overseas
because of your girlfriend? (Sponsorship offer
for Woong Choi by Revan Group) Do you think it’s easy for a swimmer to get
a sponsorship like this? I’m sorry, professor. I… won’t go. I can’t. (You should get married to her
if she means that much to you.) Oh, sure. (So why did you call?) Professor. I’m going to go back to school. (Application
for returning to school) Yes. I might not be able
to keep up, but I’m going to try my best. Please help me out. (I’m the only one taking care
of your underwear.) And… I didn’t break up with you yet. (Application
for returning to school) Let’s talk about it later,
after a year. (Departures) The two couples were worried
and hurt in front of an issue named
“marriage.” They made decisions
that had to be made, and grew more mature together. This is the ending
that I know of. And… just as
their flower-like stories ended, their next story began. Their real story,
that I don’t know about. (Just as their
flower-like stories ended,) (their next story began.)

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