SM TAFE Lecturer Clement Lee chats about floristry courses

I’m Clement Lee. So I’ve been floristry lecturer at TAFE for about 11 years. I came to TAFE to study floristry, from there onwards I just kept doing a lot of competitions and even demonstrations, national and international that built up my skills level. When I was a student here my lecturers actually filled me a lot with their knowledge and skills. So now I’m actually doing that role now it’s giving back out to the industry. We offer a national training package in floristry and we’re the only provider in WA. Our students have opportunities to work with a lot of big events. A couple of my classes have done the TAFE graduation a couple of weeks ago. Also we do large wedding works as well with different designers from different areas. or even states, they get to actually learn a lot of different skills and techniques in building new structures or different sort of designs as to what they do in the industry and also if students are into competitions, we offer that training here as well. I love the design part of it and also I love working with students.

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