Should I Bring Flowers On A First Date? | First Dates

Returning to the restaurant dressed to
impress his property developer Daniel in your back there a little present for the
lighting what is it you’ll find out a little secret
oh okay trust me on this one I’ve got it no more second no this is it now you’ll
relax enjoy your drink Merlin pleasure is always to speak to you Cheers
I think I need to engage more with the person sitting across from me and I just
need to try be less nervous but you know as I can what is love to make well we expect to
have a version of love and none of us really know what it is
I just want my version of love and I’ll know it when I feel it and I’m just
desperate to feel that feeling I believe I should have been like a 1950’s gonna
go I like that old-fashioned romance and it’s really hard to find these days
what’s your name I’m Rachel did you find anybody more attractive I quite like
somebody who can hold a good conversation and if you don’t really
take whoa the world too seriously you gotta have fun with this guy Daniel
Daniel I’m Ryan nice to meet you too see it’s nice and close together the name
blimey well it’s just sit on your lap you have done I got your gift you never
seen anything like it that’s gonna knock you bandy right yes
it’s a cactus don’t freak out now listen what does everybody give everybody
flowers and chocolate they last forever yeah yeah he’s never gonna die yeah you
see where I’m going with this now than y’all thank you that you can have that I
saw me up now that Fred yeah that one Barrymore head anyway make sure
you subscribe to get a regular serving of love and romance you

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